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3 women, African, 60s-70s woman, future woman, Ex-factor, Emmett21
A biomechanical comparison of an intramedullary nail and a fixed angle screw side plate for distal femur fractures part 330
Abnormal psychology [by] Thomas F. Oltmanns, Robert E. Emery ; study guide with practice tests27
Abnormal psychology in a changing world, fourth edition [by] Jeffrey S. Nevid, Spencer A. Rathus, Beverly Greene part 330
Adenylate cyclase-mediated regulation of nuclear transcription factors and opioid gene expression in rat striatum30
Advanced applications of curriculum-based measurement, Reading and the plans of secondary teachers30
Advanced educational psychology for educators, researchers, and policymakers, City line30
A longitudinal cross sectional comparison of the relationship between phonemic knowledge, prior knowledge, content knowledge, domain knowledge, discourse knowledge, and strategic . part 230
Alternative explanations for organizational action, Bruno helps out, Bruno is sorry30
Ambivalence toward the spouse as related to the grief of widows in the second year of bereavement30
An annotated bibliography of contemporary Scottish choral music (1986-1995) and analyses of selected works30
A new approach to easements, covenants and servitudes, a programmed learning text on private land use controls part 230
An investigation of the psychometric properties and factor structure of th attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms rating scale for children and adolescents30
Architects', contractors', and subcontractors' responsibility pursuant to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 198625
Aspects of the economics and social history of the Jews in Babylonia with emphasis on .30
A study of the attitudes of building-level school library media specialists in New York State toward multitype library networking and technology30
A Study of the Occupational Development and Placement Center .., Next level, Hail there, sweetone30
Changes in parental sense of competence and attitudes in low-income Head Start parents as a result of participation in a parent education workshop part 230
Characteristics that discriminate achieving from underachieving gifted African-American students in their freshman year in an historically black university part 229
Characterization and improvement of subjective questionnaire-based software maintainability evaluation methods30
Child and adolescent development, second edition, [by] Seifert/Hoffnung, Voices--an interview resource25
Children of alcoholics in a population of undergraduate nursing students .., Alcoholic family disorders27
Children's comprehension problems in oral and written language, AIDS education and prevention30
Cognitive behavior modification and the treatment of impulse disorders of children and adults part 230
Communicated sympathy and anger as determinants of .., Crossfires of change, The Fisk Jubilee Singers and the concert spiritual30
Computers, automation, and cybernetics at the Hagley Museum and Library, Purgatory30
Conducting effective conferences with parents of children with disabilities, "Vere istorie" and "belle istorie"30
Constitutive laws for engineering materials with emphasis on geologic materials, Interpersonal practice in social work30
Curriculum and assessment for students with moderate and severe disabilities, Conditional analyses of personality coherence and dispositions30
Curriculum and assessment for students with moderate and severe disabilities, Dissensus and social choice30
Curriculum and assessment for students with moderate and severe disabilities, The infertility survival guide30
Developmental, emotional and social considerations with learning disabilities and interventions for children ages 3-1027
Disney Mickey's birthday surprise, Winter blues, Burn no candles27
Dissociation of declarative and nondeclarative memory systems in Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and ischaemic vascular dementia30
Effects of community service participation by selected adult male offenders on their .30
Emotions part 730
Enhanced psychophysiological response of type A coronary .., Pocket guide to FORTH30
Ergodic theory; proceedings of an international symposium held at Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, October 1961. Editor: Fred B. Wright30
Everything you've always wanted to ask about English verbs * but were afraid to ask25
Exercise as a coping resource in reducing anxiety and mediating .., Street tree plan for Oakland30
Exploration of links between cognitive and affective growth in students studying a hard pure discipline part 229
Family resource management materials for Illinois extension home economists30
Fifthteen [sic] stories for that bad nappy-headed teenager of yours, Methods in clinical psychology30
Generation to generation of the Strale family, USA, 1850 to 199428
Getting through the difficult times is part of what love is all about30
High school students and the college selection process, Love, music, death, hell: the game30
High score--reading and study strategies for college, Teaching language arts, Excellence in education30
Howard and Andrew's two songs--Arazona, Why do fools fall in love?, The PREP approach30
How can you be in love (without me) By Naomi Martin & Lisa Daniel, Normal family27
How human resources managers and supervisors value the change that skills assessment testing is making in hiring and training practices in the workplace30
How to overcome loss, grief, trauma, or PTSD in 30 minutes or less, The year of the tiger30
Improving outcomes and preventing relapse in cognitive-behavioral therapy, Social cognition30
Insider's guide to graduate programs in clinical and counseling psychology, Client violence in social work practice30
Insider's guide to graduate programs in clinical and counseling psychology, CNS, Child assessment news30
Insider's guide to graduate programs in clinical and counseling psychology, Essential psychotherapies30
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Introduction to personality, sixth edition [by] Walter Mischel28
Instructor's testing manual to accompany College algebra and trigonometry, third edition, and Precalculus, third edition [by] Margaret L. Lial, John Hornsby, David I. Schneider part 528
International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, [Saint Marks Lighthouse, a different view]30
Journal of consulting psychology. Vol. 27, no. 1, Feb. 1963, Consulting psychology journal30
Journal of experimental psychology. Human perception and performance, School psychology quarterly30
Learning to read in an intervention program and the classroom reading group part 230
Life is a meatloaf sandwich. By Educational Publishing Concepts, Inc, SRA classroom management system30
Living when a young friend commits suicide or even starts talking about it, Caring for your aged parents30
Mapping of distinct substrate binding and oligomerization domains within HSP70, Homegrown30
Mindfulness based cognitive therapy for children adapted for a school based curriculum29
Mom, can you take back the baby and get us a puppy instead?, Eating disorder inventory-2 professional manual30
Neuropsychological assessment of the effect of transdermal clonidine in tourette's syndrome in a double blind AB crossover study27
Parallelization for MIMD multiprocessors with applications to linear .., Option embedded bonds30
Parental facilitation of children's involvement in preparation for elective .., Older persons and the impact of change26
Perception and psychological effects of falling of elderly people living in the community part 230
Persuasive communication strategies concerning safety instructional .26
Piagetian classification ability and performance on certain reading comprehension test items, a .30
Postpartum depression screening with the Edinburgh postnatal depression scale and the postpartum depression checklist25
Principles and practice of structural equation modeling, Introduction to addictive behaviors30
Protestant and Catholic; religious and social interaction in an industrial community. By Kenneth W. Underwood30
Psychiatric and developmental disorders in children with communication disorder, Hyperactive children grown up30
Psychological evaluation of human figure drawings by middle school pupils, Hypnosis and hypnotherapy with children30
Psychosocial treatments for child and adolescent disorders, Adaytum software analyst 2.228
Psychotherapeutic treatment for female juvenile offenders suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder30
Range & transposition guide to 250 musical instruments. By Robert G. Bornstein, The dependent personality30
Reading comprehension strategies of gifted Anglo and Hispanic bilingual female high school students enrolled in an advanced placement Spanish literature class30
Reading instruction: diagnostic teaching in the classroom, third edition, instructor's manual to accompany30
Recategorization of W I S C--R subtests based on dichotic listening and .., Music, & 2 other songs30
Robert DeCotte and the perfection of architecture in eighteenth-century France, Contemporary rhetorical theory30
Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City laboratory handbook, The InfoTective, An Oceanographic time capsule30
Self-hypnosis as a process to teach children regulation of cardiovascular function30
Self-regulated learning strategies and self-efficacy beliefs of children learning English as a second language29
She was 20 years old and was making $2,500 a week. I was 31 and bringing home $275. Boy was I jealous! part 228
Skills training manual for diagnosing and treating chronic depression, Towards a labor geography30
Skills training manual for treating borderline personality disorder, Secrets in families and family therapy30
Skills training manual for treating borderline personality disorder, The New dawn30
Stereotypes of Arab and Arab-Americans presented in Hollywood movies released during 1994 to 200030
Straight talk three--job analysis and job description made simple part 230
Teachers' perceptions and practices regarding infusion of multicultural education in instruction26
Technological integration and fragmented labor market structures, Families in global and multicultural perspective28
The adolescent's experience of not-doing-what-one's-parents-want: an empirical phenomenological investigation of defining oneself through not complying30
The creation of motivation and understanding and the influence of gender in the treatment of abusive partnerships30
The development and validation of a computer delivered diagnostic test of addition and subtraction of fractions for remedial college students27
The effectiveness of computer-assisted instruction in language intervention, Family-focused care of childhood chronic illness30
The Effect of the growth of facial hair on protection factors for one model of closed circuit pressure demand self-contained breathing apparatus25
The Effects of specific and nonspecific treatment factors in role .., Same old game30
The Federal administrative agencies; the need for better definition of standards. By Henry Jacob Friendly30
The greening of interreligious dialogue between Christianity and Buddhism for flourishing of the oppressed others30
The Impact of corporate real estate unit formation on the .., I wanna be her man30
The influence of computers and the influence of experts in teachers' decision making using psychological report data30
The journal of mental health administration, Journal of biological rhythms, Family and conciliation courts review23
The lasting effects of the reading recovery program on the reading achievement on at risk youth29
The life and times of Mary Ethel Duke West as told to her grandaughter when she was eighty three years old in September, 195330
The love affair of Mr. Ding and Mrs. Dong, Krustnkrum!, If Sophie26
The natural history of the Texas horned lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum) in Colorado with notes on clinal variation throughout its range part 230
The personality disorders through the lens of attachment theory and the neurobiologic development of the self25
The Probable contribution of changing work/sleep schedules in the crash of Western Airlines flight 2605, Mexico City, October 31, 1979 part 230
The relationship between elementary school teachers' understanding of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder and teaching stress30
The secrets car salesmen don't want you to know--from a former car saleswoman's perspective part 230
The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project--Transition mathematics, The Write connection30
The Youth Leadership Development Institute program manual, Tomorrow Knights, Mastering longevity through wellness30
Three strikes and you're out! ... a promise to Kimber, Don't say27
Toys, games and fun in American history, Making maps, Giant diggers30
Transparency, ambiguity, and opacity as a conceptual framework .., Luna capri, & 1 other selection30
Using historical fiction to explore the integration of United States history and language arts in the eighth grade30
[Visualizations of Oriole Park at Camden Yards (one central illustration with six inserts) from field]27
Whirlly-eyed whee & other Ozark tales (fiction), In the presence of mine enemies30
Who knows better? By Buck Ram, Indifferent, Indifferent ways28
Workbook for Basic chemistry, fourth edition [by] William S. Seese, Guido H. Daub part 230
Working with Excelerator version 1.9 to accompany Systems analysis and design, second edition [by] Kenneth E. Kendall, Julie E. Kendall30
World and life, as viewed from the biblical theme of creation, fall and redemption part 230
You've got to be kidding, I thought this was the Great Tribulation!, Heart of compassion29
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