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20th Century cowboy & 2,164 other titles. (Part 002 of 005), Yankee's in Dixie, El bandido30
Affection ; All night love affair ; Faithful ; I care for you, For old times sake28
All right & 45 other titles. Written by Mark Selby & co-writers as noted, Was, Never mind30
All the way to love. By Barbara Lynn Morr, Gerald Alston & Geoffrey Leigh Tozer30
Be & 14 other titles; compositions, With you, Take my breath away30
Blues for charity (thank you, Jeff), Nobody told my heart, Yeah yeah yeah, & 1 other song25
Development of immobilized metal affinity chromatography for the isolation and selective enrichment of phosphopeptides30
Don't need your love, After girl, Love's not enough24
Driven by hunger. By Vogue Music, employer for hire of Wendy Waldman, Rita, Moon in the river30
Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, Smack dab, Wind in your face30
Fragment of the immagination [sic], Let love lead the way, Somethings are better left unsaid30
Hard freeze; screenplay, Downtime, A Cross of honor25
I wake up wanting you. By Bettye Crutcher, Carla Thomas, Bobby Manuel & Marvell Thomas30
Little bit of this, little bit of that, You are30
Love in stereo. By Jamey Heath (p.k.a. Jamey Jaz, pseud.), Rahsaan Patterson, Hooked on hope30
Love is for suckers (like me) From Song cycles, pt. 265, Therapeutic recreation: a practical approach27
My lyrics flow (house your body), It's real30
Nobody loves me (like my baby loves me) w & m Robert S. Riley & Ronnie Wilkins30
Out of the blue ; Kalinda ; Sea of stories, and 4 other selections30
Play no games. By Maurice Young (p.k.a. Trick Daddy, pseud.), Jonathan Smith. (In Thug holiday)30
Rap is just a battlefield, Rollin'30
Rescue me part 930
Right back at you (sampled: Benjamin) Co-writers, A. Johnson, D. Jackson, & T. Perry, et al30
Satellite radio ; The eyes have it ; The one and only, Kindness for weakness, You can't hide, you can't run30
Slow it down, & 1 other selection, Angel dance, Seein' a girl cry30
Ten with strangers songs by Dan Goldman--2002, Chill factory, The Recycling song28
The Magic of love. By Carol C. Johnson & Sidney F. Bryant, Bar fly, Complicated30
The No longer immortal but still worthwhile "Tim Mathews collection", Knowing what I know now29
Till the dust turns gold & 6 other titles. Written by Tommy Conners and co-writers as noted30
Too late part 1130
Until (anema E core) Music by Salve D'Espositio, words by Sylvia Dee & Sid Lippman, arr. for dance orchestra: Johnny Warrington, arrangements for vocal backgrounds: Joe Leahy part 230
Waiting in the dark ; Dandelion ; Some people ... [et al.], Only one thing left to lose30
Wasting my time, wasting my money tonight30
White cat suite, The day, Songs III30
Your love speaks louder than words, A woman's touch, I'm loosing [sic] you30
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