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2 songs lyrics & vocal lines for Jets vol. number 1, Give it up30
All I see is cleavage and a little too much crack, Power of money, Edge of midnight30
An Analysis of public subsidies and externalities affecting water use in South Florida30
An ant, the stars, an owl & its prey, Tongues, The drag30
Angel flying too close to the ground & 100 other titles, I know, Fire fox26
Baby, baby I can't take it no more & 4,770 other titles. (Part 008 of 023), Shake your money maker30
Baby, baby I can't take it no more & 4,770 other titles. (Part 018 of 023), Do ya think I'm sexy? By Studio musicians30
Beal & Davidson, vol. 1. m Charles Arthur Beal, 1965-; w John William Davidson, 196530
Champale "when you want it" rock, Don't do it30
Collection of songs by Leonard & David. w, m & arr. David B. Allen; m & arr. Leonard Lee Grand, 195527
Compilation: Byron Jackson/Kenneth Gales, Crew jam, The biz30
Crossin' the Channel. m Earl "Bud" Powell, Skill builders for soprano recorder, Un Poco loco. m Earl Powell30
Don't wake me (let me keep dreaming) Musical composition part 230
Driven by hunger. By Vogue Music, employer for hire of Wendy Waldman, Blue sky, Silver and gold30
Es el amor quien llega. By Mariano Perez Garcia, Carlos Gomez Garcia & Jose Antonio Garcia Morato part 230
Fool for love, and 1 other song30
For me it's you. By Thomas Eugene McHugh, Trey Bruce & Marilyn Martin, A great big dose of me30
For the love of Ruth ; an original "opera-ette"30
Frosting on the beater. By John Auer & Ken Stringfellow, performed by the Posies30
Fruit trader ; Chance meeting at the Tarantula ; I'm not running anymore ... [et al.]30
Get ready part 430
Herbal essence show. By Vent Noir Publishing, as employer for hire of Steven Theard & Derrick Gumbus30
Honky tonk line. By Nocturnal Eclipse Music (as employer for hire of Billy Ray Bonny) & Joe Johnston30
I can't remember her face. By Dick & Don Addrisi, White, yellow, white, Glass bottle world27
I'm in a creative mood today ; Mama don't allow ; Cleaning out the studio ... [et al.]30
In my Father's house ; One more soul ; Love has come over me ... [et al.], Eagles & butterflies30
It's not what you do, it's who sees you do it, If it ain't broke, Two hearts are better than one30
Jillian of Berry. m Peter Warlock (Philip Heseltine), new & original simplification of acc. by John Clements30
Kiefer/Schleifer songs I, Eyes on you, Memories tumbling down30
Leavin' on my mind (stayin' in my heart), Over my heart, Goodbye to you30
Love's not over till the last teardrop falls, April's fool, It's all because of you, & 1 other song30
Main titles: Dark territory ; Casey's family ; Compound assault ... [et al.], Putin's demise30
Mony, mony. By Bo Gentry, Ritchie Cordell, Bobby Bloom & Tommy James, The songs of Tommy (Bigga Black) James30
Mr. Man Mix. m & arr. Clifford Dwayne Reese, 1961, I like it like that, She's a magic lady30
My Jesus, I love U, and 4 other songs, Miracle30
No matter what. By Fujipacific Music (USA), Inc. d.b.a. Longitude Music Company & August Wind Music, employers for hire of Randy Sharp, Windswept Pacific Entertainment Company d.b.a. Longitude Music Company, employer for hire of Rick Vincent part 330
One nation under a groove & 5 other titles, Reminiscin', Luv letter30
Pray for rain, & another song30
Pride of the Sugarbakers. From Designing women, prod. no. 164524. m & arr. Bruce W. Miller part 330
River of life, & 2 other selections part 230
Shadows and light. By Carnie Wilson, Wendy Wilson, Glen Ballard & Chynna Phillips30
Sometimes a great notion, To live, Martha say30
Stay away. w & m Stanley Spindler & Dick Wagner, employees for hire of Vicki Music, Inc30
Take me as I am, & 5 other song lyrics, I want quality, Atorie's masterpiece30
The Dogtown shuffle. By David Lee Roth, Steve Hunter & Brett Tuggle. (In A Little ain't enough) part 230
The Great Christmas strike, Saving myself, My before and after30
The joy of learning the holidays through music, This heart of mine ; Labor of love30
The precious present. By Windswept Pacific Entertainment Company d.b.a. Longitude Music Company, & August Wind Music, as employers for hire of Pat Bunch, & Teresa Pugliese part 227
This ain't my bag. By Universal City Studios, Inc30
Those Friday nights ; Don't break a heart tonight ; Lover's Lane ... [et al.], Back to you30
Tlaxcala in the sixteenth century. Text: Charles Gibson, Keep it comin', Stop what you're doing30
Under your spell, & 1 other song, Island rhythms, Rick Barnett--ETA27
Upon this lonesome sea. By Fujipacific Music (USA) Inc. d.b.a. Longitude Music Company, as employer for hire of Robert Vaughn30
Waiting for you. w & m Tracey C. Amos, 1965 part 330
Will you dance with me? Co-writer, Austin Tyler Meade, Sporty Mac production, Deadline pressure30
You don't know. By Fujipacific Music (USA), Inc. (d.b.a. Full Keel Music Company) & Second Wave Music (employers for hire of Jennifer Kimball), Kim Richey part 330
You don't know what you started (when you wished upon that star)30
You never know what you miss (till you say goodbye) By Rosalinde Black part 430
You're everything, Walk on, I'll admit27
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