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98.8 WACJ-guitar intro ; 98.8 WACJ-trumpet break ; 98.8 WACJ-sax break ; 98.8 WACJ-guitar outro30
A camel is actually a carmel without the R, Can't get through, Queen30
A Christ's Mass lullaby, Just you, It happens every time29
Allegretto sombreoso. For flute, English horn (or trumpet, basset horn) 3 violins, and piano. m Charles Edward Ives30
At the end of the day & 39 other titles30
A Visit to a doctor & 33 other titles, The Light dies down on Broadway, The Lamb lies on Broadway29
Back to back and a belly to belly30
Big life collection, Colours, The Perpetraitors30
Carry me away & 11 other titles30
Doesn't anybody love like that anymore? Co-writer, Arnold Michael Roman30
I ain't gonna take your lyin'--lyin' down, For all we know, The love in this moment28
I wish it would rain down, I remember (me & you), Love begin30
Kingdom of the hollow, the story of the Hatfields & McCoy's, It's in your eyes, Hour of love30
Leaving for the front ; The bullet ; The drive with Domenico ... [et al.], Memphis Belle end title suite Composed by George Fenton26
Long, long walk. w & m Johnny Ramistella, Mystery queen, Behind the front line30
Love in the mountains, Big man, Stay off the bottom27
Lucky star. Words & music: Johnny Parker, music: Vic Harrington, Your baby, Candy, please30
Memory Lane (just became a long and winding road) By Johnson, Johnson, Make it tonight30
Must go away ; I'll always stay ; Paddy's call, I wanna do you, Are you tricky?29
Nursing care of suicidal/potentially suicidal patient in the non-psychiatric setting30
Only baby ; Housekeeping ; Sweetheart raw ... [et al.], Linton Samuel Dawson, Nine cats30
Sailor's song and hornpipe. m J. Louis Merkur, Star warriors, The meandering gander28
Saturday night and Sunday morning, Tarzan the musical, And so to F30
Seeing is believing. By Michael Williams, Darryl Carter & Fred Briggs30
Since I lost you (I been tryin' to lose my memory), One time, It was never meant to be26
Still it takes me by surprise, That night, Queen of darkness26
Stumbling block. Words & music: Lucille Dupree, Hymn to Pan, Seven keys to the gate28
Sunshine sex drive ; Comfort me ; We live a life ... [et al.], I'm too sexy, No-one on earth24
Telling secrets. w & m George Merrill & Shannon Rubicam, Love will lead me, Boy on my mind30
That's a friend & 1 other title, Ken Kaganovitch collection no. 1, Close to the sky27
That's just the way it is. By Matt Noble & Harriet Robinson, A Working man, She'd make the Devil go to God for help30
The Highlands County, FL phone book June 2004 telephone directory. TX 5-754-713 (2003) et al30
The Love I choose to take, Tables have turned, She's being naughty28
The Sage is under my feet, The flow, Giving30
The Strangest thing (it's called love), Don't break away, Are we playing with fire?29
The third collection of songs by Elliott Thomas & Rob Cariddi, Dear friend, Dear friend. w & m P. Cody, R. Levine28
This night wounds time, Father to son, Rest[l]ess spirit30
This time I've finally found love, & 1 other song, Something happened, Small trucker's songbook29
Walkin' naked thru a bluebell field, Runaway, Rhythm is love25
Way of the world ; Take care of my heart ; Daydream come true ; Freedom, Place your bet29
Wish you wouldn't be, and 1 other song, Keeper of the faith, All night through25
Work station operator instruction, advanced manufacturing application exercises, IBM system/38 manufacturing accounting and production information control system, version 2 (MAPICS II) Vol. 430
Y quien? w & m M. Salina, pseud. of Manuel G. Salinger Ehrenfried, Lo Imposible de este amor26
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