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Irving Music, Inc. documents
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12 songs from Weezer's upcoming album "Make believe", Fall together, Keep fishin'30
2+2/a film by Benita Raphan & Clayton Hemmert, Big guy and Rusty the boy robot, Stadol30
Abby K, Project 6: Four fingers. By David Kent, 1958-, Nicole VanGiesen, 1972-, Peter Coley, 1962 part 226
A collection of original works by William L. Collins, Thundering showers, Such a thang30
A collection of songs by Greg Wells & Brad Roberts. By Greg Wells & Brad Roberts part 230
A Collection of songs by Rhonda Fleming and David L. Gibson, When love hurts, Why you wanna mess with me and my guy30
A Comparative study of Hans Christian Andersen and Charles Dickens, Question of faith30
A Drink, a dance and an old love song & 538 other titles. (Part 001 of 003), Too late to change her mind30
Advertising compliance service: practical analysis of current government, industry, and media restrictions on advertising part 630
After the last day of a heatwave & 44 other titles, Bone of truth, One day the everyclear & 17 other titles29
After you & 3 other titles, Get it while it's hot30
A guy like you & 32 other titles, Break to the second phase, Jezebel30
Ahora recuerdo. English w & m Gary Illingworth, Ritchie Grasso & Myrna March, Spanish words: Miguel Estivill27
Ain't been doin' nothin' (I could write a song about) & 38 other titles, Let's talk about us & 3 other titles30
Ain't nothing but a party & 79 other titles, Lady Cool, Home boy Bill30
Ain't that a shame ; Living in sin ; I can make you cry, Strictly for gansta fellas30
A la sombra de un arbol. w & m Yvette Souviron, pseud. of Clara Souviron DeSchultz30
Alimony money ; Hip hugging dress ; All my love shine ... [et al.], Chrisig, Matahari I30
A Little bit crazy & 41 other titles, Wanna flex my muscle for you, Try it (you'll like it)30
A little bit goes a long way (when it's love) By Mark Alan Springer, Jerry Sasetar & Kerry Kurt Phillips30
All I can do. By Ric Ocasek, pseud. of Richard Otcasek30
All I ever want (is to be loved), & 1 other song, Strictly taboo, Strictly music30
All in a days works & 9 other titles30
All my friends have beautiful girlfriends & 17 other titles30
All of my love & 136 other titles30
All or nothing & 12 other titles. (Part 002 of 002) part 330
All over me & 26 other titles, All over me30
All that counts, Kathleen28
All the love you can stand. Well, my for goodness sakes. Artist: Melody Allen, sound recording by Phonogram, Inc30
All the love you can stand. Well, my for goodness sakes. Artist: Melody Allen, sound recording by Phonogram, Inc part 230
Almost heaven & 9 other titles, With each visit from me, Tarantelle. m Norman Goldberg30
Almost heaven, and 24 other selections, Strangelove30
Almost summer & 44 other titles, You can count on love, Disco symphony30
Already alright & 24 other titles. Written by Yolanda Adams & co-writers as noted30
Already gone, in heart and soul30
Always and forever & 10 other titles. Composed by Steven L. Russell, with co-composers as noted30
Amazing grace. Adaptation of music: Fresco Music, Inc., employer for hire of Arthur Ferrante & Louis Teicher30
American black man & 27 other titles, When the moon is bright, That way21
American dreamer. By Harold Eugene Clark a.k.a. Gene Clark part 330
Am I dreamin'? Co-writers: Carolyn Dawn Johnson & Steve Mandile30
An Aquarian sunrise, Angelina, Harmony27
An examination of the pitch matching of post-mutational adolescent males in the normal and falsetto vocal registers30
Angels we have heard on high. Co-composers, Christina Maria Aquilera, Chaka Kimithi Blackmon, Raymond Alexander Cham & Ronald Fair30
Angry silence. By Mary Bill & Diana Boley, (I'll get some) this time, Perfect fools26
Animosity demo--2/98, Tell me why30
An investigation of the suicide risk factors associated with substance use .., Desert nights30
Another chance (S-man's dark remix) By Roger Sanchez30
Another smile. Way to get to you, Time is all, Make it mean something25
Ante-bellum Alabama town and country. By Weymouth Tyree Jordan, Let the good times roll30
Anyone can play. From Anyone can play. By Paramount Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of Audrey Nohra (w) & Armando Trovajoli (m)30
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