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1994-1995 special report on master's and post-masters's nurse practioner programs, faculty clinical practice, faculty age profiles, undergraduate curriculum expansion in baccalaureate and graduate programs in nursing30
A Comprehensive performance project in trombone literature with an essay consisting of an annotated guide . part 230
A critical techno-economic assessment of biomass energy conversion with an emphasis on utilizing sugarcane residues as a feedstock part 330
Analysis of selected rural nonformal education programs in the Peoples' Republic of China part 230
An Analysis of health promotion programs in North Carolina .., Considering imagination and creativity26
A Parent guide for assisting the developmentally handicapped child in reading & writing30
A parents guide to changing destructive adolescent behavior. By Ralph Fry, 1950-, Roger Morgan, 1950-, Susan M. Johnson, 1948-, Pete Melendez; illustrated by Thong Thach part 230
A phenomenological study of the experiences of child protective social workers, Information transfer from textbooks25
Approaches to management of hypertension, angina pectoris, cardiac arrhythmias, using Inderal (propranolol hydrochloride)24
Assessing and measuring caring in nursing and health science, Revisioning misogynist tradition30
A Study of selected factors related to leadership adaptability of .., Crossfire II30
Attitudes of members of the Association Athletics for Women toward critical issues in athletics28
BMFO the movie a.k.a. Analyzing one customer and designing our implied value delivery strategy with capability requirements. By Michael J. Lanning, 1948- & Lynn W. Phillips, 195230
Clinical kinesiology, vol. 4: muscles of the upper extremities, shoulder, forearm and hand No. 1-452-63527
Community mental health services as an intervention for ethnically diverse children and adolescents with behavioral problems30
Comparacion del tratamiento hipolipemiante agresivo con la angioplastia en la cardiopatia isquemica estable30
Current trends in the use of electrical stimulation in athletic rehabilitation, Therapeutic modalities for athletic trainers26
Developing & evaluating educational programs for health care providers, Vascular diseases of the central nervous system30
Dizziness, hearing loss, and tinnitus--the essentials of neurotology, Manual for functional training30
Field guide for the determination of biological contaminants in environmental samples30
Genetic analyses of the Arabidopsis thaliana-Pseudomonas syringae interaction, AIDS and the allied health professions26
How three governors involved the public in passing their education reform programs30
Incident at the firs; a play in one act. By Elizabeth Barrett & Adeline Collier27
Inferential set adoption by nursing students, Stretch, The Toy bunny (a Christmas story)30
Instructor's guide by Gregory P. Cottrell to accompany Pharmacology for respiratory care practitioners part 230
Instructor's guide for Anderson, Nursing leadership, management, and professional practice for the LPN/LVN part 230
Instructor's guide for Anderson, Nursing leadership, management, and professional practice for the LPN/LVN part 330
Instructor's manual and test bank for use with Pharmacotherapeutics, Nurse's pocket guide25
Instructor's manual to accompany Environmental geology, fifth edition, Adaptive processes in visual and oculomotor systems25
Instructor's manual to accompany Programming principles using Pascal, The Catherine29
Instructor's resource disk to accompany Legal, ethical, and political issues in nursing, 2e30
Instructor's resource disk to accompany Legal, ethical, and political issues in nursing, 2e part 230
Instructor's resource disk to accompany Legal, ethical, and political issues in nursing, 2e part 322
Interpersonal communication and the agenda-setting process in the United States Virgin Islands part 230
Jesus, Zacchaeus, and the story of the servants and their powers, Don'tcha just love it?30
Juggling more than you can handle? VA 474-125 (1991), Shoulder pain and the equestian athlete30
Justification of acts of aggression among collegiate basketball players as influenced by motivation, intent to injure, and gender of aggressor30
Law and medicine; text and source materials on medico-legal problems. By William J. Curran30
Leadership styles of principals trained in Blake and Mouton's managerial grid and principals who have not been trained, and teachers' perceptions of their leadership performance part 430
Lecture note template disk for Retail management, 1st ed, Retailing, Retail marketing, 2nd edition26
Mathematical model of an infusion system for the detection and identification of fluid flow faults30
MCN, the American journal of maternal/child nursing's Readings for today's maternal/child nurse30
Medical office products. Hurry! Sale prices good through 11/30/9930
Neruoendocrinology in physiology and medicine, The Options option, Cellular regulation of secretion and release30
Obstetrical pearls--a practical guide for the efficient resident, Amelation, Amish Miller twins Amos & Andy30
Osiris George Washington, god of the USA one dollar bill and god of the USA quarter and god of cyberspace metapsychosis of this art peace purposes30
Planning now for tough medical choices you may face in the future, The Farthest thunder28
Policymakers' assessment of real and ideal community/junior college funding patterns in the 1990s30
Primary care & cancer, vol. 19, no. 10, Nov./Dec. 199930
Principles of behavioral neurology test booklets (CNS) By M. Marsel Mesulam, Sexual and reproductive health in neurology & 88 other titles30
Simplified E-Z big note Christmas songs for guitar. Compilation & guitar arrangements: George Roberts30
Student conceptions of equilibrium and fundamental thermodynamic concepts in college physical chemistry30
Student conceptions of equilibrium and fundamental thermodynamic concepts in college physical chemistry part 229
Styrofoam (shapes) art craft. Children's craft for coloring, mobiles, cards, decorations, learning & games30
Successful coping strategies utilized during critical incidents by entry-level principals in Catholic elementary schools and the affect of mentoring28
Surface frontal and needle trigger point electromyographic measurements of psychophysiological responses in tension-type headache patients30
Teaching resources to accompany Essentials of psychiatric/mental health nursing, 2nd edition26
Test bank to accompany Teens, crime and the community, Weight machines, Free weights for women25
Testing for the presence and source of non-stationarity in United States energy efficiency28
The effect of microcurrent stimulation on ATP synthesis in the human masseter as evidenced by phosphorus-31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy30
The Effect of teaching on nursing priorities in the care of patients with pain of acute myocardial infarction29
The effects of elated, depressed, and neutral affect on sexual arousal in sexually functional and dysfunctional men27
The Effects of respiration pacing on distress and anxiety in dental treatment, Coach28
The effects of role induction on counselor trainees experiences of the supervisory working alliance and evaluations of supervision part 230
The garden, the cross, and the tomb collections. By Betty Jordan & Gary Duncan, What it could have been; collections. By Betty Jordan & Gary Duncan30
The Handbook of learning activities for young children, Erdmuth Dorothea, For the thrill30
The impact of 110 years of United States Indian policy legislation on ten aspects of reservation-based childrearing30
The mechanisms of the Schmidt reaction of acetophenones and the benzyne cyclization of 3-(2-bromobenzyloxy) aniline30
The personal understanding of the midlife transition of women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints30
The residential-commercial energy demand and optical electricity consumption surtaxes30
Travelers pocket guide to security and travel tips, Pickup trucks, Stock car spectacular30
Two principals--patterns and structures in Japanese primary school leadership, A Trojan ending & 8 other titles30
Understand yourself: doorway to the superconscious, Shameless love, Charlie Ray McWhite30
We will not forget those who have given their lives so that others may live in a free society28
Whittier family of Philander Ellis Whittier and his wife, Mary Parker Tufts, The God of love22
Winter sports medicine handbook, California ghost towns, LasVegas25
Workbook for Functional neurorehabilitation through the life span, Pediatric physical therapy21
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