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A Boy named Mary Jane and other silly verse, I want you to know me, Dead crazy21
African myths and tales. Editing and introd. by Dell Publishing Company, Inc., as employer in a work made for hire of Susan Feldmann, pseud. of Susan Taubes25
Aladdin and the wonderful lamp, and other tales of adventure, The whale chase, The best lunch25
All about money, the jungle adventure game, 365 reflections on daughters25
Amelia Bedelia and the Christmas list, Calling Doctor Amelia Bedelia, Good driving, Amelia Bedelia27
America's own holidays = Dias de fiesta de los Estados Unidos, The First Olympics26
An instruction booklet for the parents of college bound students, Jordan, An Album of modern China30
An outline history of the American Revolution. By Trevor N. Dupuy, -1975, & R. Ernest Dupuy, -197530
A Reference guide to clean air, Museums, Baseball and softball27
A study in religious education to raise the self-concept of rural Black youth who attend integrated public schools26
Becoming best friends with your hamster, guinea pig, or rabbit, Magic, Latchkey kid30
Becoming best friends with your hamster, guinea pig, or rabbit, The kid's baseball workout30
Benjamin Big. By Janet Rogers Howe (Janet Rogers Howe Cawley), illustrator: Rod Ruth30
Better kite flying for boys and girls, Modern auto racing superstars, How to understand soccer30
By order of the president & 1 other title; literary works. Written by William E. Butterworth III p.k.a. W.E.B. Griffin27
Community service and outright release as alternatives to juvenile .., Can we teach ethics?30
Computer dictionary for kids ... and their parents, I am dreaming although I am awake30
Construction industry vibratory roller handbook with standardized terms and definitions30
Crime mysteries & 1271 other titles. (Part 006 of 006), Radio, Modern China30
Dinosaurs down under and other fossils from Australia, Claims on the common, When mammoths walked the Earth30
Enhancing self-esteem through dance/movement therapy with elderly residents in a convalescent home30
Extinct land mammals and those in danger of extinction, Oil and natural gas, Mother Jones--one woman's fight for labor30
Fairground games to make and play, Peabody all at sea, My bear30
Fire engines to the rescue, a little golden book no. 306-58, Cranes, Farm machinery30
Greetings from LA (Lower Alabama): a collection of stories, jokes, observations & opinions by the original 1960's Alabama redneck part 330
Health and medicine in the Christian Science tradition, My science book of gravity30
Hot and cold mixer automatic draining freezeless wall hydrants, I'ma real man for you30
How animals live in winter. By Coronet Instructional Films, a division of Esquire, Inc30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Walter F. Murphy, Michael N. Danielson American democracy, 9th edition30
Joseph Jacobs' The Story of the three little pigs, The riddle of Penncroft Farm, The Goodnight cirle29
Lasers and holograms, Satellites, The Moon29
Legal fee insurance policy group benefits plan and individual coverage with protocols of the lawyer-client protection insurance supplement for extended coverage catastrophic loss30
Local government participation in adaptive natural resource management: towns and villages in New York City's Catskill/Delaware Watershed30
Moths and butterflies of North America, Meteors, meteorites, and meteoroids, Life on other worlds29
Muslim--beliefs and cultures, Take a trip to Lebanon, Anne Frank25
My groove, your move, Movement, Miss Nettie B30
Native American crafts of the Northwest coast, the Arctic, and the Subarctic, Hiroshima26
Phylogenetic systematics as the basis of comparative biology, I will go on, Romans 830
Prehistoric manifestations of fire and the fire areas of Santa .., Diana, queen of style30
Pre-trail jail facility, Sheriff's Lerdo Complex, Kern County, California, We just want to be friends30
Prices go up, prices go down--the laws of supply and demand, Symbols in stone, Protectors of the land and water30
Racquetball world class, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, Racquetball, Atlanta21
Relax and see; a daily guide to better vision. By Clara Allison Hackett, Lawrence Galton, William Gutman, ill.: Laura Glusha30
Return to father--archetypal dimensions of the patriarch, Mars and the inner planets30
Romanticism, travel, and the rhetorics of an appropriate self in Keats and Wordsworth30
Supervision of practicum students in speech-language pathology, Tothom te lloc a la pinya, everyone has a place in the base30
Teacher assistance program (TAP) using computers to help teachers individualize instruction in two elementary schools in the State of Delaware30
Teaching language and literature. Grades 7-12. By Walter Loban, Margaret Ryan & James R. Squire30
Tenderfoot trapper. By Arthur Catherall, Graphs, Programming computers30
The atlas of the medieval world in Europe (IV-XV century), Search for Sam, Find the canary30
The Big Strawberry Book of the Earth, our ever-changing planet, Monsters and other science mysteries30
The Christmas light & the Easter hope. By Frank Johnson Pippin, artist: Donald Bolognese30
The First book of tools; the story of the 12 tools of man. By Gene Liberty, illustrator: Richard Mayhew30
The Fourth floor twins and the disappearing parrot trick, Finger spelling fun, Calculator fun30
The Ku Klux Klan and related American racialist and antisemitic organizations, The Girl on the lonely beach. By Fred J. Cook21
The Man with seven names. By Alves Redol, translator: Linton Lomas Barrett, Sales and distribution28
The Picture book encyclopedia of speech and language instruction, The Picture30
The relationship between urban and suburban teachers' perceptions of participation in professional development activities and job satisfaction30
The relationship of projective test indices to prosocial behaviors, altruism, and loneliness30
The relevance of biological complexity theory to bioenergetic analysis, Mexico, CE-personal lines series28
There once was a very odd school and other lunch-box limericks, Bridges, Earthquakes28
The rope of justice, and 1 other selection, Reindeer, Manger29
The Science book of wonder drugs. By Donald Cooley, artist: William Draut, Sacajawea30
The Story of the Earth volcano, Birds and mammals, Fish to reptiles29
The tale of Quimby the quizzical Quail in the land of Whimsical, What's that number?30
The Tigers of Nanzen-ji (Nanzen Temple, Kyoto), Rabbits, On a seaside mountain30
The Wright stroke for every season, Every time I worship you, You are faithful30
The year the Yankees lost the pennant. By Douglass Wallop, adaptor: Warren Halliburton25
The young person's guide to the orchestra, I remember Palestine, I remember India30
Things to make and do for Thanksgiving, What Lily Goose found, Little Gray Rabbit30
Underwater creatures and those in danger of extinction, The living pond, The Living tree30
Use of content literacy strategies by effective middle school teachers, Scott Joplin ragtime on synthesizer by Patrick J. Mahoney30
War Eagle: the story of a Civil War mascot. By Edmund Lindop, ill.: Jane Carlson30
When grandpa wore knickers, Etiquette, Jockey--or else!26
Whoops, words, and whistles, Knowabout weight, Capacity30
Willie McBean & his magic machine, Kid power, Cricket on the hearth30
World War II resistance stories, The Store, A Presence in an empty room30
You've wounded the heart that has loved you. w & m Garland DeLamar & Charlie Adams30
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