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Fourth Floor Music, Inc. documents
titleNumber of documents
A Different drummer & 557 other titles. (Part 001 of 003), A royal pain, Magnificent obsession30
A Fool never learns & 72 other titles, Scarecrow blues, Short notice30
Anarchy in the U. K. ; Sub-mission ; Pretty vacant ... [et al.], Theme, Religion I ; Religion II30
Campaign of cunning: the inside story of Alexander Haig's rise to power, Sailin' & 9 other titles30
Close enough for rock 'n' roll. Artist: Nazareth, sound recording: A&M Records, Inc part 230
Daydreams about night things & 1 other title. Notification (under 17 U.S.C. 508) of filing & of final order or judgement (docket no. CV 78-0-435 filed 2Oct78 in District of Nebraska) Memorandum & order attached30
Deciding about drugs--developing responsible attitutes, We here now, We here now. PA 940-948 (2001)30
Defying gravity collection, Semper26
Doesn't matter ; Belong ; Images ... [et al.], New Horizon, Just another rainy day29
Don't wake me (let me keep dreaming) Musical composition30
Dr. Alias' after hours R 'n' R abnormal psych. class 1-0-fun, Forever loving you30
Everything that glitters (ain't always gold) By Willard Smith, Jeff Townes & Peter Harris part 330
Forest and watershed development and conservation in Asia and the Pacific, In earnest pursuit of an agent30
Gotta get outta here. By George Wallace30
Heaven bound train, & 15 other songs30
I can't quit you & 4 other titles, Gonna take a miracle, Deep in you29
I just want to take the time and thank the Lord, I want it, God gave me a brain30
I pity the mother and the father (when the kids move away), Say you lied, Rodrigo, Rita, and Elaine24
I pity the mother & the father (when the kids move away) By Russell Smith, Don't TV me30
Just when I needed you most, I'll get every dime you make, I thought I'd found someone27
Knockin' on heaven's door & 4 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. C78-147T filed 19Jun78 in U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington, Tacoma)25
Looking for a love, Call me30
Love lifted me & 19 other titles part 330
Me and rock and roll (are here to stay). Smiling faces sometimes. Artist: David Ruffin, sound recording by Motown Record Corporation30
New Orleans boy (it ain't my fault), & 1 other selection, New Orleans30
Swedish Joe, & 3 other selections, Your light, Outlaws from the future29
Sweet revenge. By Zane Brothers Productions30
[The Potters of Firsk, and other contributions] By Jack Vance (John Holbrook Vance) part 230
They just can't help themselves ; Too weak to say goodbye ; Let's make a baby king ... [et al.]30
Third rate romance & 2 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing & of final order or judgement (docket no. Civ78-1001 filed 17Jan78 in U.S. District Court, District of South Dakota, Northern Division) Judgement of dismissal attached30
Where the big gun rides; a novel. By John Fonville & Buck Dale, pseuds. of Fonville McWhorter, Jr30
Where the Rocky Mountains meet the morning sun, Losing out on love, When the stars fade away30
You can't be a beacon (if your light don't shine) & 36 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. CV 278-105 filed 16Oct78 in Southern District of Georgia, Brunswick Division) part 230
You're my shade of blue, Hand of freedom, Time27
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