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Al Leone songbook; collection. No. 4. By Al Leone, Don't even try it, I only wanted30
Bryan Jackson's musical compositions, Fire it up, Hank and Larry commercials30
Don't fall (in love with a fool), Afterglow30
Down home blues ; Stepping in, stepping out ; Bring your fine self home ; Look on yonder wall part 230
Five letter word ; Mister President ; Hello ... [et al.], In my prayers, In Him I live27
Give love a chance; song. By Jeff Leib p.k.a. Jeff Paris30
If wishes were changes. By Nanci Griffith & James Hooker, Don't call it "Frisco"30
Infant respiratory function testing, Happy birthday baby boomers, She's so French30
It's Curly ; Storybook story ; Saturday, Saturday ... [et al.], Rain, No smokin'30
Laugh it off. By Fred Knoblock, Down by the levee, We're gonna need a love song30
Liven' [sic] on the poverty line, When you dream, Crystal30
Love ain't no stranger ; All or nothing ; Give me more time ... [et al.], Crying in the rain30
Memory of you ; Check it out ; Ain't it nice? ... [et al.], Beans, Thunder and lightning29
More works by John Lewis Butler, Surprise!, Beerchaser30
M.T.W.T.F.S.(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) & 2 other titles; songs part 230
Ninth ward hustle; a blues poem theatre monologue film symposis, Killin' time, Red Light Red30
Poem that should never have had to be written, Love has no mercy, If you dare to dream30
Queen of the angels. w & m Jimmy Upsher, Run for your heart, Highest calling30
Spanish sunset. m Bruce R. Burger; arr. John D'Andrea, Tom Harriman CD, Joseph Stanley Williams CD30
Stay with me. By Steve Cropper, Eddie Floyd & Mack Rice30
The Bruce Baker collection, 1966 through 1984, Johnny30
The effect of gender-role identity of female high school principals in Texas on teacher perceptions of instructional leadership behaviors30
The power of prayer, songs by Jeff Wilson, What ever turns you on? By Kenny O'Dell30
There's a need to know ... about MacPherson struts, Angel voice, The Gridiron gladiator24
Two beats from the heart, Where's the fire?, Last nite30
Why not me? By Fred Knoblock, employee for hire of Flowering Stone Music, & Carson Whitsett30
Will you marry me? w & m Robert Allen Levy; m Carlotta Laine Levy30
You and me. By Ralph Franco & Mike Calvo, Love isn't easy, Rhythm of the drum30
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