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1988 encyclopedia of information systems and services, New information systems and services27
A complete semantic modeling approach to representing the knowledge to be encapsulated in a system life cycle support environment30
African American female perceptions regarding career development opportunities and career decisions30
All the keys and secrets to becoming a medical transcriptionist or medical claims processor26
Alteration in metabolism related to dopamine deficiency, resulting in degenerative neurological disabilities27
American poem books, a treasury of love poems, Never broken (ESP)30
American wholesalers and distributors directory, Encyclopedia of American industries30
An Application of spiritual gifts to the I C L, Karl Malone the Mailman, The cosmic slam30
Ancient Greek drama, postmodern psychoanalysis, and fundamental ambiguity, The Road to Eleusis27
An Historical analysis of the University of Mississippi's television station, Channel Twelve and its existing structure part 230
An illustrated dictionary of little-known words from literary classics, All quiet on the Western Front, Erich Maria Remarque28
Approaches to teaching the works of Louise Erdrich, Happy lovin' you, Scratch pad30
A search for determinants of firm success under hypocapitalism in post-Soviet Russia30
Asian American client adherence to Asian cultural values, counselor ethnicity, counselor expression of cultural values, and career counseling process and outcome30
Associations of body fat, alcohol consumption, and diet with the risk of coronary heart disease in women from the NHANES I epidemiologic follow-up survey30
Associations of dieting self-efficacy and perceived availability of social support to weight loss and adherence30
A Study of current and potential cooperation in vocational-technical education between area schools and public schools in Iowa28
A Study of the relationship between high absenteeism, tardiness and turnover, and the absence of subsidized on-site quality infant/child care30
Biographical dictionary of Hispanic literature in the United States, Hispanic firsts30
Black history resource guide book for teachers of young children30
Bookman's price index, a guide to the values of rare and other out-of-print books24
Book review (cues) Composed by Warner Brothers TV, Book review30
Business plan for the village ; Buy back America for our children27
Business plan, ice cream store in Mount Vernon Avenue commercial corridor of Alexandria, Virginia30
By the numbers--nonprofit organizations30
CD-ROMs in print: an international guide to CD-ROM, CD-no. 1, CDTV & electronic book products, May 24, 199430
Children's books to comics. (The encyclopedia of collectibles) TX 79-746 (1978)30
Children's literature written with an emphasis on meaning for the readers, Art and creative development24
Civil rights in the 1990's--race at the crossroads, an opportunity but a challenge for Black leaders, or White America wake up!30
Class P, subclasses PL-PM, Languages of eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania; Hyperborean, Indian, and artificial languages29
Class P, subclass PT, German, Dutch, and Scandinavian literatures, Bibliographic guide to Government publications. U. S.30
Collect destinations & other uncharted paths of selected poems, Credit unions retooled29
Commercial and biomedical applications of ultrashort pulse lasers; laser plasma generation and diagnostics part 230
Conrad VonHoetzendorf and the outbreak of the First World War, Mainliner, Prison bound28
Contemporary authors autobiography series, Twentieth-century literary criticism26
Contemporary Authors bibliographical series30
Contemporary authors new revision series, a bio-bibliographical guide to current writers in fiction, general nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama, motion pictures, television of other fields30
Contemporary school counseling: theory, research, and practice. TX 5-951-72330
Contemporary strategies for managing genitourinary infections30
Contemporary theatre, film, and television, Publishers directory, Computer streak22
Countries of the world and their leaders yearbook .... Supplement, Best of the bureau29
Cyberhound's guide to associations & nonprofit organizations on the Internet, CD-ROM for information distribution30
CyberHound's guide to publications on the Internet, Quantum Theatre, Collection of the "Voices of Peace."30
Dictionary of literary biography, Bram Stoker's Dracula26
Dual "urilinien" in the concerto practice of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, .., Worldmark encyclopedia of the states30
Encyclopedia of associations. National organizations of the United States25
Encyclopedia of business information sources, 1991-92, Gale encyclopedia of e-commerce21
Encyclopedia of information systems and services, Business rankings annual, National fax directory18
Everything you need to know about protecting yourself and others from abduction, Contemporary Authors on CD29
Everything you need to score high on the MAT, MAT, Miller analogies test, MAT: Miller analogies test26
Factors affecting the undergraduate academic achievement and performance of football players29
Finishing the race and keeping the faith, in a nursing home, A home is more than just a house30
Gale directory of publications and broadcast media. Update, Shakespearean criticism30
Gale encyclopedia of multicultural America, Poetry criticism, Hey, lady23
German writers from the Enlightenment to Sturm und Drang, 1720-1764, Summer tales25
How to buy or lease a car (or truck) without getting ripped off!, Critical security studies and world politics30
How to write successful foundation presentations, Fund raiser's guide to religious philanthropy21
Implicit and explicit appraisals of interpersonal relationships in the eating disorders30
Import/export functions, import/export guide. TX 3-569-690 (1993), Nothing in here is really that important21
Instructor's guide to accompany Developmental psychology--the school-aged child, [by] Ellen A. Strommen, John Paul McKinney, Hiram E. Fitzgerald30
Instructor's manual to accompany The anatomy and physiology learning system, Advertising: concepts, strategies, and issues29
I., Robert Frost's echoes of other poets. II., The tactile values of Bernard Berenson. III., Speech of touch in the English Renaissance part 230
John & William Bartram's America; selections from the writings of the Philadelphia naturalists. Edited with an introd. by Helen Gere Cruickshank30
Junior Worldmark encyclopedia of the Canadiain provinces, Statistical record of Asian Americans27
Library of Congress classification schedules. Class P, Philology & literature, subclasses PJ-PM, Languages and literatures of Asia, Africa, Oceania, America, mixed languages, artificial languages30
Library of Congress classification schedules. Class P, Philology & literature, subclass PQ, part 1, French literature24
Library of Congress classification schedules. Class P, Philology & literature, subclass PQ, part 1, French literature part 330
Library of Congress classification schedules combined with additions and changes through 1989 part 230
Library of Congress classification schedules combined with additions and changes through 1989 part 330
Library of Congress classification schedules combined with additions and changes through .... Class B, Philosophy, psychology, religion, subclass BX, Religion--Christian denominations26
Library of Congress classification schedules combined with additions and changes through .... Class P, Philology and literature, subclass PA, supplement Byzantine and modern Greek literature, medieval and modern Latin literature part 430
Literature criticism from 1400 to 1800, critical discussion of the works of fifteenth-, sixteenth-, seventeenth-, and eighteenth-century novelists, poets30
Major authors and illustrators for children and young adults, Darker side of love songbook22
Manufacturing USA industry analyses, statistics, and leading companies, The Siege of Faltara28
Market share reports for top ... life and fraternal insurance groups and companies by state21
Meyer's Directory of genealogical societies in the U. S. A. and Canada, Directory of genealogical societies in the U. S. A. and Canada26
Miss Beatrice Bombizzi's unique garden technique, Children's book review index30
Native Americans in paintings and sculptures in the United States Galleries of the Fine Arts Palace at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition part 330
New market tax credit application of Creative Investment Research, Inc, Understanding our environment30
Newsletters on the black experience, computer use, feminism, law, medicine, teaching21
Nineteenth-century literature criticism, criticism of the works of novelists, philosophers and other creative writers who died between 1800 and 1899, from the first published critical appraisals to current evaluations, topics30
Poetry for students, presenting analysis, context, and criticism of commonly studieds poetry30
Pre-menstrual syndrome stands for pretend to meditate before you strike, Algorithms for the design of automated guided vehicle systems30
Pre-nineteenth-century British book collectors and bibliographers, Nineteenth-century British book-collectors and bibliographers30
Proceedings of the ... triennial world congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control30
School-based management, shared decision-making, and school improvement in the School Renewal Project part 230
Short stories and tall tales featuring the Dino Knights Sir Chasmo30
Short stories by Kathryn Eike Dudding (1998-2003)30
Short story collection I, Market crash, crisis and jeopardy, Short story30
Some where back there (I must have been a real good boy), Thinkin' 'bout my poppa30
Staying out of trouble in a troubled family, Big cats in danger, Best books for children30
Student study guide and solutions manual to accompany Mathematics of business, The development of the military profession in Tokugawa Japan25
Student workbook to accompany Explorations in human anatomy and physiology CD-Rom Windows/Mac, [by] George B. Johnson30
SuperLCCS. Class D, subclasses DS-DX, History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc21
SUPERLCCS part 230
The alternative care experiences of those who wait on NYC subsidized childcare waiting lists30
The American renaissance in New England second series, The Romantic movement, Sixteenth-century French writers22
The Concept of the twelve in Luke-acts as a key to the Lukan .., American religions20
The Diaries of Thomas Otley Brown as a Civil War veteran, 1861-1862, as a citizen of Washington, Illinois, as a Arkansas pioneer, 1870-1871 part 330
The effect of corporate culture on injury and illness rates within the organization28
The Effects of one-parentness on student achievement, What do I read next?, Anatomy of wonder30
The Pender Peoples in The Fine-weathered friends of Jippendine, The Collective works of Tom Pendergast27
The use of mild temperature hyperthermia to increase tumor oxygenation and radiation response part 230
Twentieth-century American drawings from the Arkansas Arts Center Foundation collection29
Twentieth-century literary criticism, criticism of the works of novelists, peots, playwrights, short story writers, and other creative writers who lived between 1900 and 199930
UXL encyclopedia of native American tribes: vol. 4, Statistical record of women worldwide30
Women's rights: the struggle for equality in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries30
World literature, writing and proofreading transparencies30
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