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1989 Cogeneration & Independent Power Congress, June 7-8, 1989, Atlantic City, N. J30
A comparative history of world philosophy: From the unpanishads to Kant, Fundamentals of electrical control30
A confocal microscopy study of microtubule arrays involved in cortical rotation during the first cell cycle of Xenopus embryos30
An analysis of the instructional leadership behavior of suburban middle school principals regarding the level of alienation of eighth-grade male students30
An Economic answer to an energy/environmental problem for coating curing ovens, Ultimate bass trax28
A parents' guide to teaching your teenager "how to drive safely" while maintaining your sanity part 230
A parents' guide to teaching your teenager "how to drive safely" while maintaining your sanity part 330
Creative financing for energy conservation and cogeneration, Developing and maintaining a senior market29
Description, rules, and chart of the game (Octs n'Squares), Octagons and Squares30
Development and application of high-throughput techniques for evaluation of photopolymerizable monomer formulations24
Distributed network management transition plan for the Office of the Secretary, US Department of Health and Human Services30
Eastern European Jewish immigrants and their children on the Minnesota Iron Range, 1890s-1980s30
Electric utilities, fiscal illusion and the provision of local public services, Pacific Power & Light Company28
Energy conservation in mobile homes through retrofit design techniques and improved energy utilization30
Energy management and home automation display screens, Airconditioning & refrigeration business23
Estimating demand for differentiated products with continuous choice and variety-seeking25
Foundations of modern sociology, third edition [by] Metta Spencer, with the editorial collaboration of Alex Inkeles part 330
[Hawaii Shrine aline up to Maui and Kahoolawe, a chart for canoes to navigate], fish from ancient stone mount on top of Mauna Kea part 230
High voltage implanted-emitter bipolar junction transistors and Darlington transistors in 4-hydrogen-silicon carbide30
Instructor's guide for Electricity and electronics fundamentals, 1, Industrial electronics25
Instructor's manual to accompany Introductory statistics for business and economics part 230
Instructor's solutions manual to accompany Fourier series and boundary value problems, sixth edition [by] James Ward Brown, Ruel V. Churchill part 430
Investigating polymer physics with single molecule experiment and Brownian dynamics simulation28
Management, measurement & verification of performance contracting, Testing and balancing HVAC air and water systems30
Mass media and the political socialization of children and adolescents, S.T. Groove30
McGraw-Hill's Illustrated index to the 1996 national electrical code, HVAC controls28
Measurement of inmates' drug use, knowledge, and attitudes at two county .., Evaluating faculty for promotion and tenure30
Medieval arts doctrines on ambiguity and their place in Langland's poetics, Urbin-Chamberlin 1987 originals30
Natural gas exploration associated with fracture systems in Alleghenian thrust faults in the Greenbrier Formation, southern West Virginia30
Natural gas exploration associated with fracture systems in Alleghenian thrust faults in the Greenbrier Formation, southern West Virginia part 230
Neural networks for noise-tolerant category discrimination with application to continuous speech segmentation part 230
New refrigerants for air conditioning and refrigeration systems, A Big fish story28
Noise control in buildings: a practical guide for architects and engineers, Hazard communication28
Parallel processing in the visual system: the classification of retinal ganglion cells and its impact on the neurobiology of vision30
Perceptions of family caregivers of non-institutionalized Alzheimer's patients about support groups25
Planned maintenance for productivity and energy conservation, Guide to natural gas cogeneration30
Project management and leadership skills for engineering and construction projects30
Protocol for hyperbaric oxygen therapy for stroke, closed head injury, and anoxic/hypoxic encephalopathy30
Reciprocating compressors for petroleum, chemical, and gas industry services, Improving machinery reliability27
Respiratory and aerodynamic events prior to the speech of stutterers and nonstutterers30
Simple solutions to getting the cash you need for your international or domestic business part 230
Solutions manual for Introduction to ratemaking and loss reserving for property and casualty insurance30
Strategy instruction for students with learning disabilities, Facility manager's guide to security25
Study guide to accompany Contemporary financial management, by Jerry A. Viscione and Gordon S. Roberts part 229
Successful industrial energy reduction programs, Chemical research--2000 and beyond25
Suite delirium w & m Lawrence Klimas, Joseph Spinazola, John Livigni, Robert Villalobos, Anthony Siciliano, Ralf Rickert30
The 2002 entertainment, cultural and leisure market research handbook, Natural language and voice processing28
"The authority of the Holy Spirit" in contemporary theology with special reference to authority in the church30
The electrical systems design & specification handbook for industrial facilities30
The Identification of emotional disorders among high utilizers of .., Christmas without you30
The Image of the high school counselor as perceived by district office administrators, principals, parents, students, teachers, and counselors in the Lodi Unified School District28
User's guide-EDSA-electrical distribution and transmissions systems analyses and design programs-electromagnetic transient analysis program EMTAP-Windows part 230
Water quality, modeling, and land use investigations in the Upper Pearl River Basin of east-central Mississippi part 330
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