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'47 Martin & 6458 other titles (part 032 of 035), Race of life, Something I can dream on & 200 other titles30
7 holes & 7 other titles, Did I just say that?, Let's try goodbye30
After the rain. w Victor Sanchez, 1964- (a.k.a. Victor Ferrari); m Roger Anthony Whiting, 1967- (a.k.a. Roger Anthony)30
Ain't in the mood to talk & 35 other titles, I've seen better days, Whole lotta life30
A Million light beers away. By Don Pfrimmer, Dean Dillon & Gary Harrison, Back in the fire30
A wanna be & 68 other titles; songs. Composed by Jeremy Stover, with co-composers as noted30
Backwood travelin' ; Gypsy lullaby ; Hello from Venus ... [et al.], Mike songs, Time spirit30
Can you feel it? By John Bettis, Troy Seals, Danny Seals30
Circuits maximus ; Circuits maximus (finale), Run that by me again, Painting by the numbers30
Collection of works by Marsha Renee Parks, Man of the hour30
Daddy had a cardiac and Mama's got a Cadillac, Love gone good, The easy part30
Don't be afraid to fall in love. By Irving Music, Inc., employer for hire of Emanuel Officer, & Lascelles Stephens & Deborah Cox part 230
Everyday part 1030
Every hearts gotta hurt sometime & 14 other titles, If we were lovers, After the dream & 85 other titles30
Forty reasons. m Charles August Wackerman & Carl Verheyen, 1954, You came along30
Give that up & 11 other titles. Composed by Tommy Karlas & co-composers as noted30
Gonna be a rock star, Real time, I need a new lover27
I don't wanna be there (when you break my heart) By Peter McCann & Marc Beeson part 630
If you're ready (come go with me) By Homer Banks, Raymond Jackson & Carl Hampton24
It's not the wrapping, it's the candy. By Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Regency Television Productions, Inc. & CBS Broadcasting, Inc. (The education of Max Bickford) part 230
Joy in motion-movement, San Diego30
Mary J. Satterfield's collection I, When I get there30
Nothing changes the world the way Christmas does, Freedom in secret places, Magic potion30
Pillow talk. Co-composer, Clarence H. H. Blaylock, Pillow talk30
Pray for me Momma (I'm a gypsy now), Pray for me, STD28
Pretty the world ; Fall to pieces ; Princess ; Bent, Let's get this over with, One little bitty vice30
Someone else's bubblegum is sticking to my shoes, Pray to the night, Time by time30
That's just my baby daddy (rollin' on dubbs), Walk along the beaches, Baby30
The family Bible and the Farmers' Almanac, It's good to be king, Romantic in theory30
The impossible. By Kelly Lovelace, Lee Thomas Miller, Leave it beautiful, Around here, & 2 other selections30
The songs of Wayne P. Fleury and Paul E. Fleury, While you were gone, On a wish and a prayer29
The sugar, forever, crossroad and senses collection, I wanna be, Sunrise in your eyes30
This town ain't big enough (for the both of us), I could get used to this, Son of Adam30
'Til she comes around again & 129 other titles; compositions, Days of America, Land of the broken hearted30
'Til somethin' better comes along & 431 other titles (part 003 of 003), What we use[d] to do30
Vamonos de awui & 1 other title, The world, Cerca de mi & 3 other titles; compositions27
Waiting for the world to go around. EU35469 (1946), Layne's dilemma, 28th of June27
Walking wounded. w & m Peter Castro, 1965-, & Jason Blume, 1956, Love time, Liquid love30
What are you doin' in my dreams? Words & music by Roy Freeland, pseud. of Roy Freirich, Steve Diamond & Bill LaBounty part 430
What are you doin' in my dreams? Words & music by Roy Freeland, pseud. of Roy Freirich, Steve Diamond & Bill LaBounty part 530
What I need30
What's it like in my world? Written and performed by the PEACE Players of Pulaski Middle School30
When I dream in color (everything is blue) By Burns, Fairchild & Vannoy30
When we all get together (at the Waffle House), The underdog (I know how it is), The Homesick hillbilly blues30
When you wore in your hair, that little boquet, The first, 5430
You got too much to lose, The miracle, Jamie, the video30
You've been driving all the time. By Windswept Pacific Entertainment Company d.b.a. Longitude Music Company, & August Wind Music, as employers for hire of Pat Bunch, & Harry Stinson part 230
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