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1st pool player theme, Andy Rodlick, Amy Acuff 2nd30
ABC on NBA 2003/2004 theme music, Yogi, The Babe29
A bunch of guys chasing one, Opening day, ESPN generic tennis cues27
Ahora si, ahora no. w & m Leonidas Jose Martines F, Merengue, Alpha30
Amy Vanderbilt's New complete book of etiquette; the guide to gracious living. By Amy Vanderbilt, drawings by Fred McCarroll, Mary Suzuki, and Andrew Warhol (Andy Warhol)30
And you know (what I'm thinking, Friends and dreams, Time lady blues30
An examination of the relationship between healthy aging, inhibition, memory, and neuropsychological function part 226
Antiphons for Psalms and canticles for the liturgical church, Driving, God's birds30
Appian Productions presents The Auto journal, 100 men and a cactus, The Travel agents28
Autumn green, and 1 other song, We don't give a fuc_!, Ya mother30
Bakkus "immaterial bliss" unpublished works 2003, Here's my way, Beat aside Apollo's arrow30
Believe part 1030
Black history: lost, stolen or strayed. By Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc30
Black women from past to present, Firebird, You can't win with drugs30
Breakthrough, and 4 other selections30
Bright lights and velvet, and other selections, Mirrors in the shade, Without blemish or wrinkle30
Christmas program builder no. 38, Open circuit, 7/92 compilation30
Chutes & ladders, Arrow Smith, Back alley27
City of the dead. By Beverly Jane Magee, whose pseud. is Maggie Magee, Ghoul, The rising27
Classic remembers, The climb, The champ 228
College football gameday '91--open/talent/billboard, CFA'86 open, Big East30
College football gameday '91--open/talent/billboard, NFL tease '89, Sports reporters30
College football gameday '91--open/talent/billboard, Sunday sports day suite, NCAA Championship week '9030
Comments and conversations, Better than, Big and urban27
Dark fantasy ; Double dark fantasy ; After graveyard ; Window, Popular man on campus30
Destiny part 2130
DKNY (Don't know New York), & 1 other song, The rush, Loverholic29
Dressing for the match race, First run, I'm gonna fix your clock30
Dust to dust, and 3 other works, Ghost riders, The path I walk is thorny27
Early morning loving (under those Georgia pines)30
Emerald skies ; Game show ; April ... [et al.], Kristallnacht, Deceive me30
Emily Dickinson fantasia, Fairy tale30
ESPN2 network week 97-0701-070730
ESPN International Olympic Sports theme version 1, Leather (cues), End zone (cues)30
ESPN International Olympic Sports theme version 1, Sledgehammer hop. m Mark Wood30
ESPN network programming30
ESPN network week 91-0101-010730
ESPN network week 91-0101-0107 part 230
ESPN network week 97-0701-070730
ESPN the season the teammates still works for Red Sox, The complete angler30
ESPN US open tennis series theme, Zero visibility, In whose eyes30
Everything that he touched, & 2 other selections, Coming up, Gangsta rhyme30
Fluid-mineral equilibria in the Kawerau hydrothermal system, .., Despontes--ESPN special presentation Latin30
Fortune's favorite and the three golden hairs, Endless ages, All for nothing30
Fox Sports Net News millennium theme. By Fox Liberty Networks, LLC, Best damn sports show period27
Friendly in Fernley ; Riches ; The sagebrush sea ; US 50, Lorrie stories (vol. 2)30
From the files of unsolved mysteries, Inside the competition, Yesterday's children24
Full circle. By Gene Clark, Full circle30
Hawthorne on painting. By Mrs. Charles W. Hawthorne, foreword and biographical sketch by Joseph Hawthorne, introd. by Edwin Dickinson30
Headhunter part 224
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