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Ainslie's jockey book: the relationship of jockeys to the winning and losing of horse races. By Tom Ainslie, pseud. of Richard Carter30
Air, musette et passe pied; extraits de symphonies pour les soupers du roi. Pour flute, violon ou hautbois et basse continue. m Michel Richard DeLaLande, revision et realisation d'apres basse chiffree ancienne et transcription en notation moderne: Laurence Boulay27
A place to be & 15 other titles, Rollin' sevens, Not an easy choice30
A study and evaluation for a time-limited, school-based, re-entry group for high school students who have attempted suicide, been referred for treatment and are now returning to school30
Basic facts of child psychology. By Crowell-Collier Publishing Company, employer for hire of Fred Couey, John E. Flaherty (general editor) & Joyce D. Portnoy (editorial consultant)30
Beauty and the beast & 60 other titles; motion pictures, literary materials & screenplays30
Bucks County, [Pa.], metropolitan area, physicians' telephone directory, 199130
Collection of dance photographs by Thomas Bouchard, black and white stills, part of my total work30
Contact part 330
Dedications to Mstislav Rostropovich and Siegfried Palm, Hello, heaven, Dedications30
Democracy--equality or privilege?; motion picture. By Turnley Walker d.b.a. TW Productions28
Dreams of a midnight man, Honkytonk man, The Honkytonk man22
Eternally. w & m Gary Green, Johnny Funches & Michael McGill, Junior, Darling I know25
Family affair frame tray puzzle, Roll of the dice, For a song30
Full year zodiac for ... and character analysis. [8,] Scorpio, Horoscope. Vol. 24, no. 7, July 195830
Full year zodiac for ... and character analysis. [9,] Sagittarius, Simon and Schuster crostics30
Goin' back to Granny's. m The Viceroys (James Valley, Fred Zeufeldt, Michael Rogers, Duane Potter, Al Berry, Jan Fuller)30
Golf's greatest moments--"100 years of American golf.", A Golfing "glory of their times"27
Health care risk management: organization and claims administration instructor's & solutions manual part 230
How Fort Worth became the Texasmost city. By Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, employer for hire of Leonard Sanders (text) & Ronnie C. Tyler (captions)30
How to get what you want out of life. By J. Mel Hickerson, George V. Allen, George T. Baker & others30
How to multiply your baby's auditory intelligence, between birth and six, [How to multiply your baby's intelligence]30
How to raise a conservative child in a sexually permissive world, Life is uncertain, eat dessert first!26
I ain't gonna take you back. w & m Robert Jackson & Barbara Spotwood, Scream for the light30
Information please almanac, 1974 & 174 other titles30
Information please almanac, atlas and yearbook, 198130
Johnson and Boswell: the story of their lives. By Hesketh Pearson (Edward Hesketh Gibbons Pearson) part 230
Land of gold, land of war, Island of ghosts, The Hawk of May27
Leadership education, ecclesiology, and denominational structure in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1920-194830
Linear operators. Vol. 7, pt. 3: spectral operators pure and applied mathematics, a series of texts and monographs. By John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Nelson Dunford & Jacob T. Schwartz28
Looking for work (from The Terminal) PA 1-248-663 (2004), Driving down the road28
L. Ron Hubbard presents writers of the future, Return to Quag Keep, Beast master's quest30
Make the most out of Web pages themes using FrontPage 2000 SM27
Malayan trilogy: Time for a tiger, The Enemy in the blanket, Beds in the East. Compilation: Anthony Burgess30
Managing change at work: leading people through organizational transitions29
No titles given for all musical compositions written and/or acquired by Jeff Turzo & David Reilly, both individually and d.b.a. World Seed Music30
Our language and our world. Selections from Etc.: a review of general semantics, 1953-1958. Edited by Samuel Ichiye Hayakawa, ill. by William H. Schneider28
Person unknown; a play in two acts. By Stanley Clayton, David Butler & Olive Chase30
Picture book storytelling: literature activities for young children30
Popular ethics in Ancient Greece. By Lionel Pearson, On the street, The Store30
Process-structure-property relationshps in recrystallizing CAO-B (2)O(3)SIO(2), Rehab pro29
Productivity through people. By Nathan/Tyler Productions. (In search of excellence: management action program, no. 3)30
Queenie part 228
Roses in December. By Frances Parkinson Keyes30
Sang and dance. w & m James Alexander, Willie Hall, Roy R. Cunningham, Ronnie Gorden, Ben Cauley, William Toles, Harvey Henderson & East/Memphis Music Corporation, employer for hire of David Porter30
Sign: on this site will be erected a 32-story luxury apartment building after the demise of the old lady, and other contributions. By Charles Addams30
Small computers, a practical guide for businessmen, professionals and managers, The Law school applicant's survival kit30
Songs for seventy-nine, eighty. By Stephen J. Meyers, Dangerous man, The Jacoby & Meyers do-it-yourself law book30
Spain and Morocco (plus the Canary Islands) on $15 a day, Australia on $15 a day & 43 other titles; books30
Stand up and fight like a man (cheerio) w Earl Shuman, m Roy Straigis, arr. Famous-Chappell, Ltd., employer for hire of Chris Langdon30
Stories grandparents tell about their grandchildren, Who killed the Robins family?30
Teacher's guide to the Open Court mathematics program (grade 1) 1974-1975 field test ed., part 1 part 430
Thanksgiving and Forefather's Day. 4th movement of a symphony (New England holiday) By Charles E. Ives part 230
The Beginner's own book; folk songs carefully graded for ear-training, sight singing, harmonization & transposition. Additional verses by Mary White Slater & Elizabeth Newman, prefatory material, revision & additional songs & verses Elizabeth Newman30
The Bombard story. French ed.: Alain Bombard, English language translation: Simon & Schuster, employer for hire of Brian Connell30
The Bureaucrat, put him on a stack of papers and he will just sit on them25
The City of God. By Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, translated by Gerald G. Walsh, Demetrius B. Zema, Grace Monahan & Daniel J. Honan, foreword by Etienne Gilson, abridgment, introd., and summaries by Vernon J. Bourke29
The Clumsy custard horror show and ice cream clone review, Combined works of White August, II30
The Doing everything in my power to keep my dream alive collection, Touch dancing30
The Field guide to wildlife habitats of the western United States, The best of Bugialli30
The Imperialism reader; documents and readings on modern expansionism. By Louis L. Snyder30
The Magic of balanced living; a man's key to health, well-being, and peace of mind. By John William Tebbel, introd.: Alvin C. Drummond30
The Magic of life. Words by Dave Goldman, Danny Winchell & Marvin Worth, music by Sholom Secunda30
Theme from New York, New York. From the United Artists motion picture, New York, New York. By United Artists Corporation, employer for hire of John Kander & Fred Ebb30
[The New England prep school, and other contributions] By Stephen Birmingham, The Bouviers25
The seven potholes of marriage and other contributions, Making it big on small, Big is beautiful29
The Storyteller's voice in Frank O'Connor's short stories and their revisions, The Second chance27
The Sugarland Express & 7 other titles composed for photoplays, The Fatal obsession of Dian Fossey30
The Two of us & 1 other title30
The Writer's guide to word processing, The Vision, 109530
Untitled (anti-breast cancer diet book) By Sherwood L. Gorbach, David R. Zimmerman & Margo N. Woods30
Untitled work based on the television series All my children part 230
We're more than conquerors, according to His word, Minor character, He lives again25
What you read here may save your life: cancer of the mouth and throat; article. By Philip Wylie part 330
When women look at men; anthology. Editors: John A. Kouwenhoven and Janice Farrar Thaddeus29
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