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150 tested strategies to prevent crime from small cities, counties, and rural communities30
4,6,8, or 18 wheel truck covers for any state in United States of America or the world30
Any fire traps in your home? No. 906-984 (1982), About steroids, Hidden hurt--child sex abuse30
A Portfolio theory-based optimal hedging technique with an application to a commercial cattle feetlot. By Paul Edward Peterson part 230
A Woman's world; a Christian psychologist discusses twelve common problems. By Clyde M. Narramore30
Being healthy and safe with McGruff and Scruff30
Chautauqua speaker arrives, Iola Santa Fe Depot, Saturday night live30
ChemSkill builder, version 5.1 for Windows 3.1 or later, Baby blues, Morning till noon, and 3 other songs30
Communication problems of entry-level accountants as perceived by supervisory personnel of the big six accounting firms30
Congruence of goals for early childhood between Head Start parents and experts, Actions for health student workbook30
Cope with urges to smoke = Controle el ansia por el tabaco, Dia de las madres =, El dia de las madres =30
"CORCEMA-ST," a software for quantitative analysis of intermolecular saturation transfer effects in reversibly forming ligand-receptor complexes. By the Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama for the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)18
Designated driver party connection service, Sing to the father, Live in this moment27
Devoted ladies. By M. J. Farrell (Molly Keane) [i.e. Molly Keane Farrell] & Polly Devlin. (Virago modern classics)30
Electromyographic response of peroneal muscles in surgical and nonsurgical injured ankles during sudden inversion part 230
Endometriosis Association 15th anniversary commemorative booklet, Cooking without fuel30
Families are special. By the Lyons Group. (Barney), Germ smart, You and me tobacco free28
Family planning, family structure, social support, stress and substance abuse factors associated with child maltreatment reabuse30
Feeling good! self-esteem for kids. By E T R Associates, employer for hire for Eric Berg part 230
Get stronger by stretching with Thera-Band, Santa, Cinderella spanish23
Getting along better with grown children; a compilation of questionnaires and worksheets which include an initial assessment and guide to initiate change, gain perspective, reassess financial interactions and increase personal satisfaction part 230
HIV text, think about it (Spanish on back-La preuba del VIH Pienselo), Master your mind30
HIV text, think about it (Spanish on back-La preuba del VIH Pienselo), Mental fitness27
Hoity-toity; the game of social climbing, Kids in the biz, El fumar y el embarazo28
Hormone therapy decision-making of postmenopausal women in the women's health initiative-emory30
Independent crossroads curriculum ; Career education consumer family and life skills curriculum ; Work readiness curriculum30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Professional selling--a trust-based approach [by] Thomas N. Ingram, Raymond W. Laforge, Ramon A. Avila, ... [et al.]27
Instructor's manual and test item file to accompany Decisions for health, second edition, [by] Clint E. Bruess, Glenn E. Richardson part 230
Into adolescence: caring for our planet and our health, Entering adulthood, Play safe!26
In your face! 40 days of confrontational daily devotionals30
It only takes a minute girl to fall in love, 1980 selections of A. A. Rice, Beyond closed doors28
I turn off tobacco and alcohol pressure!, I eat healthy favorites!, I act in ways to protect my future!29
Planned Parenthood of Evansville, Inc. educational series I, Preventing sexual abuse24
Proposal for a second edition of Social and cognitive treatment of children and adolescents by Richard P. Barth30
Psychological assessment of sexually abused children and their families, Bulimia28
Selected annotated bibliography of the humanistic needs of nursing home residents30
Socialism and the politics of popular culture in Britain, 1884-1914, Quietus--Bow30
Street Flavaz USA, est. 1996, real flavor from the streets, LA/NY, Aux limites de l'extreme30
Students' handbook for Textbook for psychology [by] D. O. Hebb and D. C. Donderi part 230
Talking with your partner about safer sex. TX 5-116-366 (1999)30
Teaching ideas for using the sexuality decision-making books for teens, Instructor's manual to accompany School health instruction30
Test manual for use with Human sexuality--essentials, Strong, Wilson, Clarke, Johns and Human sexuality--a text with readings, Wilson, Strong, Clarke, Johns30
The Best of what this country's got, I wash my hands, Teardrop Avenue26
The effects of host cycling and genetic bottlenecks on the growth characteristics of eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus30
The Illustrated manual of Sex therapy, second edition, Sexual solutions, How to remain safe from crime29
The Impact of professional discipline, funding support patterns, and catchment area .30
The Midnight ride of Popeye Revere, Don't smoke or I'll croak!, Don't smoke30
The Secret battalion. Text: Michael J. Bird, The still lifes of Elizabeth Mary Gonzalez22
They will never take Christ out of Christmas, Draw the line, Northeaster30
Through the back door. By Mari Tumah, pseud. of Dorothy Z. Johnson (Dorothy Johnson Chandler)30
Whatever happened to? (Detective in the house) PA 247-259 (1985), The Front line25
What's in it 4 me? Co-composers: Rick "Dutch" Cousin & Tye-V Turman30
Why go to mass? No. 1-967-995 (1986), About secondhand smoke, Safety belts30
Yes you can! Help your kid succeed in math, even if you think you can't, Anna--book III, 6 songs30
You can do it. Your goal is within reach. All the skills you need can be yours in a single day30
Young men's reproductive and sexual health, Coloring book, Daughters of a coral dawn30
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