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A comparison of two uses of the computer to assist students in mastering the objectives being tested in a statewide assessment program23
A critical evaluation of the curriculum of the School of Christian Education of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1950-1990 part 230
A Heart that's touched by thee. w & m Joyce Landorf and Chuck Leviton, Loving again25
Ain't you glad it's summertime? w & m Al Hartley & Mike Castellon, Archie's family album30
All alone to cry. w & m Bobby Wade Phillips, piano arr.: Starfire Music Corporation, employer for hire of Dick Kent30
An Alternative directory of nongovernmental organizations in South Asia, Ethnicity and political integration29
Angels watching over me (and I can help too!), He'll hear your prayers30
A Study of participation in college activities. By Edmund Griffith Williamson & Wilbur Leslie Layton30
Bill, Bill, Bill! Song from the play Pickle hill. w Peter Howard, m Will Reed (William L. Reed)30
Blood brother. From The rookies television series. No. 29. By Spelling-Goldberg Productions30
Building character & community in the classroom : grades 4-6, My unforgettable parents28
But Your Honor, he couldn't help himself--as an infant he had an extremely painful circumcision. By Constance E. Robinson part 230
Causes of industrial peace under collective bargaining. Edited by Clinton Strong Golden and Virginia D. Parker30
Coping with the eating of inedibles (pica) by persons with mental retardation and other disabilities30
Could I depend on you? Music: Eric O'Brien (Frederick George O'Brien), words: Sylvia May Aspinall30
Dictionary of cults, sects, religions, and the occult, Lord, I can resist anything but temptation30
Everyone needs a philosophy of life, Albert Schweitzer's philosophy reverence for life30
Expository dictionary of Bible words. By Lawrence O. Richards, Preschool, Teens30
Find out for yourself; young people can discover their own answers. By Eugenia Price26
God with us: the miracle of Christmas. By John F. MacArthur, Jr, Our great salvation30
Growing in grace and knowledge; II Peter 3:18 lesson series, Latinas hoy30
Happy hearts. Editing: Connor B. Hall, Living like Him, His mind, His heart30
Heart attack. There's a fire. We're not on crack. Next plateau30
How did it all begin? Formerly entitled From goo to you by way of the zoo, Bible answers for King's kids30
How to fast successfully & 1 other title; books, Total acceptance, God is a matchmaker30
I love the life I live (and I live the life I love) w & m Albert Hamilton, Bob Hamilton, Joanne Jackson Bratton & Ronnie Savoy part 227
Instructor's manual to accompany Seasons of marriage and family life [by] William R. Garrett part 330
Learning to listen--positive approaches and people with difficult behaviors30
Multicast routing in point-to-point networks under constraints, And the greatest of these is love30
New beginnings--learning to choose life when faced with a life-threatening illness. By Marion F. Belka & Marion Hosinski part 230
Organizational view, management assessment package, and motivational dynamics, Fast track to nowhere30
O sacred head now wounded ; The solid rock ; Turn your eyes upon Jesus ; We worship and adore thee30
Prediction of vocational outcomes for rehabilitation clients .., Money, Don't stop loving me30
Qualitative age differences in memory for print advertising, Xu, Steal30
Rome and the neighborhood, Augustus to Nerva. By Arthur Ernest Gordon & Joyce S. Gordon30
Study guide for introduction to chemistry with programmed review questions, objective review and self tests, 2nd ed. & 2 other titles part 630
Tarbell's teacher's guide to the International Bible lessons for Christian teaching of the uniform course30
Tarbell's teacher's guide to the International Bible lessons for Christian teaching of the uniform course part 222
Terry Bradshaw sings Christmas songs for the whole family, It's only a game, Until you29
The Brothers of Christian Instruction at Walsh College30
The cross--your weapon for spiritual warfare, Let us abide, Let us be holy30
The definitive guide to hunting, gathering, and flaunting superior vintage wares30
The Epistles to the Colossians, to Philemon, and to the Ephesians, An Expository dictionary of Old Testament words29
The Gift that keeps on giving, Carmen, Debs, dolls, and dope25
The Greatest songs of Woody Guthrie & 475 other titles; sound recordings. (Part 001 of 003)30
The Greatest songs of Woody Guthrie & 475 other titles; sound recordings. (Part 002 of 003) part 230
The Island of imperfection puzzle book with other assorted brainteasers, Learning to think manager30
The Relationship among religious orientation, level of moral .., Building a life30
The Relationship between father-child interaction patterns and child-rearing practices of a select group of Black middle-class fathers part 230
The Smithsonian guides to natural America, the South-Central states, Deceived, Looking for the gift30
When all else fails, there's still hope for healing, You're being lied to, Break down the barrier27
Wise Men of the East pay hommage [sic] to the Infant Prince, Angel unaware, Jesus visits Jerusalem, heals a lame man27
You can preach! Building and delivering the sermon. By G. Ray Jordan, introd.: Fleming H. Revell Company30
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