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Above and beyond (the call of love) & 365 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Interzone (silent hush mix/cyberfunk)30
Afraid to live and afraid of dying & 169 other titles; compositions, Lamp lightening time30
A Hundred million sweethearts can't be wrong & 3 other titles, Old fashioned locket & 6 other titles30
A la carte & 882 other titles. (Part 003 of 005), Muddy sea of sin, Baby, I have news for you30
Am I the one to blame? Words & music: Elaine Gay, Buddy Starcher & Mary Jean Shurtz28
An Eschatalogical view of The Celebration at Patmos as a key to the mystery of who wrote the Gospel of John30
An introduction to early Greek philosophy; the chief fragments and ancient testimony, with connecting commentary30
Are you practising His love? Words & music: Odell McLeod a.k.a. Mac Odell & Roy E. Pryor28
Audiovisual fundamentals: basic equipment operation and simple materials production30
Beachcomber boy. By Eleanor Frances Lattimore, Beachcomber30
Because I love you so. Lyric by Sammy Gallop, music by John Jacob Loeb27
Big Jay shuffle. Music: Bobby McNeely (Robert Westley McNeely) & Big Jay McNeely (Cecil James McNeely)30
Bull frog boogie. w & m Skip Redman, pseud. of Dorothy Julia Slone, & Earl Slone30
But does that make you mine? By Sarah J. Nix a.k.a. Sally Nix, Sydney Nathan a.k.a. Lois Mann, & William Henri Woode30
Can't sleep anymore. w & m Lonnie Johnson (Joel Lorenzo Johnson), Can't sleep29
Chat'n' with a chick in Cha[t]tanooga. Words and music: Hank Snow, Nell Campbell & Edna Farnsworth part 327
Chemotherapy and irradiation for malignant gliomas intervention intravascular techniques30
Claude Jeter adaptations. H286-2102, folio. Adaptations some new w & m Claude Jeter30
Coffee blues. Words & music: Les Adams (Harrison L. Adams), A Christmas wish, Night song30
Come back to me (my love) By Roy Orbison & Joe Melson30
Cry, baby, cry. w Maria Ehret, m Betty Harkness (Rebekah West Harkness)27
Deep within the stable, Mary sweetly sings. Arr. & w Solveig D. Preus, Deep within30
Desperately & 2 other titles, Desperately, All around the world30
Don't add an ex to your name. Words & music: James A. Pritchett a.k.a. J. T. Pritchett a.k.a. Arthur Q. Smith, and Jim Hess part 227
Don't do that & 1 other title23
Don't leave love (out there all alone) By Austin Roberts, Charlie Black & Cliff Downes part 230
Don't take my heart, little girl. Words & music: Camille Canady & Jesse Ervin, To say I love you. Words & music: Camille Canady & Jesse Ervin28
Don't tell me not to love you & 3 other titles30
Draw us to Thee. For chorus of mixed voices and soprano solo with piano or organ. w Friedrich Funcke, translation: August Crull, m W. Glen Darst30
Evolution and the genetics of populations; a treatuse in three volumes. Vol. 1: genetic and biometric foundations. By Sewall Wright30
Fifty billion dollars; my thirteen years with the R F C (1932-1945) By Jesse H. Jones & Edward Angly30
Free for all. w & m Susan Conte, 1962-, & Charles Trublood, 1962, Starving artist29
From the love side. Finger poppin' time. Sound recording. Artist: Hank Ballard & the Midnight Lighters, by Polydor, Inc part 328
Function at the junction. Words & music: Sydney Nathan a.k.a. Lois Mann, Henry Bernard Glover, Sammy Lowe (Samuel M. Lowe) & Jimmy Mitchelle (James Henry Mitchelle)30
Function at the junction. Words & music: Sydney Nathan a.k.a. Lois Mann, Henry Bernard Glover, Sammy Lowe (Samuel M. Lowe) & Jimmy Mitchelle (James Henry Mitchelle) part 230
Good lookin' ain't enough30
Gretchen. w & m John Creach, John L. Parker, Kevin R. Moore et al, Love me, If you give a little bit & 5 other titles30
Hallowed bells. w Harold Grant Willis a.k.a. Harold Chuck Willis, m Louis H. Oleson30
Hard to get & 1 other title, Hard to get part 229
Harvard College Library Department of Printing and Graphic Arts catalogue of books and manuscripts. Pt. 1: French 16th century books. By Ruth Mortimer, Philip Hofer & Williams [i.e. William] Alexander Jackson30
Heads or tails, I win & 1 other title25
Heaven only know why I love you27
Here I stand & 6 other titles30
High school hop. Words & music: Roy Ayres, Boyd B. Bennett & Bobby Jones (William R. Jones, Jr.)30
Honey, won't you please come home? Words & music by Jim Reeves & Luke McDaniel, Living in a house of sin & 2 other titles30
How can I tell her? By Preston Hemmings, Gerry Hemmings & John Hemmings30
How long has it been (since Jesus had a good night's sleep) By W. Carson, Live in love & 1 other title26
How long has that train been gone? w & m Henry Roeland Byrd (a.k.a. Professor Longhair)30
How to produce the play; the complete production handbook. By John Wray Young and Margaret Mary Young30
Hurry, hurry baby & 3 other titles29
I can't escape from you. Words & music: William Ward & Rose Marks27
I can't make up my mind. w & m Par-Ed Music Corporation, employer for hire of Jimmy Barden30
I cried in my sleep. Words & music: Donnie Bowshier, Walter Wilson & Paul Hopkins30
I didn't know she was leavin' ('til she was already gone) By David Wills, Gordon Eatherly & Bob Moulds part 230
I'd love to ride with Santa Claus tonight. Words and music: Jimmie Davis and Jim Davis26
I don't care (just as long as you love me) By A. E. Owens a.k.a. Buck Owens part 330
I don't know gee from haw & 1 other title30
(If I've hurt you) I'll never forgive myself & 5 other titles, Chicken, don't roost too high30
I heard the voice of the people. w & m Jimmy Driftwood, pseud. of James C. Morris30
I just couldn't stand it (if I loved you anymore) By Glenda Blackwell & Glen Blackwell30
I know, I know & 1 other title29
I'll be all your woman, if you'll be half a man, That'll be the day, Jack Daniels' whiskey30
I'll go stepping too. w, m & additional lyrics: Tom James, & Jerry Organ (pseud. of Troy Martin)30
I'll make it to the promised land30
I'll never let her go. Words & music: Ardra Woods a.k.a. Sonny Woods, Charles Sutton, Alonzo Tucker, Henry Ballard & Henry Booth30
I'll never let her go. Words & music: Ardra Woods a.k.a. Sonny Woods, Charles Sutton, Alonzo Tucker, Henry Ballard & Henry Booth part 230
I'm going to cry you right out of my mind. Words and music: Linda Hopkins, Luis Rivera, and Ralph Bass25
(I'm gonna) feel like somebody tonight & 170 other titles, Shoot the moon30
I'm gonna write a song about you. Words & music: Lee Cargile, I'm gonna strut my stuff30
I'm just not that kind. Words & music: Louise Webb & Arthur Clements, The Lights are growing dim & 2 other titles26
I'm really in love. Words: Harry Holunga, music and arr. Jay Sheldon, You haven't seen us30
I'm using my Bible for a road map. Words & music: Don Reno (Donald W. Reno) & Charles Schroeder part 230
I need you, baby. Words & music: Buddy Harper, Buck Jones & Carrol Hyde30
In that great gettin' up mornin'. w & m Bill Medley (William T. Medley) & Bob Hatfield (Robert L. Hatfield)30
It ain't much but it's home. Words and music: Eddie Noack (D. A. Noack, Jr.), Don't trade. Words and music: D. A. "Eddie" Noack, Jr30
It ain't s'posed to be like that. w & m Premium Music Corporation, employer for hire of Lewis C. Simpkins24
I told you so30
It's all over now. Music by Edgar Battle & Wilmore Slick Jones30
It's all right (if you've done your best) By Martha Carson30
(I will always) think of you that way, Oh, baby, Feathers of dawn30
Jay's blues. Melody & chord symbols, with words. w & m Jimmy Witherspoon & Jay McShann26
Johnny's still singing. Words & music: Sydney Nathan a.k.a. Lois Mann, Henry Stone & Henry Bernard Glover30
Knowing that you want him (her) back again. w & m Johnny Otis & Donald Ray Aldridge part 230
Leave it to me. w & m Mort Shuman & Jerome Pomus (Doc Pomus)29
Let me know (I have a right) By Frederick J. Perren & Dino Fekaris, Let me know part 230
Let's make ev'ry day a Christmas day & 1 other title, Dog bite your hide. Words & music: Smokey Ward30
Lies, lies, lies. Words & music by Marvin J. Moore & George H. Campbell, Jr30
Life is a beautiful thing. S.A.T.B. w & m Jay Livingston & Ray Evans, choral arr. for mixed voices: Harry Simeone30
Love, love, love (that's what it is) By Bill Carlisle30
Love of my life (O Sole Mio)--Louis Prima and Keely Smith with Sam Butera. From album Big night soundtrack. SR 218-43230
Love. w & m Vicki Music, Inc., employer for hire of Alonzo Tucker, Willie Malone, & Theodore Twiggs30
Make me what you want me to be. Words and music: Eunice Wright Davis & Johnny Johns30
Memory waltz. Music and arr. O. DiBella, employer for hire of Ray Rogalski26
Monday morning blues & 2 other titles30
Money and banking. By Major B. Foster, Raymond Rodgers, Jules I. Bogen & Marcus Nadler27
Mother knows best. w & m Marty Robbins (Martin D. Robinson)30
My best wishes and regards. Words & music: Little Willie Littlefield (Willie Littlefield)30
My heart cries out for the lamb22
My little wild eyed blue roan; piano instrumentation. Words & music: Nancylee Miller (Nancy Louise Miller), arr. Alice Webster Miller30
My name ain't Annie. Words & music: Linda Hayes & John N. Roberson, Today's woman buffet cook book. By John Roberson & Marie Roberson30
My sweet thing. w Nancy Wilson Dennis, Teddy Edwards (Theodore Edwards), m Gerald Wilson, Tom Morgan30
My tears will pour just like rain. Words & music: Moon Mullican (Aubrey Wilson Mullican), Lois Mann a.k.a. Sydney Nathan & Henry Bernard Glover30
Nervous, man, nervous. Words & music: Dwight C. Davis, Give me, Give thanks29
Notes to the teacher to accompany of studies: reading and writing. By William D. Baker, Herbert Hackett30
Nothing goes right for me (since you've been gone) w & m James Peterson & Sonny Thompson30
No titles given for design & drawings of a kite; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing & of final order or judgement (docket no. C-78-119-WAI filed 17Feb78 in U.S. District Court, Northern District, San Francisco) Order attached part 330
No titles given for EP103357 (1956) et al.; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing & of final order or judgement (docket no. 77-81-E filed 23Sep77 in Middle District of Alabama, Montgomery) Opinion & judgment attached30
Now and forever. By Johnny May a.k.a. Bridges George McGibbon Lewis, & Peter Hansen part 230
Nuttin' for Christmas. Words & music by Sid Tepper & Roy C. Bennett, special lyrics by Henry Doyle Haynes a.k.a. Homer & Kenneth C. Burns a.k.a. Jethro part 230
One, two, three: the story of Matt--a feral child30
Powerful love. Words & music: Ruby Clark & Paul Kallinger, What would I do without your love?30
Quiet whiskey. Melody & chord symbols with words. Words & music: Henry Bernard Glover, Wynonie Harris, Fred Weismantel & Bob Schell (Robert Charles Schell) part 226
Roll over, Beethoven & 6 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing & of final order or judgement (docket no. CIVIL 78-65 filed 25Jan78 in Middle District of Pennsylvania, Scranton) Stipulation of dismissal attached30
Social foundations of education. By William O. Stanley, B. Othanel Smith, Kenneth D. Benne & Archibald W. Anderson30
Someone will die tonight in the Caribbean. By Rene Puissesseau,, translator: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., as employer for hire of Stephen Becker30
Spicy Crab--Spiced clams. By Christine C. Calloway, 1951- (Spicy Crab, pseud.) & David Calloway, 195030
Spoon with me. For voice and piano. Words & music: Richard Lowell Blanchard & Bill Carlisle30
Stack of dollars. Music: Tiny Bradshaw a.k.a. Myron C. Bradshaw, Sam Jones (Samuel Jones) & James M. Robinson30
Strange feeling (violence)30
Sure cure for the blues. Words & music: Sam Pettus, Ravon Darnell & Mario DeLaGarde30
Take my heart (and let's run away) By Sandy Pinkard & Larry Collins part 330
Tell me you're mine. Words: Ronald Fredianelli, music: D. Vasin, Teenage sweetie30
Tell them. Words & music: Sonny Woods (Ardra Woods), Someone like you, Tell them23
(Tell your friends to) stop laughing at me. Words & music: Jack Dempsey Cardwell & Hack Hendrick30
That's all it took. w & m Darrell Edwards, Charlotte Grier & George Jones, Seasons of my heart. Words & music: Darrell Edwards & George Jones30
The Commandments of love. Words & music: Morton Weinstein a.k.a. Morton Neff, John Nagy & Lucky Millinder (Lucius Leroy Millinder)30
The Creek's gone muddy (and the fish won't bite). Words & music: Sydney Nathan a.k.a. Lois Mann, Jimmy Ballard & Charles Kanter27
The Family tree musta fell on me. Words and music: Wayne Raney, Sydney Nathan a.k.a. Lois Mann, & Henry Bernard Glover30
The First time ever (I saw your face) Artist: P. Nero30
The greatest love. w & m Prince Street Productions, employer for hire of Michael Masser, Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., employer for hire of Linda Creed30
The Hard way. By Robert V. Williams30
The Magnetic Way into our community--the supermarket math cards manual, Online technology teaching model29
The Only one I ever loved I lost. Words & music: Johnnie & Jack, pseud. of Jack Anglin, Jim Anglin & Johnny Wright30
The Original Popeye. w & m Oliver S. Brown, Charles Brown, Jr., Wardell J. Querzerque & Dave Bartholomew30
The Proteins: chemistry, biological activity, and methods. Vol. 1, pt. B. Edited by Hans Neurath & Kenneth Bailey26
The Purple people eater meets the witch doctor. m J. P. Richardson a.k.a. Jape Richardson, w Gordon Leslie Ritter a.k.a. Rick Johnson30
There's a difference in religion and salvation. Words & music: Walter Bailes, Somebody's praying for you. Words & music: Johnnie Bailes & Walter Bailes30
There's another baby waiting for me down the line. Words & music Red Smiley (Arthur L. Smiley) & Don Reno30
There's another baby waiting for me down the line. Words & music Red Smiley (Arthur L. Smiley) & Don Reno part 230
The Revolutionary War and George Washington's army in American history, The French and Indian War26
The Southern Regional Education Board: ten years of regional co-operation in higher education. By Redding S. Sugg & George H. Jones30
This is your life. (1-800-missing) PA 1-205-74530
Time, time, time, time. Words & music: Eloise Riggins, Wheel & dip, Disco dating30
Too hot to handle. w & m Mae McDonald, Doc Pomus & Morty Shuman part 330
Too many irons in the fire. Words & music: Moon Mullican (A. W. Mullican), Sydney Nathan a.k.a. Lois Mann, Erwin Reinking a.k.a. Erwin King & Henry Bernard Glover30
Trouble at midnight. Melody & chord symbols with words. Words & music: Roy Brown & Harry Stone30
Twenty-four hours a day. m Heinz Buchholz, German w Gunter Loose, English w Billy Towne30
Two loves in one night. Words & music: George York, Leslie York & Don Gililland29
Wade in the water. Co-writer: J. W. Alexander, Not so quiet please, Yes indeed29
What am I supposed to do? Co-writers, Daron Tavaris Jones & Cedric Moore part 230
What can I do, I'm so in love with you? w & m Edward Alexander, Jean Shy, Vernon O. Bullock & Harvey Fuqua part 230
What can I say? Words & music by Thomas Paul Goodeluinas, Jordan, Your pretty baby30
What do you want to make those eyes at me for & 35 other titles; notice of termination of grant under 17 U.S.C. sec. 304; date & manner of service of the notice of termination: 4Jan78, by first class mail part 230
What shall I do? No. 21. For voice & keyboard. By Henry Purcell, editing & translation: Wal;ter Bergmann (George Walter Bergmann), editing: Michael Kemp Tippett30
What's on your mind? Co-writers, April Allen, Andrea Hicks & Kira Trotter30
What will to-morrow bring? w & m Louis Todd Innis, Danny Coughlan (Donald Coughland)30
When you make up your mind, I'll be around. Words & music: Blackie Crawford & Neva Starns29
Whipped cream (ice cream dream) Co-writers, Kingsley Gardner, Sherine Jackson & Katrina Jackson27
Who's been dragging your little red wagon? Words & music: Charlie Gore & Smokey Duvall (James Duvall)30
Why did you have to get married (on the day Michigan State played Notre Dame)?, Angela30
Why don't you open the door? Words & music: Valencia Dawson & Roberta Yates, Lookin' for somebody new. Words & music: Roberta Yates30
Why live if life is not worth living? Words & music: Neal Burris & Sam McPherson30
Why, oh why? Words by Phil Boutelje (Philip Boutelje) & Harry DeCosta, music By Ted Snyder25
Women are wonderful; a history in cartoon of a hundred years with America's most controversial figure. Introd., text, compilation: William Cole & Florett Robinson30
You came by. Words & music: Tiny Bradshaw (Myron C. Bradshaw), Andrew Penn, Clarence Mack, Leslie Ayers & Wilburt Prysock30
You can't have my love. w & m Chuck Harding, Hank Thompson, Billy Gray & Marty Roberts29
You can't take it with you (when you go) By E. J. Falcon & Moon Mullican30
You don't care anymore and I could care less30
You made me cry. w & m Arlington S. Broussard & Ronald J. Broussard30
You're fine but you're not my kind. Words & music: M. DeLaGarde, B. Nunn, B. S. Richard, T. Leonard, R. Richard & Johnny Otis30
You're so good to me & 1 other title30
Your secret's not a secret anymore. Words & music: Mark Tankersley a.k.a. Skeeter Webb a.k.a. Mark Webb30
You won't find me singing the blues for you. Words & music: Ann Jones, I wish we could try all over again. Words & music: Ann Jones30
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