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Itochu Fashion System Company, Ltd. documents
titleNumber of documents
Autumn flower, spring tree, Pucker up!, Why can't I tell you why?28
Benedictine, Laguna, Helium30
Black magic woman & 6 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. CA3-78-1159-G filed 18Sep78 in Northern District of Texas at Dallas) part 230
Dogwood: antholoyg I, Dogwood30
El Paso Chile/R52027 By Yuzuru Kobe, Dogwood/H52047, Ohe/H5204830
Florida part 430
Fog over Cuba. Words: Harry Brainard, music: Alfred Alvarez, Offshore, The Shaping spirit. By Alfred Alvarez21
Harvest part 330
Here comes the drizzle, Melange, Raspberry29
International classified, Trix, Traffic30
Invisible copyright CD, Bamboo30
Quiltet/R2557/SLH16850.6851, Circus flower, Police story25
Quiltet/R2557/SLH16850.6851, Halekonia, Luau30
Quiltet/R2557/SLH16850.6851, Paisley quilt, Loli flower30
Random acts of crazy. Co-composer, Caset Beathard, Random acts, Fling30
Rappin' (breakdance 3), Dancers, Salome30
Rapunzel and Rumpelstiltskin, Tahiti30
Ravishing/R53276/HD-072L/SHL19024. Created by Yuzuru Kobe for Surf Line Hawaii, Ltd30
Ravishing/R53276/HD-072L/SHL19024. Created by Yuzuru Kobe for Surf Line Hawaii, Ltd part 230
Red star/R53038/ 5672. Created by Robert Vernet, employee of Creations Robert Vernet Dessins Textiles part 630
Santa Monica Bay. By Greg Horton & Matt Boyle, pseuds. of Dante Varela30
Shock wave: a Dirk Pitt adventure. TX 5-427-903, Sahara30
Spring part 630
Still life/R52402/JMB 2119, Retro travels, Bloemen30
The relationship between predictability and severe problem behavior for students with severe disabilities30
Tiffany part 230
Why do we eat the one we love?, Vincent, Derek Fox anthology 229
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