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EMI April Music, Inc. documents
titleNumber of documents
1,000 kisses & 3192 other titles (part 014 of 016)30
50 isn't what it used to be, I am me, Sisters30
7th House ; Blackacidevil ; See all you were ... [et al.], Green hell, Last caress30
A babe's valentine, Rainy day, Bathtub birdie22
A bouquet for Jesus (a collection of Christian songs, numbers 62-74), Road Kill Cafe30
According to the gospel of love & 118 other titles. Composed by Richard S. Sambora, with co-composers as noted part 230
Across the river & 53 other titles, Lucy's theme, Respite30
Act a fool & 2 other titles, A Lil Mack Production, Lil Mack Productions30
Action man: no. 262-126, A time for action: pt. 2, Slammin' the future, Hats off to Madeline30
(Action speaks) where do 'u' want me to put it-gutta & 26 other titles, Understanding deliberative conflicts that confront academic fund raisers30
(Action speaks) where do 'u' want me to put it-gutta & 26 other titles, Why do I try?30
Advanced physical chemistry; molecules, structures, and spectra. By Jefferson C. Davis, Jr30
Adventures of the heart & 52 other titles, We're living in our own time, Touch27
African medley (Royal kingdoms, Rise my nativeland) By Gary Hines, Carrie Harrington & Alecia Russell30
After all is said and done & 52 other titles30
After goodbye & 184 other titles. (Part 002 of 002), Mailbox crosswords P.C, Maia30
After last night. w Nat "King" Cole (Nathaniel Cole), m Harvey Brooks28
After midnight & 162 other titles. Written by Jimmy McHugh & co-writers as noted30
After you leave & 48 other titles. Composed by Scott Stepakoff & co-composers as noted part 230
Against the wall & 11 other titles30
Against the world & 56 other titles. Composed by Usher Raymond and co-composers as noted25
Ages of ruin & 39 other titles, The Quadrasound coincidence, Laura's songs27
A history of prehispanic ceramics, interaction, and frontier development in the Ucareo-Zinapecuaro obsidian source area, Michoacan, Mexico30
Ain't nothing about this ain't love & 64 other titles30
Ain't that the way (it's supposed to be) Co-composers: Doug Johnson & Roger Springer27
All about sound and ultrasonics. By Ira M. Freeman, Random House, Inc., as employer for hire of illustrator: Irving Geis30
All I can say & 42 other titles. Composed by Japhne Tejeda and co-composers as noted30
All I want & 15 other titles. Composed by Robert Gerongco, Samuel Gerongco, and co-composers as noted23
All I want for Christmas is you (remix) Written by John Miller, Robert Allen, Ellis Williams, et al part 330
All I want is you (my lady's maid) & 453 other titles. (Part 001 of 003)30
All my life I've sung opera (now I wanna sing jazz) By Ray Rivera, Kenny Manges & Vin Roddie part 230
All my love & 9,195 other titles. (Part 007 of 050), All my love30
All my lovin' was in vain. From album Today's love songs, tomorrow's blues30
All night & 9 other titles; songs. Composed by Michael Grant Gonzalez, Warning, Tus labios30
All night groove & 11 othere titles, Hold tight to your dreams, Synthesizer symphony28
All of my life & 401 other titles. (Part 002 of 002) part 230
All that I need & 11 other titles part 330
All the way (freaky style) Co-composers: Bryan Kyeth Abrams, Kevin Kraig Thornton & Mark Elra Calderon part 230
All the way (freaky style) Co-writers, Bryan Abrams, Kevin Thornton, Mark Calderon et al part 230
All the way (freaky style) Co-writers, Bryan Abrams, Sam Watters, Kevin Thornton & Mark Calderon30
All the wrong reasons & 13 other titles, Bye bye, one kiss goodbye, Bye bye bye30
All things are possible. w & m Fred Weismantel & Sylvester L. Coley30
All things considered. By Wallis Warfield, Duchess of Windsor28
All time low & 16 other titles28
All you got to do is pray. w & m Johnny Lange & Hy Heath, arr. John Brimhall, All you got30
Almost here & 9 other titles, Almost here, Black Mamba24
Alone in your dreams (don't say goodbye), 'Til it's over, Conscience point29
Alone with you & 19 other titles30
Always all ways (apologies, glances, and messed up chances), Evicted, Love or pain30
Always & forever & 12 other titles; songs. Composed by Antonio Dixon & co-composers as noted30
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