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A place in my heart edit. From A place in my heart30
A proposal on the globalization and technmological transformation of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY), Portsmouth, Virginia, as the new site development for the construction of oil and gas refineries manufacturing industries and petrochemical production sources of energy for the US economy30
Awakening. By Bryan Abrams, Sam Watters, Louis Biancaniello, Kevin Thornton, Mark Calderon30
Bad seed. m Jon Kerry Lamb, 1961-; w & m Killingsworth, Love is a game, Love is the answer27
Can I trust you?, & 1 other selection, DG no. 8-8-64, Talawah 00130
Computer program: career evaluation systems series 200-230 & 12 other titles, Rollin' down the line30
Dance & 1 other title. Written by Shaun Fisher & Steven Seagal, I only want to be with you30
Destiny. w & m Bobby Ross Avila, 1976-, & Bobby Avila, Sr., 1948-, Turn it loose30
Finest dreams Composers: Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Phillip Oakey & Phillip Adrian Wright30
Forever part 3530
Helplessly in love. Music: Jose Munoz, 1964-; words: James Scott Pinkham, 1962, Aren't we closer now30
I adore you. EP115937 (1958), I adore you, You are30
I'd rather spend the bad times with you than spend the good times with someone new30
I'd rather spend the bad times with you than spend the good times with someone new part 525
I'm comin' home; He's comin' home. By Paul Williams & Roger Nichols30
I'm still waiting for you to make me to do anything you want me to do part 330
I need your loving. By James Harris III, Terry Lewis, David Eiland, Langston Richey, David Williams & Herman Davis30
InSynk with Kenneth Lee. By Kenneth L. Higginbotham & C. T. Smith, State of the world address ; Love denied28
Just the facts: a very special identification bracelet for children. VAu 221-475 (1992)30
Lazyitis (one armed boxer) By Sylvester Stewart, Shaun Ryder, Paul Ryder et al, Rhythm nation30
Lost in your failures ; Alright ; Divine ... [et al.], Sensitivity, Sensitivity. (Rescue me, episode 205)30
Loving you is my pleasure, Romantic, Polite29
Money can't buy (the love we had), Short lived love, Here with the memory27
My daddy used to be a real cowboy, Every time30
Na na be like & 13 other titles, Deeper, My special30
No one's gonna love you (like I do), Don't want to be the last to know, Tonight, I want to love somebody30
On bended knees & 7 other titles30
Please take me away ; Sea of hate ; The lion was right30
Scream. By Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, James Harris, 3rd & Terry Lewis, Gentle stranger30
Simple tricks for the young magician. By Hart Book Company, Inc., as employer in a work made for hire of Allen V. Green30
Son of a gun (I betcha think this song is about you), Annie May, Someday, somebody30
The collected songs and lyrics of James D. Harris 2nd, The Plan, Scattered thoughts no. 130
What we both need (is love) By McKinley Horton, J. Sigler & Harold Melvin, Come back, my lover27
You need me (and I need you) By Bob Morrison & Johnny MacRae, My real family, Shake my bootie down30
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