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HBO Independent Productions, Inc. documents
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1967 supplement to cases and materials on evidence. By John M. Maguire, Jack B. Weinstein, James H. Chadbourne & John H. Mansfield30
Aerodynamics for V/STOL flight. By Barnes W. McCormick, Jr, Heavy metal kids, The Rock and roll hall of fame30
Almighty Father; chorale from Mass. m Leonard Bernstein, w Stephen Schwartz, arr. Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Schwartz, employers for hire of Donald Hunsberger part 230
America's all-star tribute to Oprah Winfrey, The Country girl, Grown ups30
Christmas at Candleshoe. By Michael Innes, pseud. of John Innes MacIntosh Stewart30
Everybody loves Raymond30
Everybody loves Raymond (main & end credits) By Rick Marota & Terry Trotter30
Gooney's Goofy landings; motion picture. By Universal Pictures, American me, Game day30
Isaacs & Levine broadcast network project, Becker, Wings30
Last kiss good-bye ; Free ; Empty dreams ... [et al.], Put our love together, Time is in my hands and on my side30
Le Printemps commence. French & Spanish words: Jacques Morlaine, pseud. of Jacques Francois, Spanish & French words & music: Ruddy Castell, pseud. of Armando Castellanos, music: Theo Trianda, pseud. of Theophraste Trianda Fyllides part 230
Library research in Spanish, French, and German literature, Pink collar, Prayer on the wind30
Lord Butterscotch and the curse of the Darkwater Phantom, Spinning into butter, Altex One, a tale of inner space28
Madison miracle & 2 other titles, Little Miss Lover, I wanna marry a virgin27
My blue puzzle book. No. 12. By Fredonia Shelton Greenlee & Lottie Tate Dietrick30
National Lampoon's Holiday family reunion, Nothing is easy, Louis C.K. project30
Portraits of a real Buffalo Soldier--Trooper Mark Mathews, The lost gateways, Salvation in Christ through Mary22
Principles of metal casting. By Richard W. Heine & Philip C. Rosenthal, Down the shore30
Proto-treatment for Diary of a drug fiend, Longing town, A mirror in the heart30
Southern Maiden Singers--Navajo skip dance & two-step songs, A sense of direction30
Static and dynamic critical behavior of two-dimensional antiferromagnets, Black Water Junction--first works23
Synthesis of nitric oxide and n-nitrosamines in macrophages activated by helicobacter pylori30
Telethon. Services by Jonathan Schmock, employee of Fabuluxe Industries, Inc., as a work-made-for-hire for HBO Independent Productions, Inc part 330
Telethon. Services by Jonathan Schmock, employee of Fabuluxe Industries, Inc., as a work-made-for-hire for HBO Independent Productions, Inc part 424
The Funky metal rap. w & m Robert Lee Bradley, Jr. (Killer Rob, pseud.); w Reginald Rivers (Rappin' Reg, pseud.) & David K. Stern (Funk Master D, pseud.)30
The Rodgers and Hart songbook. Performed by Ella Fitzgerald; sound recording by Polydor, Inc30
The Sheffield family of Virginia and Arkansas, The Morgan, The Simpson23
Trout Unlimited's Guide to America's 100 best trout streams, Waiting for love, Shadows against the sky30
Why must I be a crustacean in love?, Neighbor, Eric Kaplan project28
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