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Ensign Music Corporation documents
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187 Murda Baptist Church picnic (skit) & 20 other titles, Live at the Tunnel, What a man does wrong & 3 other titles25
5 song collection of Robert Malone, 1986, Tormented memory, Ramesses rap30
9 unpublished songs by Buzz Jackson & Greg Barnhill, Noble noise, Lounge of living proof28
A brighter day, & 2 other selections30
Accident research. By William Haddon, Jr., Edward A. Schman, David Klein, Connections30
ACD.C & 19 other titles, Cabs and elevators, Fits in Dm25
A Comparison of the perceptions of the characteristics of secondary teachers .., The Acoustic sandpeddler22
A Conversation: Thomas J. Watson, Jr. and Walter Cronkite, August 24, 1992, Oak Hill, New Haven, Maine. By the Thomas J. Watson Foundation (employer for hire of Mary Elizabeth Brooner) & Clayton Lee Edwards part 230
Act like a woman & 97 other titles. By Don Goodman & co-authors, except where noted30
Additional final verse for "Puff the magic dragon", Blood, guts, and pussy, Moving songs29
A Fool and his songs are simply parted, 24-7/365, Something small29
Afraid to love you & 80 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Hook, line & heart, Around your frozen heart30
Afterschool reading club achievers instructor's guide, Afterschool30
A Gentlemen [sic] never argues with a lady. Words & music by Evelyne Love Cooper (Evelyne Love Cooper Getschal)30
A good man is hard to find & 147 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Nell's ex, Julie's first love30
Agua de beber = Water to drink, Wave bye bye to the man, Sample from Heaven29
A home in your heart & 27 other titles, You believe in me, A perfect city & 45 other titles28
Ain't no sunshine in my life today & 1 other title25
A Jukebox don't make no change and 243 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Living for yesterday30
Alaska Eskimo yo-yo beginner's video instructions ; a Takotna Video production ; produced and directed in Alaska by Chris Kiana, George Miller part 230
A letter to Dominique & 32 other titles, God killed the queen, Hey teacher25
Alguien como tu & 118 other titles, Vivo para ti, Manana llorare29
Alice through the looking glass. Dramatization & textual changes: Seymour Reiter, Lor Crane30
A Little sentimental. w & m Joe Babcock (Joseph T. Babcock), Your love means everything to me30
Alive and well. From Telos suite. m American Broadcasting Music, Inc., employer for hire of Michael Omartian, w Stormie Omartian30
All dressed up and no place to go & 98 other titles30
All for the sake of the song & 62 other titles, I want mine, I can two step too & 6 other titles30
All night market. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., employer for hire of (w) Howard Liebling & (m) Don Ellis part 226
All on my shoulders & 2 other titles; musical composition, Suwannee Jo, Dear Gertrude & 1 other title30
All over again & 18 other titles30
All shook up; band arr. of pop tune. w & m Otis Blackwell, arr. Hal Leonard Music, Inc part 230
All that keep ya going & 10 other titles, One man's family. No. 52-10, Defamation of decorum in honour of a synonym30
Almost always. Words & music: Kathleen Lichty, Lew Douglas & Frank Lavere30
Almost like living alone & 88 other titles, Cowboys ain't easy to love, Family tree30
Along the way in arithmetic, beginning multiplication and division, no. 148830
American radio & 4 other titles, Beautiful man & 5 other titles, I got a warrant out26
A morphometric study of the scapula in gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla and Gorilla gorilla berengei)30
An annotated bibliography of twenty-two works with versions for piano solo and piano solo with orchestra30
An apology & 37 other titles, Texas, Free mud27
Animal heart & 3 other titles, I don't want the rain, Last chance go around30
Another heartache for me. w & m Mel Tillis & Wayne P. Walker30
Another short (but not so sentimental) interlude, Kentucky mountain banjo, The poor old prurient interest blues30
Anyone but you & 30 other titles; songs. Composed by Susan Haynes & co-composers as noted30
Arco iris sin colores & 32 other titles, Vuela vuela, Viviras aqui30
Are you gonna walk out on your heart tonight? Words/music by Alan Roy Scott & Margaret Harris30
Are you really the one? By Lionel Job, Clifford P. Dawson & William Hagans part 230
Arizona sunshine, California rain & 5 other titles, Don't you mess around, Mister Heartache Mender30
Arrancame de ti & 29 other titles, Regalame tu sonriza, Una flor en mi camino27
As long as there is love & 1 other title, I wanna believe, Everybody's laughin' & 1 other title30
A song to sing & 13 other titles. By Joanna Janet & co-writers as noted, Wolf song30
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