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A collection of song lyrics written by Edward Barringer III part 230
A Critical and interpretive study of non-satirical elements in the form and title hero of .30
A man without love. w & m R. Livraghi, D. Pace & M. Panzeri, English w Barry Mason30
A Marketing proposal for healthcare and its new directions, Searching for someone23
An early Charlie Feathers promotional picture ; Meteor Studios, circa 1956, Collective of completed songs by Johnny Lewis Chastain, 198328
Apologies to Pearlie. m & arr. William Frederick Gibbons, w & m Frank Beard (Rube Beard), Bill Ham & Joe Michael Hill (Dusty Hill) part 230
Back door love affair & 39 other titles, Miller's farm, Salt lick30
Bad girl & 19 other titles, She loves my automobile, Manic mechanic30
Band stand stomp. By T. D. Ashburn & Terry Sivils, That's my trouble, We're closer to being far apart30
Big night at my house. w & m Durwood Haddock & Vaughn Brinson, Bluer than blue, That make love to me look (in your eyes)30
Bread from heaven ; His everlasting love ; Flow through my life ... [et al.], Things I'll never know. w & m R. E. Westmoreland27
Broken hearts aren't all that they're cracked up to be30
Collection of ten (10) Floyd Tillman compositions. By Gilley's Publishing Company, Inc. d.b.a. Points West Publishing Company, employer for hire of Floyd Tillman part 230
Copyright works of Orville Couch 5/19/00, His and hers, Just once in awhile28
Counselor-client matching by dogmatism levels as a variable in counselor effectiveness30
Crazy blues eyes bw late night kind of lonesome. SR 12-393 (1979), Crazy blues, Those places. w & m Curtis Ray Haskins29
Don Adams meets one roving reporter. By Don Adams, Get Smart, Heartaches deep in sorrow. w & m Don Adams28
Engineering Solutions, Inc., real-time video/menuing/analysis library, Midilab experiment system software & 4 other titles30
Everything you ever wanted to know about F-stops but were afraid to ask!, I ain't da one30
Every time I pass your door. Words & music: Link Davis & Bill Quinn, The collective works of Jack Kavanaugh30
Fifth collection of songs by Lloyd George Wallacy a.k.a. Cookie Willacy30
Fly me to my homeland waltz, And when polka, Wedding waltz30
Forever in my soul, and 1 other song, Wedding bands, Little Miss Dynamite28
Gimme all your lovin' & 2 other titles, Asleep in the desert, Heaven, hell or Houston30
Got to get it. By Mark Andrews, Al West. (In Unleash the dragon), Dew Missy, Teen men talkin'30
Honey blonde. w & m Monte Angell, Moving into my heart, Turning to ice29
Hot dog. Words & music: Buck Owens (Alvis E. Owens, Jr.) & Danny Dedmon, Hot dog. a.k.a. I love you do. a.k.a. Hot dog I love you do23
Howard Hausey, Kenny King works no. 6 through no. 9, Mildred, Honey, I got a feelin'26
I closed my eyes, and saw the light. w Ellen Reeves, m Del Reeves, Nothing to look forward to. w & m Cal Veale22
If drinkin' ain't the answer, Rainy day blues, W[h]iskey blind30
I just don't leave my memory everywhere, My father's voice, Antique in my closet30
I let you go with love, Brittany Ann, She's gone away28
I'm gonna burp my baby tonight. w & m Fern Edna Hall30
I've been known (to get it on) Written by Givens & Belew, Redhead, Sippin' on sin30
I've come a long way from goodbye, The Dead shall live again, Big, big heartaches30
Jerald J. Studdard: first collection; songs. By Jerald J. Studdard, Kenneth R. Walters & Anthony J. Walker part 230
Johnny the Fox, meet Jimmy the Weed. w & m Phil Lynott, Scott Gorham & Brian Downey part 230
Little heartbreaker ; Just a little bit ; Walk toward me ... [et al.]30
Looking at Parasaurolophus, a dinosaur from the Cretaceous period, UFOs, Children in the sky30
Lord, bless us with the blessing we need, Bobby's songs, West Virginia, & other songs30
Meet me on the other side of the gravestone, The lifter of my head, Steady our course28
My heart gets in the way, I always love my woman, Bottom of a bottle24
My mojo and my lodestone. w & m Louis Blackwell, New baby for Christmas, Brand new shoes. w & m Lester Blackwell30
No one's left standing, Strange secrets, Jumping off29
Pretty pictures so deceiving, & other songs, Mom & Daddy, Fast train going nowhere30
Scooby, main title (1984) By Joseph Barbera & William Hanna, Shackled, Selena30
Seven kinds of a fool. w & m Booth Kinner & R. Debush, How foolish can I be. w & m Booth Kinner23
Smiles. For guitar, chord organ and accordion. By Lee S. Roberts & J. Will Callahan, m arr. for voice and piano with chord symbols: Remick Music Corporation, employer for hire of Jimmy Carroll30
Spring ninety-eight hog lot, If you see Kaye, Early ninety two29
Stonewall Jackson; a.k.a. The Robert E. Lee. Musical arr. B. Ryan and H. Jones, Follow the fiddle. Musical arr. B. Ryan and H. Jones26
The Farmer's wife's Fiesta inventory & price guide, The Face of Eve, The Extra day30
The More I saw of her (the blinder I became), Close together as you and me, Don't let me wake up lonely30
The More I saw of her (the blinder I became), Never you, A Hard act to follow30
The Musical works of Chris Pfeiffer, Works, Musical works of Chris Pfeiffer28
The Prospector and other poems. By Nolie Mumey, Young Sioux squaw, The Wood hawk29
The Relationship of selected student characteristics and performance ratings in a pre-college .30
There's a friend that I know, & 2 other selections, Celtic tanz--a song for Bill and Dianne30
The Trader's and investor's guide to commodity trading systems, software, and databases30
They bought the house next door. w & m Georgie Riddle, Lonesome ole town, She's lonesome again30
Warum schweigt dein Mund? Music & English lyric: Ted Daffan, German lyric: Gustav Auerbach30
Well, you've got everybody 'round you crying, Wait until she's gone, I'ma fool30
What ever you've got your mind on, has got it's mind on you!, That's what I'm talking about28
What's to become of me? Words and music: Beverly Zanoline30
When a newborn baby is born (the world gets one more chance) By Doug McClure, Edwin Birdsong & Michelle Birdsong part 530
When the storm goes thru the desert, Where love has gone, I saw your face30
Who knows better than me? By Frank Reardon, Ernest G. Schweikert, A Brand new ball game30
Why don't you get out (so I can miss you when you're gone)?, Debbie's dream of Taddy29
Will you wait for me? By Susan M. Grubbs & Lorraine Forsyth, Your love knows no end28
With half a heart. w & m Leon Payne, The Selfishness in man, Mitzie McGraw30
Your ballad (vocal version) By S. Karlsson & G. Houck, Walk through this world with me24
Your love is superficial, Cotton, Proof to the night26
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