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A First-Person account of the alternative hypnotherapy of depossession at the hands of Shakuntala Modi, MD part 227
Broken ; Whatever happened to you? ; There's no givin' up you, Up to my heart30
'Cause I love you & 1,445 other titles. (Part 006 of 008), Love will, Intimate strangers30
Fill my need, & 2 other songs. w Clifton E. King, 1956-; m John Moore, 1961, Since you came my way30
How am I gonna break it to my heart? Musical composition, This time my leavin's gone too far30
If you're thinking you want a stranger (there's one coming home), Hangin' on my heart30
Intimate stranger30
Intimate strangers: unseen life on Earth, Ronaye Shandler songbook, Be my baby tonight25
It took a lot of drinkin' (to get that woman over me), Sadly mistaken, The More I do30
I was formed to proclaim Your praise, You started the fire, You are Lord30
Let there be love & 8 other titles30
My baby drives a Buick. By Randy Scruggs & Mark Miller. (In Buick), The Southern Transfer Band30
Something's gotta give ; Believe ; Gotta go ... [et al.], I don't have to prove my love to you27
Songs by Bob Cohen and Brian Hurley, volume I, The Guys in the truck, Industrial suite28
Talk of the town. w Jimmy Heap & Houston Williams, m Cecil Harris part 330
Tell me what's so good about goodbye. By Allen M. Henson & Keith Palmer, A fool that can't let go30
The effects of the Interactive Metronome training on attention and cognitive abilities of children and adolescents30
The Love I never had. m Harry Noble, lyrics: Joseph Paliano, Hold me, thrill me, kiss me30
The New never wore off my old lady. By Dean Dillon, Frank Dycus & Blake Mevis, Another loving night30
The Rose is for today (my love is for always), Golden tears, Women have a feeling ('bout these things)30
You sure know your way around my heart & 2 other titles, I can't belong to you & 2 other titles30
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