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A Beautiful song (for a beautiful lady), You're all the woman I'll ever need, Soft lights and slow, sexy music25
Ain't it funny (how people love to cry) By W. Carson, C. Chalmers, B. Barnett & S. Rhodes part 230
Ain't that what we're lookin' for baby & 188 other titles, Cry to heaven, San Angelo & 48 other titles30
A Study of the nature and standards of law to evaluate religious rights to discriminate on the basis of sex30
Bang that beat & 25 other titles. Composed by Frederick B. Williams & co-composers as noted part 330
'Cause I love you & 1,445 other titles. (Part 006 of 008), You took too long to come around30
Don't bother comin' up, I'm comin' down, Looking for the perfect stranger, I still need you30
Don't want to see tomorrow. w & m Stephen Bowden, Joyce Chambers, Terri McFadden & Hal Davis30
Grande valse brillante. From Toys in the attic. m Frederic Chopin, arr. Marc Blitzstein30
He's my walkin' love. w & m Carmol Taylor, Norris Wilson & Mark Sherrill, I can feel a heartache comin' on30
I'd rather give it away to a stranger (than throw it away on you) By Becky Hobbs & Candy Parton30
I'll be right where you left me & 1 other title, Have you heard the latest blue, Blue Orleans27
I'm not a rock (I'm a rolling stone) By Mark Sherrill, John Wesley Ryles & Don Goodman30
I'm so tired. w & arr. Cheryl Renee Lynch, 1962-; arr. James M. Lee, 1962-; m & arr. Lester Jordan30
I never knew (what that song meant before) Did we have to come this far (to say goodbye) Artist: C. Smith part 230
It's hard to be the dreamer (when I used to be the dream) By Harold Jenkins a.k.a. Conway Twitty, Joe Chambers & Larry Jenkins30
It's my life I'm living28
It's not her leaving that's killing me (it's what she'll do while she's gone) Musical composition30
(Just on the chance that sometimes) God makes mistakes, A Winter's dream, London and Davis in New York30
Let me be your teddy bear & 12 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. G-78-224 filed 5Oct78 in U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas, Galveston Division) part 222
Love left over. w & m Bill Browning, arr. Island Music Publication Company, I'm takin' a heart break30
Me and my old crow (got a good thing going) w & m David Akeman (a.k.a. David Akemon, a.k.a. Stringbean) part 230
My father's business, Born again30
People, make up your minds, Let it be love, Like a woman should29
Radiation effects on organic materials. Edited by Robert O. Bolt & James G. Carroll, prepared under the auspices of the Division of Technical Information, United States Atomic Energy Commission30
Teacher efficacy and the use of specific instructional practices by seventh- and eight-grade science teachers in the United States25
Tell him no. By Dan Keen, Madeline Stone & David Chamberlain, Don't want to be lonely tonight30
Tell me that it's hurting you (like it's hurting me) w Basil Temchatin, m Larry W. Herbstritt30
The Last goodbye & 1 other title, Ballad of Charles Floyd30
They always look better when they're leavin' ; Do you feel the same way too? ; She broke her promise ... [et al.]30
We sure can love each other. w & m Billy Sherrill, Tammy Wynette, Friend, lover, wife30
You can lead a heart to love (but you can't make it fall) By Larry Jenkins, What used to be crazy29
Young boy, young girl. w & m Lee Dresser, arr. Dave Watkins, Ray Grismer, Fallin'30
You're the best ; He's got the whole world in His hands ; Marching... [et al.]30
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