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Adoramus te Christe = We adore you, Christ Jesus, If God is love, Come and walk the ways of wisdom30
All the bells on earth shall ring, It should've been you, Tell me whatcha want29
A Normalization approach to the vocational training of mentally retarded adults, Choral fanfare for Christmas22
A programmed learning approach to the study of the hand for occupational therapists and other health professionals19
A Suggested convention for the user of variable minder, Hallelujah!, System IV & 2 other titles; computer programs30
Christ is coming again. By Eleanor S. Murray, Praise, My God is so big30
Concertato on Christ the Lord is risen today = Concerto on Jesus Christ is risen today30
Concertato on Rejoice, the Lord is king and Ye holy angels bright, Christ, our Passover30
Coronation march. From The Prophet. m Giacomo Meyerbeer, arr. for band with conductor part and various instrumentations: Dale Eymann30
Four contemporary arrangements for choir, Communion service, Two hearts made as one30
Four contemporary arrangements for choir, Lift up your heads, O ye gates30
God in your grace: to transform the world, How shall I sing that majesty?, Saw you never in the twilight30
Guide me, O thou great Jehovah, Exuberant praise, Animato29
Hemidemisemiquavers and other such things, Daniel!, In Christ there is no east or west30
Hemidemisemiquavers and other such things, Prince of peace, Good news celebration!30
Immortal, invisible, God only wise = St. Denio, Gordon Young, collective works of30
Impressions of life: the artist's path to love, Impressions part 230
In the beginning ; The Incarnation ; The King of Kings ... [et al.] part 330
I want to have a little bomb like you. w & m Sydney Bertram Carter, Carol of the universe27
I will not leave you comfortless; a cappella anthem. w St. John 14:18-19, m Francis Snow26
Little prelude and fugue on the blues scale, Kisses and coffee, The Man, Geoff Bodine30
Love or nothing at all. By Bibo Music Publishers, employer for hire of Roger Stone30
Middle components of the averaged electroencephalic response to a signal submerged in .20
[Now let us translate in the language of human-ness, Christ is crucified today, Committed to Christ30
O come, all ye faithful = Adeste fidelis, Education, democracy & discussion, Suite for 2 octaves of handbells30
Octet for tuba, bass guitar, string quartet, and percussion, Espressivo, Marcato30
Organ prelude on WIR PFLUGEN & 5 other titles, Donald & Reginald--We are special27
Our evil, & other selections, Fire on the rocks, You liar29
Professionalism, how to look, act, and be professional, March of the toys, Red eye demons30
Song of the wind painter, Happytimes polka, Dipsy-doodle30
Thanks to God & 2 other titles; hymn poems, God is one, unique and holy, Askerswell & 40 other titles; hymn tunes24
The Earth was filled with a wondrous light, Palm Sunday, Wise men noble, wise men three30
The Lord bless you and keep you. w & m Peter C. Lutkin, arr. by Mary Kay Parrish, 194030
The Lord's my shepherd part 230
The Lord watch (between me and thee), Great is Thy faithfulness, Choose life27
The Ministry-Potential Discerner, form A, grade 7, 8, 9 (or 10), short form30
The Voice (of the silent scream) ; Are you sleeping?, O come, all ye faithful = Adeste fidelis30
Twenty-four Czech folk-carols (including a Nativity folk play) Selection and words by Charles K. Offer, music arr. Gordon Grimes, pseud. of Gordon Alfred Hitchcock30
Western works of Jojo Haze. By Jody Haselbarth, whose pseud. is Jojo Haze, Someone has been there30
Ye holy angels bright ; and Christ is our cornerstone, Concertato on Only-Begotten Word of God eternal30
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