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A father who comforts me & 1 other title, Little bit you, little bit me, All my riches & 7 other titles26
All I ever wanted & 9 other titles, sound recordings & miscellaneous collateral part 329
All I ever wanted was you ; Before you're home30
At your feet ; Just wait ; Get behind me ... [et al.], Stardust waltz, Woman versus man30
Blessing, glory, and honor & 100 other titles, Simple house, The Potter's house30
Break the silence ; Ease my mind ; Love come shining ... [et al.]30
Can you imagine? ; Change your world ; Places he's been ... [et al.]30
Cherry poppers (or something less offensive), Dead man, Lost28
Close enough to perfect. By Chip Peay Music, Accredit Music & Raindance Music, employers for hire30
Come unto Me. By Dora Lee Langdon & George B. Jones30
Danny Lynn (higher to the top), Songs of Dwayne B. Phillips, Gloria28
For the love of you (part 1) By Isley Brothers & Chris Jasper30
From love to love ; I can never get enough ; The only hope ; So much more to come part 330
God is so good ; It is well with my soul/Wherever He leads I'll go ; The gift of love ; Holy, holy, holy30
I don't want to be a freak (but I can't help myself) PA 80-428 (1980)30
I should've kissed him & 3 other titles, For good, Miss you more30
Jesus, I love you, & 2 other selections30
Just Woody music with lyrics, Just Woody, The Kindling30
Keep in mind ; This I know ; I wouldn't know ; Soul tattoo, Ain't got the strength27
King of hearts, & 1 other piece, One on one30
Life ain't easy (collection), Honesty30
Little electric chair ; Skull ring ; Loser ; Dead rock star, Naughty little doggy30
Love is the only power ; When Glory stands revealed ; Unto you Lord ... [et al.]30
Magnetic cooling. By Charles Geoffrey Blythe Garrett, Cave it in, Shadow25
Mary Jane Brown's second collection, Find me, Songs by M. Janice Brown30
My heart has a mind of it's own & 4 other titles, If it wasn't for the grace of God30
Noah and his sons building the ark; painting. By the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention d.b.a. Broadman Press30
Nothing in the world (could make me love) By Brook Benton, Clyde Otis & Belford Hendricks29
O come, O come, Emmanuel ; Rise up, shepherd, and follow ; For unto us30
Perfect peace (Keeper of my soul)30
Psalm 62 (my soul waits in silence) By Larry Bryant, All the roses & 100 other titles30
Salesman. w & m Craig Smith, arr. Screen Gems-Columbia Music, Inc. employer for hire of Larry Stanton30
She's a lady (right or wrong) & 46 other titles, Sky is fallin', Kid no more28
Sometimes nothing (feeling better), Hands in the air, Kitchen in the cake29
Sparrow--Now playing, you, in concert with, Bullfrogs & butterflies, Follow the Leader30
Stay close to me, & 6 other selections30
Stay true & 3 other titles, No sad goodbyes, She can't say no30
Take me away. By Thomas Goodlunas, Jim Abegg & Mary Neely30
Talk about love & 1 other title part 230
Thank you, God, for my choir ; I like to go to church ; I like to sing of Christmas ... [et al.]30
The company insider: McKinsey & Co., Mercer Management Consulting, Gemini Consulting, Bain & Co., AT Kearney, Intel Corp part 230
The first noel ; God rest ye merry gentlemen ; Twelve days of Christmas ... [et al]30
The Joy of the Lord is your strength, Most gracious Lord, But as for me30
Too many miles behind me ; I'm a hard workin' man ; I know you didn't love me ... [et al.]29
Until we meet again. w & m Tim Miner, 1964-, Angie Alan Ebensberger, 1965- (Angie Alan) part 330
Where to live for your health, Rivers, Plants we know30
Who am I? part 530
You can't take it with you ; Until death do them part ; I can't believe we were married ... [et al.]30
(You do that) triangle & 3 other titles, A Million years, Wounds of a young heart30
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