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4 great divisions of the New York Central, Erie-Lackawanna & Northern Pacific, Casey meets a dragon30
A Bibliography of doctoral dissertations and masters' theses on conflict, 1975-8925
A Descriptive study of adults' use of non-P. R. N. prescription drug samples, Managing serials30
A dissertation thesis proposal submitted to dissertation committee, July 1997, Political power and social theory23
Advances in applied business strategy, Lois Payments, Monument designed by Ruth Allingham27
Advances in managerial cognition and organizational information processing, Applied behavioral science review30
Advances in mental retardation and developmental disabilities, International social movement research30
Advances in mental retardation and developmental disabilities, Research in sociology of education and socialization30
Advances in molecular vibrations and collision dynamics, International journal of expert systems30
Advances in molecular vibrations and collision dynamics, Research in Third World accounting30
Advances in quantitative analysis of finance and accounting, Serenity scroll I, The Youth teacher25
Advances in research and theories of school management and educational policy, Research in public administration30
Advances in research and theories of school management and educational policy, Research in transportation economics30
Advances in research and theories of school management and educational policy, Sinful love30
Advances in the economic analysis of participatory and labor-managed firms, Research in health economics30
Advances in the economic analysis of participatory and labor-managed firms, Research in labor economics30
Advances in the economic analysis of participatory and labor-managed firms, Research in personnel and human resources management30
Advances in the economic analysis of participatory and labor-managed firms, Research in personnel and human resources management part 230
Advances in the economic analysis of participatory and labor-managed firms, System for Chinese radicals and forms of characters30
Advances in the economics of energy and resources, Research in economic anthropology30
Advances in the study of entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic growth, Employment conditions of blacks in the coal industry, 1900-193028
A guide to Tucson architecture. By Roseann Beggy Hanson and R. Brooks Jeffery, The Settlement system in a late preclassic Maya community30
A Heideggerian hermeneutical analysis of the lived experience of nursing faculty teaching in a caring curriculum in the Southeast United States30
A holistic model of church renewal in light of a critical evaluation of the contributions of D. Elton Trueblood, Donald G. Bloesch, and Leonardo Boff30
A library manager's guide to the physical processing of nonprint materials, The Smaller academic library19
A look backward and forward at American professional women and their familes, In their own voices30
An analysis of the relationship between the mathematics achievement and the mathematics course participation of African American students in a suburban school district30
An Assessment of the national incidence of juvenile suicide in adult jails, lockups, and juvenile detention centers25
An Econometric model integrating conservation measures in the residential demand for electricity30
An Empirical examination of the power-influence process in a channel of distribution25
An evaluation of a behavioral change intervention for smokeless tobacco use, Thomas A. Edison30
An exploratory study of bureaucratic, heroic, chaos, postmodern and hybrid story typologies of the expatriate journey30
Annual yearbook of the American Education Finance Association, White hot, Shrines to America's early history28
Applications of fuzzy sets and the theory of evidence to accounting, Advances in carbocation chemistry30
Applications of fuzzy sets and the theory of evidence to accounting, Biomembranes30
Applications of fuzzy sets and the theory of evidence to accounting, Research in global strategic management30
A Proposal regarding a market segmentation/positioning and feasibility study for the Gulf Front Lagoon in Tarpon Springs, Florida part 230
A report on the initial standardization of the basic arithmetic skills test (BAST) part 230
Art imitates business commercial and political influences in Elizabethan Theatre30
A testing methodology and architecture for computer supported cooperative work software22
A tribute to Gayle King at the Oprah Winfrey leadership academy for girls, Vengeance (to the negative third power)25
Burgess' Collection of cola bear figurines and plush animals, Twenty mule team, Washoe Valley riders, 200020
Business and religion; a new depth dimension in management. Compilation & introd.: Edward Collins Bursk21
Business intelligence powerplay interface for GCS premier: version 6.6. TX 5-810-53530
Captain Bob and crime fighter Mike in the case of the dangerous realm of dirty socks part 330
Challenger & video case demo developed by Joe Dobson to accompany Managing organizational behavior, 5th edition, by John R. Schermerhorn, Jr., James G. Hunt, Richard N. Osborn part 327
Changing technology and education for librarianship and information science, Genre and ethnic collections28
Class and politics in contemporary social science, The faultline of consciousness24
Classified exchange for the woodworking industry, Saint Patrick's Church, Franklin, Pennsylvania29
Collection of 500 best lo-calorie recipes (including calorie content of each), The collaborative work systems fieldbook24
Combinatorial bounds and constructions in the theory of uniform point distributions in unit cubes, connections with orthogonal arrays and a poset generalization of a related problem in coding theory part 230
Commercial bank financial management in the financial-services industry, second edition30
Comparative study of ventrogluteal and dorsogluteal sites on pain following intramuscular injection30
Comparison of children and adolescents with Asperger syndrome to their peers with learning disabilities in adaptive functioning, academic achievement, and victimization25
Comparison of individuals' zone of optimal functioning across two different tasks30
Compensation disclosure request for the customer, for the period of 01/01/2003 to 01/01/2004 part 230
Consumption and business fluctuations; a case study of the shoe, leather, hide sequence. By Ruth P. Mack30
Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of the Patient With Epilepsy30
Contemporary studies in economic and financial analysis, Journal of aging studies30
Context effects on the intrinsic dynamics of infants with spina bifida (SB), School-college partnerships30
Control of metabolic gene expression by the TOR signaling pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae26
Corporate governance and strategic action within the context of antitakeover corporate charter amendments30
Corporate reporting of nonfinancial performance indicators and operating measures26
Creb expression and phosphorylation in axon-induced Schwann cell proliferation, Unstable fault interactions and earthquake self-organization30
Critical chronological anthology of passages from Richard Wagner's writings and recorded remarks (in English translation)30
Developing a leisure learning program in the middle and secondary school, The hit list28
Developmental biology of Woronina pythii (plasmodiophoromycetes) an .30
Don't swallow your tooth--that's a big goof, The tree of light, Dangerous guests25
Dysfunctional attitudes mediate cognitive impairment, functional outcomes and negative symptoms in schizophrenia30
Educating citizens for democracy: curriculum and instruction in secondary social studies. By Richard E. Gross and Leslie D. Zeleny30
Elementary and junior high/middle school social studies curriculum, activities, and materials26
Elementary mathematical and computational tools for electrical and computer engineers using Matlab part 230
Elements of literature videodisc program, introductory course, You snooze, you lose27
Elsevier's Dictionary of mathematical and computational linguistics in three languages, English, French, and Russian part 330
Encyclopedia of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the New American Community, and Latin-American trade part 225
Engineering your future--a problem-oriented approach, Nowhere, Eat now, pay later28
Entrepreneurship as an economic adaptation strategy for Filipina immigrants working in Washington, DC part 230
Essentials of photon decay theory for the hubble cosmological redshift, Dinner date with destiny30
Establishing and managing a modern internal audit function, The touch of his garment30
Estrangement, Marx's conception of human nature and the division of labor, Research in social movements, conflicts, and change26
Expansion of publicly funded health insurance in the United States, Getting an academic job26
Fairmont State College Kappa Gamma Alumni Association newsletter, On the air, Tools for the simulation profession, 198830
Federal Communications Commission enforcement, Advances in motivation and achievement22
Financial reporting research cases--a multi-company emphasis for use with Advanced accounting, seventh edition, [by] James R. Boatsman, Charles H. Griffin, Don Vickrey, Thomas H. Williams part 430
Finite difference and finite element modeling of closed cell cushions with block and ribbed geometries based on strain dependent terms17
For the person who doesn't have a pot to pee in, or a window to throw it out, The flower of true love19
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic measurement of carbon monoxide and nitric oxide in sidestream cigarette smoke in real time using a hollow waveguide gas cell and non-imaging optics30
Futures Industry Institute ethics course for new series 4 registrants (four-hour course)30
GAAP--interpretation and application of generally accepted accounting principles, 199629
Global financial system financial general ledge system video display guide. TX 2-055-950 (1987)30
Golf Research Associates scorecard and notation system player instructions, At home30
Government information sources for architecture and planning research, Patronage job directory of the State of California25
Government regulations affecting the environment and lists of regulated chemicals under Clean air act, Clean water act, O S H A, T S C A, R C R A30
Growth factor and cytokine regulation of the S100 beta gene in rat astrocytes, Cures for chronic disorders19
Guide to implementation of GASB statement 3 on deposits with financial institutions, investments (including repurchase agreements) and reverse repurchase agreements: questions and answers; implementation guide. By Financial Accounting Standards Board of the Financial Accounting Foundation25
Hans Burgkmair the Elder (1473-1531) and the visualization of knowledge, New moon after new moon and Sabbath after Sabbath20
Hidden wealth of cities: policy and productivity methods for American local governments29
High technology request for sealed proposals for single portal entry implementation25
Horiba, model LA-910, laser scattering particle size distribution analyzer validation program manual30
How to evaluate the potential for success of a new product or technology, Tales from Central Russia30
How to use colleges and universities for market research, Manual of psychiatric emergencies25
Identifying TANF recipients' substance abuse problems in four Colorado counties, Grace place30
Immunobiology of the complement system: an introduction for research and clinical medicine30
Implications of a theoretical framework on stress and burnout for the development of graduate nursing education curricula30
Income distribution in Mexico: a reconsideration of the distributive problem. By Salvdor Kalifa-Assad27
Increasing retention of Wilmington campus Delaware Technical and Community College students by implementing methods of support for students who begin their studies at the pre-college level part 230
Instabilities, bifurcations, and fluctuations in chemical systems, A modern course in statistical physics30
Instructor's manual Organizational behavior, eleventh edition [by] Don Hellriegel, John W. Slocum, Jr27
Instructor's manual to accompany Marketing principles & perspectives, third edition [by] William O. Bearden, Thomas N. Ingram, Raymond W. LaForge30
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany American government and politics today, the essentials, 1992-1993 edition, [by] Barbara A. Bardes, Mack C. Shelley II, Steffen W. Schmidt30
Instructor's resource guide to accompany Organizational behavior, sixth edition, [by] Don Hellriegel, John W. Slocum, Jr., Richard W. Woodman30
Instructor's solutions manual to accompany Introductory algebra, a real-world approach, second edition by Ignacio Bello and C. Trimble & Associates part 330
Inventory of examination questions & problems designed for use with Miller's Comprehensive G A A P guide ... student edition29
Johnson Residence--lot 17, The Colony at White Pine Canyon, Crossword comics, The Johnson Crest30
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International annual report, 1981, Ascension day, In a northern landscape21
Kaplan's Nadler Georgia corporations, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies with forms30
Language use, mathematical learning, and student outcomes in contrasting elementary mathematics classrooms30
Laura Ashley decorating with paint & paper, Memories with food at Gipsy House, Beth Russell's William Morris needlepoint20
Legal scholarship, microcomputers, and super-optimizing decision-making, Encyclopedia of policy studies27
Legal scholarship, microcomputers, and super-optimizing decision-making, Policy analysis, in social science research30
Like an electro magnet, you're pullin' me in, Touch of velvet, The Man (much better than me)21
Louie Llama's drug-and delinquency-free poster contest, Virginia review of sociology23
Manual of tests to accompany Contemporary advertising by Bovee & Arens, second edition22
MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) expanded analysis report manual: a scoring system for Form J of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. By David R. Saunders30
Medical-legal and forensic aspects of communication disorders, voice prints, and speaker profiling23
Metabolic pumps and intracellular homeostatis, hormones and cell function, intercellular communiction, cell motility and contractility30
Methods in experimental psychology [by] David G. Elmes, Barry H. Kantowitz, Henry L. Roediger 3d part 330
Microbiology-pathology (13), dental anatomy and occlusion (14), part I, Monday-PM, December 199630
Milner & Associates, Inc.--real estate, presents A prairie home, Descend, I am, & 1 other song30
Molecular dynamics of clusters, surfaces, liquids, and interfaces, A wrong life, Principals of medical biology30
Moving towards a public policy response to alcohol-related problems, Educating young children30
Multi-modality imaging for improved staging of prostate cancer, City choices, Neutron scattering studies on FLOC structures25
NATO's role in European stability ; editor, Stephen A. Cambone ; project directors, Stuart Moffett, Alexandra Vedel24
Natural theology: selections & 1 other title; books, Knowing and value, Living and value21
Neurobiology of cingulate cortex and limbic thalamus, Aqui estoy, Pit bull29
Odd-numbered answers to accompany lessons in College algebra and trigonometry, Born this day in Bethlehem29
Odyssey of a spring lamb--a comprehensive biography of Gene Fowler in two books30
Operative technique, Exactech, Inc., cemented total hip arthroplasty, Orthopaedic surgery30
Organizations, internal labor markets, and the structure of gender in United States firms30
Parent and community assets as sources of young children's learning opportunities30
Parents' perceptions of public school speech-language pathologists in the individualized education plan process part 230
Perceptions of some older adults on limiting the application of medical technology at the end of stages of life part 230
Personality characteristics of adult children of alcoholics vs adult children of non-alcoholics as measured by the sixteen personality factor questionnaire and the eight second order factors30
Perspectives in vascular surgery and endovascular therapy30
Perspectives in vascular surgery and endovascular therapy part 230
Pigment cell biology. Proceedings of the fourth conference on the biology of normal and atypical pigment cell growth. By Myron Gordon30
Political behavior of principals in effective and efficient and ineffective and inefficient high socioeconomic status elementary schools30
Political economy of financial integration in Europe, Restructuring Japan's financial markets25
Power optimization and synthesis at behavioral and system levels using formal methods30
Preschool SIFTER, screening instrument for targeting educational risk in preschool children (age 3-kindergarten)30
Private eye ; Mr. Chainsaw ; Take lots with alcohol ... [et al.], Private eye, Queer lyrics27
Quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) models of mutagens and carcinogens part 230
Quotations from motivation, the right word at the right time by Rev. R. Daniel Simmons part 330
Readings in managerial psychology. By Harold J. Leavitt and Louis R. Pondy, Publishing in the organizational sciences30
Regional sequence stratigraphic setting and reservoir geology of morrow incised valley sandstones (lower Pennsylvanian), eastern Colorado and western Kansas30
Research in corporate social performance and policy. Supplement, Advances in accounting information systems30
Research in corporate social performance and policy. Supplement, Advances in computer-integrated manufacturing30
Research in corporate social performance and policy. Supplement, Advances in nitrogen heterocycles30
Research in domestic and international agribusiness management, Advances in oncobiology30
Research in domestic and international agribusiness management, Hairdressers guide to success30
Research in domestic and international agribusiness management, What parents need to know about teenage substance abuse30
Research in social movements, conflicts, and change, U.S. clay courts '82, ATP championship final, Round Kings Island, Ohio26
Research in strategic management and information technology, The North American journal of economics and finance30
Retrofitting of commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings for energy conservation part 230
Sage public administration abstracts, EB, A window in brick17
San Diego County golf courses with drive time from Rancho Bernardo, International review of comparative public policy24
Scorecard/guide, how to play, North Olmsted Golf Club, Baseball card world series game28
Seminar on appraising businesses in the real world for accountants, brokers, appraisers30
Small monkeys as clinical models for study of the central dopaminergic system using positron emission tomography30
Small town in mass society: class, power, and religion in a rural community. By Arthur J. Vidich & Joseph Bensman30
Solar home heating and conservation options, Move along, Shadow on your shoulder24
Solutions manual to accompany A P L-S T A T, a do-it-yourself guide to computational statistics, using A P L part 230
Solving urban problems in urban areas characterized by fragmentation and divisiveness part 327
Spatial distributions of radar-indicated severe thunderstorms in the mid-south region of the United States30
Stabilization and controlled release of formaldehyde-treated protein antigens encapsulated in poly(lactide-co-glycolide) microspheres30
Starting and managing fee-based information sevices in academic libraries, The cytoskeleton27
Stereochemical applications of gas-phase electron diffraction, Symmetry, Come with us to Symmetryland27
Strategic information systems for strategic, manufacturing, operations, marketing, sales, financial and human resources management27
Strategic management, concepts and applications, second edition, [by] Certo, Peter30
Student study guide for Principles of general psychology, fifth edition [by] Gregory A. Kimble, Norman Garmezy, Edward Zigler30
Teaching and learning algebraic concepts by creating geometric and non-geometric designs on a graphing calculator part 230
Teaching learning strategies and study skills to students with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, or special needs part 223
Testing student learning, evaluating teaching effectiveness, Improving educational standards and productivity30
Texas practice. Volume[s] 9[-10], Texas law of wills. Pocket part[s], Melanie Jane21
The baby boomer (I finally got it all ... now where the !#%* did I put it?) memory book part 230
The Bedas--a chronicle of the Bdeian, Bedayan, Bedayn, Bedeian, Bedeyan, Bideyan, and Lavashian family part 226
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Quicken 2000, The spiral of Nachie, Social prisms27
The Development and evaluation of self-instructional units for teaching selected .30
The dilemma of shrinking health care benefits offered by small business in the United States30
The effect of organizational restructuring on the professional climate in a secondary school30
The effects of leaf consumption by Trirhabda canadensis on the growth and resource allocation of Solidago missouriensis, with concomitant effects on leaf nutritional quality and the availability of light and soil nitrogen part 330
The Entrepreneurial workbook: step-by-step planning guide to starting and operating your own small business30
The Evaluation of teaching in baccalaureate and graduate nursing .., The little tragedies30
The fundamental interrelationships between government and property, Fundamentals of the economic role of government30
The Impact of defense spending on investment, productivity, and economic growth, Sociological perspectives22
The international journal of accounting, Speak your mind, Vegas speaks23
The Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society. Series B, Applied mathematics30
The Journal of the Commons House of Assembly, May 18, 1741-July 10, 1742. By The Historical Commission of South Carolina (now the South Carolina Department of Archives and History), employer for hire of James Harold Easterby30
The Mexican connection, Confederate and Union diplomacy on the Rio Grande, 1861-186530
The Ninth Amendment and the politics of creative jurisprudence, Religion and the rise of capitalism30
The "play by dates board game" for basketball, football, baseball, soccer, hockey, history, educational part 221
The Research act: a theoretical introduction to sociological methods, Sociological methods: a sourcebook30
The Role of academic ability in high-level accomplishment and general success, College Board report28
The role of the American academic library in international programs, Peaceful peoples30
The Rule of ritual in the Arabian Gulf, 1858-1947, Policymaking and prosperity, Analyzing national and international policy22
The second list of additions and corrections to the Glossary of mineral species, 6th edition (1991)25
The story of the US veterans who took part in Project 112/SHAD tests, Virgin cruising. By Bill Sorem23
Three studies in the economics of compensation and collective-bargaining, Reclaiming rites of a passage through ritual30
Trouble City & 12 other strategies for maintaining discipline while developing self-control, cooperative behavior, and initiative30
Ultimacc hardware diagnostic, Diablo. By Ultimacc Systems, Inc., employer for hire of Marshall Epstein. Revision D, 12-K version part 230
Undermining the foundation of organized crime and public sector corruption, Love sign29
Value space winning the battle for market leadership, Bringing innovation to market26
Vuelve a mi, mi amor (Vuelve mi amor) & 9 other titles, Cigarette song. Words & music: Carl Swanson30
Webster. By Sunshine Industries, employer for hire of William Alexander Wallace30
What affect will domestic right wing terrorist groups have upon the resources of California law enforcement agencies by the year 2002?27
Where's Wilber at? Ken Wilber's integral visions in the new millennium, Secure IP telephony using multi-layered protection19
Widgeon at sunrise.jpg, and other works, Photography as art, Volume 122
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