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2003 US Comedy Arts Festival. Services by Matthew Levin, employee of Captured Live Productions, as a work-made-for-hire for Home Box Office part 330
30 by 3030
30 by 30 part 230
3rd rock from the sun, Mr. Rhodes, Ed30
4-songs written by C. E. Blevins, B. J. Aubrey, and L. R. Wilson, Beetle juice, Beetlejuice. By the Geffen Film Company30
A canticle for Leibowitz. Novel by Walter Miller, Jr., dramatization by Clark Fuller30
Ace iz wild & 373 other titles. (Part 002 of 002), The decalogue, Violent spring30
A Collection of songs by Davitt Sigerson and Desmond Child, One love, One love & 22 other titles29
Advertising compliance service: practical analysis of current government, industry, and media restrictions on advertising part 930
A Heart that cries (just isn't wise) By Lou Shaw & Jack Carroll, The Winner, Baja 100025
A History of the Union League Club of New York City. By Joseph Hotchkiss, Will Irwin & Earl Chapin May29
A lake guide to fishing and boating in Kosciusko County, Indiana, Racorder, Racorder 2.3 & 2 other titles; computer programs30
Alexander the Great, scientist-king. Text: Robert C. Suggs, illustrated by Leonard Everett Fisher30
A little curious 37, a little curious about life30
A little curious 37, a little curious about life, Same, different, beat, Loud, soft, shake30
A little curious, episode 104, Above, below, cover30
All about the money, & other songs, The music's good, but it ain't you, Truman30
Always a bridesmaid (but never a bride) By Vin Corso & Clyde Otis29
America'a most wanted--America fights back, Backchat, Breakfast time30
American dream the 60's. Photographer, Jules Zalon. Cover design by Steve Miller. Art direction by Yves Roux. VA 77-855 (1981) part 230
America's dream 02, the boy who painted Christ black, Late shift, Take out the beast30
America undercover: love it or leave it: the best of American undercover Sundays30
A Million years in glory. Words & music: Tom James, Jim West & Tony Lee, Songs of Roger Lee30
An African is a Black man that makes colored people, Caribbean moonlight, Shake30
Another day, another scholar. By Warner Brothers Television & JK-Ablidon Productions part 230
Another day in paradise30
Anxious ; My love ; By the light ... [et al.], Silkwood, Desert bloom29
April fools. (100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, episode no. 118) PA 1-121-118 (2002)28
Arliss: the art of the sports, super agent, Subway stories wraparound & 1 other title30
Arli$$--the art of the sports superagent: Man of his times, Summer 1001 movies, The Battle of Boston30
Army of one & 4 other titles, Army of one, Woman undone26
A Rockin' good way (to mess around and fall in love) w, m & piano arr. Brook Benton, Luchi DeJesus, Clyde Otis part 230
A Social cognitive approach toward the measurement of racio-ethnic .., Outrage catalog 230
At the gates of the animal kingdom, Murder30
Automatic part 225
Baby you busted ; Protect me from the blues ; Art of divorce ; Let's do something part 230
Back to back (we're strangers) By Johnny Duncan, June Stearns & Webb Foley part 230
Band of brothers--original motion picture soundtrack30
Bang a gong (get it on), The opening, Shells30
Barbra Streisand "putting it together": the making of the Broadway album28
Bare knuckles; motion picture. By Revue Studios30
Beauty and the beach; main theme from Anglo Scottish pictures, Ltd. film, Beauty and the beach. m Jack Jordan30
Before I sleep: the last days of Dr. Tom Dooley. Editor & foreword: James Monahan30
Before you go: a daughter's diary: family video diaries30
Best friends, hands down, revised30
Bicycle mice & 26 other titles, Trinida mousequarade, North Pole mice30
Bikini hoe down (NR) PAu 2-213-199, The X-Ray kid, Time under fire30
Bikini traffic school (NR) PAu 2-213-200, Cyberzone, Counter measures29
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