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Actions speak louder than words & 1785 other titles; songs. (Part 004 of 010), Mama, she's lazy30
A Day in the life of a love & 585 other titles. (Part 003 of 003) part 230
Bedtime story30
Beggars and choosers ; That's the way it is (with you and me), Someday you will see, & 5 other selections25
Better love next time & 10 other titles30
Burning love. (Computer animation festival, vol. 1.0)30
Child of the wind. By Ethel E. Bangert29
Dale P. & Billy L. volume I, Conchita, Like a fool25
Don't give it away (don't be a fool) By Johnnie Bellmon, Reginald Turner, Jerry Akines & Victor Drayton part 230
Down to earth proposition30
Dracula; the last act. w, m & orchestration: Hayden Wayne, Rain dance, (Without you) the rain keeps falling30
El fotingo de tono ; Guerra, guerra ; Mi jibarita ; Pobre islita, Benestrophe, the greater menace30
Gone again part 227
Good bye, adios & 2 other titles, It always rains on Saturday, The Little senorita with the green eyes30
Health care (ain't what it used to be), The Bird, Plain ole me30
Hit and run & 36 other titles, Hit and run part 230
Holdin' on for dear love. m Gary Knight, w Francine Neiman, Layin' my heart on the line30
Honky tonk heaven (I'm sending you back home) By Bill Caswell30
I can't get over me. w & m Larry Henley, William D. Morrison (a.k.a. Dan Morrison), Johnny Slate30
I don't want to love you anymore. By Larry Keith, pseud. of Lawrence K. Forness, & Mike Snow30
I don't want to love you. w & m Don Everly & Phil Everly30
If you could see me now. w & m Alana MacDonald, Tom Dean & Herb Ludwig30
It's your love that keeps me going30
I've had my limit of two-timing women (and one sided love affairs) By Johnny Slate, Danny Morrison & Larry Keith part 330
I've just got to have you--buy, borrow, or steal. w & m William David Rogers, Dreammaker30
Kiss and tell & 3 other titles part 230
Let there be light (Thomas A. Edison) RE 126-072 part 230
Long as I can see the light & 3 other titles, No brakes, Come back and stay30
Love at first sight & 2 other titles30
Love have mercy on me & 1 other title, We can live on love, Can't keep it lit30
Love takes two & 2 other titles30
Love took my heart and mashed that sucker flat. w & m Four Star Television Music Company, Inc., employer for hire of Kelly Gordon30
Nickles and dimes ; Everytime I fall (it breaks her heart), Just enough love, [The Ways at Wallace & Sons]30
Nothing but love for you & 1 other title30
Ogni sera. Testo originale e musica di Sonny Curtis, Italian words by Etrusco (Bisth), pseud. of Lucio Lami30
One sided love affair. Words & music: Robert Mellin, Eddie Mascari & Gerry Teifer part 230
Peace on earth (winter scene) Artist: Robert Holland28
Pine log and Greek revival, houses and people of three counties in Georgia and Alabama. By William H. Davidson30
Ring around Rosie (one more time) By Larry Henley & Kenny O'Dell, Memories are hard to come by these days30
Romanelli's newest batch of tunes, Love ain't easy, The Dancing castle30
Roses and rainbows. w & m Larry Goldberg & Danny Hutton, Any fool could see & 2 other titles30
Seeing is believing & 1 other title30
Sharing part 327
Sin ti es morir de amor = How long do I have to wait?, What the heck are kaboodles?30
Sleep walking woman. Words & music: Dave Bartholomew & Pleasant Joseph30
Smooth sailing (rock in the road) By Mark Gray, Johnny Slate & Steve Pippin30
Someone borrowed, someone blue. By Quentin Powers, Kendal Franceschi & Gail Bracchi30
Squeeze the weasal [sic] ; Untitled island ; Devotion to the dog ... [et al.], Midnite girl29
Strangers again & 2 other titles part 230
Sunny mornin'. The lights of LA. Sound recording by A&M Records, Inc, Dixie (sunny morning) By Leonard MacClain30
Take it as it comes (give it back with love) & 1 other title, Here your memory comes again30
The Effects of sensorimotor training during infancy on the motor skill achievement .30
The First time ; Good intentions ; Biding her time ... [et al.]30
The gentile of a man. w & m Dennis Curry, & Unart Music Corporation & Unigold Music, Inc., employers for hire of Bobby Goldsboro30
There are women (then there's my woman) By Steve Jobe & Jeff Silbar, Love is on the air, the affection connection30
The Sun's gonna shine (on our back door) By John David Anderson, Mark Sherrill & Kerry O'Neil29
The Things that make me love you (make me miss you when you're gone), We're lovers again30
Who do you kill? (East Side/West Side), The Name of the game, No wings at all30
Who gave you the right? By Tim Dubois, Wood Newton & Tom Grant, Take action, "I.Q." theme song27
You're so good 2 me, and 5 other songs, Taken by the words, Ruff trax30
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