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A crown for a queen. By Ursula Moray Williams, pseud. of Ursula Moray John, ill. by Shirley Hughes30
A people and a nation: vol. B, since 1865, brief edition, second edition: study guide. TX 2-260-13824
A study of the effect of the relaxation response on women undergoing assisted reproductive technology30
Bugs Bunny's chimney adventure; bk. By Jack Woolgar, pictures by Tony Sgroi and Gene Wolfe, as employees for hire of Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc30
Communities of religious women in the Diocese of Bamberg in the Later Middle Ages part 230
Conflict, politics, and freedom. By Richard P. Longaker & Charles N. Quigley, Exploring our world30
Crimes against the environment. Supplement, Teddyberries Tales, Jason Good Bear and the birthday wish30
Follett coping skills series teacher's guide, Windows to reading, Family-designed learning26
Foundations of freedom & 1 other title, Anchors away, Spot30
Freeorella song collection, Ready, aim, fire, Dueling rappettes30
Hasty pudding, johnnycakes, and other good stuff, The spring equinox, The winter solstice30
Manual of directions for High school mathematics tests, forms AM and BM, administering, scoring, interpreting, and using Metropolitan achievement tests: high school battery, grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. By William H. Evans, James D. Leake, Howard A. Bowman, J. Clarke Cosgrove & John G. Read, general editor: Walter N. Durost30
My cool stuff (not yours, so get your own, okay?), Pinocchio, The Cow that got her wish27
Notice of intent to enforce a copyright restored under the Uruguay Round Agreements Act28
Preparing your own A B E, adult basic education, Keeping a job, Getting medical assistance20
Rocket power and space flight; illustrated with photos. and line drawings. By G. Harry Stine25
Teacher and peer evaluative feedback in the development of two composition skills .30
Teacher's guide for the Adventures of Pippin, I asked, God answered, CIS reporting programs and setup pages26
Teaching social studies in the elementary and middle schools, Let it rock,, Social studies and the elementary teacher30
The art of ancient Peru. Text: Shirley Glubok (Shirley Glubok Tamarin), photos: Alfred H. Tamarin22
The Interesting thing that happened at Perfect Acres, Inc, When teens get pregnant30
The visual dictionary of American domestic architecture, The Ball book, Staging a successful production23
When it comes to graduating, I just want to say you're a class act!, and 2 other greeting cards30
World geography, pupil's text by Norman J. G. Pounds30
You're a special man ; For Father's Day, you are a great husband and the perfect dad part 230
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