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A change of heart ; The call ; Fix it ; Carnal appetite ... [et al.], Who'll pray for me?30
Aftermath. From Quo vadis. Music: Miklos Rozsa, A long way home, Reception band26
An unexpected pleasure, Bonds of love, The Rainbow season30
Bed of lies (cues) Composed by David Shire, Bed of lies, Before we say goodnight30
Blue yodel (T for Texas) By Jimmie Rodgers, Bonnie and Clyde, (I heard that) lonesome whistle30
Brewster Place, [episode ti.], County general, Killing in a small town, The broken record30
B. Smith with style30
B. Smith with style, episode no. 1030
B. Smith with style: episode no. 712 (cues)30
B. Smith with style: episode no. 712 (cues) part 230
B. Smith with style: episode no. 712 (cues) part 330
B. Smith with style part 230
Chemistry ; The last time I saw Timmy Boggs, Where the truth lies, Daytona blues26
Crossing the line: Tienanman Square30
Dancing in the dark. For Hammond organ (spinet & pre-set models) m Arthur Schwartz, w Howard Dietz, arr. for Hammond organ: Harms, Inc., employer for hire of Mark Laub30
Deadly betrayal. By Universal City Studios, Inc, For the family honor, Highway to murder30
Dream and reap riches (through oneiromancy-the art of making dreams come true), [Hochstein Music School musicianship curriculum30
Dying to be perfect, Different, Beast27
Ed McBain's 87th precinct: heat wave, Empty hours, Step forward30
Eppie & Popo: the Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren project, Getting up and going home30
Fifteen and pregnant: a nice girl's story, Death pays the sitter, The care and handling of roses30
Getting everything out in the open after our spat, was a great idea, For your birthday I've knitted a sweater that's made just for you27
Grace Kelly. By Official Films, Inc, Grace Kelly, Bluffer28
Grown-up children, grown-up parents, Down will come baby, Nightshade24
How to raise kids without going broke, Jackie's back, Lance Burton, master magician23
I went to a party ; Grandpappy's old jalopy, Creatures in the sky, Hidden tears20
Jealous heart ; A Gamble either way ; Appalachian memories ... [et al.], The star spangled banner30
Kidnapped part 330
Maid for each other. (The odd couple) LP50938, New memories, Exclusive30
Mother's day; a comedy in one act. By J. B. Priestley30
Mother's Day composition; motion picture. By Revue Productions, Inc part 430
My angel (Mama's song) Co-author: Ricky Don Gore & Jackie Lee Hammond, Bed of lies30
Parade of fools, & 1 other song, All she ever wanted, A Speakage of tongues I30
Phantom 2040: generation unto generation--part 1. PA 777-116 (1995)30
Phantom 2040: generation unto generation--part 1. PA 777-116 (1995) part 230
P.O.W.--Americans in enemy hands, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, Sex, Korean War--the untold story28
Q/a Larco production ; written, produced, and directed by Larry Cohen, Fever of the hunt30
Rings, kings, and butterflies, lessons on Christian symbols for children with CD-ROM20
Steve Johnson originals songs and music 2000-2003, Buried inside extra, Misplaced30
Stranger in paradise. From the musical play Kismet. Words & music: Robert Wright & George Forrest30
The bravest fireman plaque mount, The bravest30
The Doctor, the Nobel Prize, and the Russians, Absence of God, The Kapok doktor30
The good fight. Add. ti.: Down home. PA 576-999, You've got a cold heart, Kitchen works30
The legend of Prince Valiant30
The Man who could talk to kids, Stranger in the family, Lucky day26
The Newcomers guide to living in the U. S. A. & 1 other title, Missing parents, A degree in deception30
The X-files unrestricted access, The X-files, Nick Fury30
Veronica Clare: affairs with death, The Black savannah, Cablevision30
Verso negro: black verse poetry of the Spanish Caribbean, Renata of Wilbur Falls30
Wake me when the band starts playing, Rivals, Nancy25
What happened? I thought you were my friend30
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