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1985 Greater Fairbanks area map, 21st annual edition and North Pole area map, 8th annual edition30
40 days of a life of GOLD (God-ordained life development), Live your dreams, Four stages to greatness18
A combined experimental and numerical methodology for characterizing and modeling the effect of material structure on the performance of a high strength aluminum alloy27
A comparison of two microscale laboratory reporting methods in a secondary chemistry classroom29
Administrative response to the threat of fiscal decline in the .., The wind at my back30
Afro-Bets Book of Black heroes from A to Z, How sweet the sound, Party on30
Afrocentric model of empowerment for women in transitional domestic violence shelters--Cultural Competency Advocates, Inc30
A heuristic study of the experience of the breakthrough of the sacred, Jesus, remember me28
All I need to know about Christmas I learned from (my guardian) angel30
A Manual for leadership education and curriculum guide, The Christian education informer22
An encyclopedia of African American Christian heritage, Programs for Lent and Easter30
A new tax on wealth to save wanted programs and balance the budget in one year and pay the national debt in eight years30
An Investigation of the behavior of selected variance ratio statistics under randomization .30
An Investigation of the North Carolina County Commissioners' perceptions .., A Tribute to Mom and Dad30
Anytime, anywhere. w & m Lesley Miller; m Denis Martin, Tropical, Double life30
A Speculative cognitive analytical approach toward dwelving into mankinds innermost psychic mental energies and instincts30
A study of the relationship between teachers' learning style preferences and their use of the microcomputer at home and at school in Medfield, Massachusetts30
A Study of the relationship between the organizational structure of schools, the role orientation . part 330
A study of three landscape artists of the romantic period, The Dancer, Vendetta, and 1 other selection30
A Technical report on the means of providing proper electrical power, grounding, and life-safety systems to the typical small to very large E D P installation27
Attitudes toward religious values in counseling among counselor educators and counselors-in-training30
Baptist piety: the last will and testimony of Obadiah Holmes, Liberty of conscience: Roger Williams in America30
B-school research--"arbitrary assumptions, irrelevant conclusions", Wishin' you were here wth me30
Can I knock on your door (can I ring your bell)?, Pretty lady, Written for Renee30
Cardiovascular and psychological responses to adults' angry behavior in children of hypertensive and normotensive parents30
Cases and materials on copyright and other aspects of entertainment litigation including unfair competition, defamation, privacy30
Caught in the middle looking back30
Characterization of the molecular mechanisms regulating ribosomal .., The Lust songs and travel diary of Sylvia Savage30
Characterization of YB-1, a DNA-binding protein that represses IFN-gamma-induced MHC Class II expression part 230
Christian education for young children at both home and local church, The doctrines of the Bible29
Church growth through the continuing education program for seniors at Youngcheon Jeil Church30
Cognition and the development of language. Editor: John R. Hayes, contributors: Roger Brown, Herbert H. Clark et al part 225
Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success30
Commandments for communicating, coping & controlling, When I rose up from the water30
Critical success factors for engineering and managing strategic projects in a manufacturing environment part 230
Delenda est. Videocassette. (Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, episode no. 311) PA 1-153-896 (2003) part 230
Devotions for families: building blocks of Christian life, Assessing JOBSTART, Project GRAD Newark25
Do the Americas have a common history? = Tienen las Americas una Historia Comun?30
Engineering economy, eighth edition [by] E. Paul DeGarmo, William G. Sullivan, James A. Bontadelli30
Equipping parents of grade-school children in basic principles of Christian parenting at Friendship Baptist Chapel, Eatonton, Georgia30
Evaluating the relationship between milieu countertransference and symptom change in an inpatient adolescent milieu30
Experiments in microprocessors and interfacing programming and hardware, Microprocessors and interfacing30
Family structure, family relationships, and adolescent drug use, Peck's bad boy, The Fool of God30
Fireman working around firetruck in downtown street. By George Griffith, author of renewable matter: Brown & Bigelow25
George Ball, Vietnam, and the rethinking of containment, The Department of the Treasury30
Guide to American historical geography to accompany Liberty, equality, power, a history of the American people, second edition part 230
Harper & Row design for reading, teacher's package for informal reading inventory consisting of selections for oral and silent reading, 2 tachistoscopes, 7 word lists. Level 7-17. By Kenneth J. Smith & Paula J. Smith30
Helping church workers succeed, the enlistment and support of volunteers, On Jordan's stormy banks30
Helping church workers succeed, the enlistment and support of volunteers, Somebody's calling my name30
Heterodyne interferometry using digital phase demodulation and injection locked lasers for NDE30
Higher education information technology services, What's love got to do with it?30
How to be the best Christian study group leader ever in the whole history of the universe30
How to be the best Christian study group leader ever in the whole history of the universe part 230
How to organize your church library and resource center, To live with hope, to die with dignity30
Instructor's manual and test item file to accompany Nutrition for health, fitness & sport, fifth edition [by] Melvin H. Williams part 530
Interpersonal adjustment in childhood-onset versus adulthood-onset obese women, Bookmarks30
I rest with thee, O Jesus. SATB. w anon., translated by Eleanor Hull, m Summy Publishing Company, employer for hire of Robert Graham25
Jeremiah Wright: keeping rock and roll alive : part 1, Eticat's song, I know23
Knowledge and attitudes of public sector water and wastewater utility employees about workplace diversity in the Commonwealth of Kentucky30
Leader's guide for group study of The Power delusion, [by] Anthony Campolo, Jr, Tomorrow is Sunday30
Let's always remember the love we once shared, Blue bossa, Never say yes to a stranger28
Librarians' roles in the selection, acquisition, and maintenance of library collections30
Live and learn for better health about the fountain of youth30
Living water for those who thirst, 2002 calendar30
Main Street U.S.A. w & m Walt Disney Productions, as employer for hire of Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman part 230
Make me a blessing; a collection of inspirational writings demonstrating the supernatural with "signs" and "wonders!"30
New Testament miracle stories in their religious-historical setting part 430
No time to die ; Surviving cancer & America's failing justice system, [Sgohi usdi aniyvwiya]30
Nuclear RFLP phylogenies of Solanum sect. Petota reflect biogeography but not EBN, ploidy or genome designations30
NW African American Museum family project template, Calliope speaks, My friend, Little Stinker30
Pacific Northwest, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, The Soil factory, The Oyster thief30
Perceptions of the relative achievement of the middle school concept .., The Soul of Christmas30
Pilgrim prayers for grandmothers raising grandchildren, Sister to sister, A trumpet for Zion26
Planning and selecting curriculum for Christian education, Tax justice, The Almanac of quotable quotes from 199030
Planning and selecting curriculum for Christian education, The work of the church treasurer30
Problems in microeconomics--interactive computer problems for intermediate microeconomics28
Programs for Advent and Christmas, Baptist leader, Living the Word22
Public relations strategies, relational outcomes, and conflict management strategies part 230
Pupil's work sheets to accompany the vacation church school text: Learning to know Jesus part 230
Reaching out--extending Tindley Temple's ministries of evangelism, missions, stewardship, . part 330
Reaching, teaching and growing African-American believers, I'll fly my own plane30
Relationships between teacher attitudes toward African-American vernacular English and student attitudes toward reading and self-perceptions as readers30
Revised census data manual for associational planning, God's agenda for the city30
School board policies on the use of corporal punishment in public schools .., I'll be30
Science/technology/society as reform in science education, Exemplary science in grades 9-1230
Shell of a woman. By Raye M. Gray, pseud. of Virginia C. Owens, & Susan R. Kornet30
Sound the trumpet for the 10th (2016/2017) jubilee year, Find your own magic, Booth Divers website 12-200128
Spiritual formation through spiritual disciplines and spiritual gifts, Comparing instructor assumptions and student realities23
Symposium and networking of companies to aid non-custodial parents with obtaining productive, constructive employment30
Taking a look at the resurrection ; Telling time, Moving and doing, I hate to let you go30
Teachers and parents handbook for use with "A Reach for another book" series, Learning centers30
Teacher's manual to accompany cases and materials on State and local government law, fifth edition30
The diffusion and consequences of electronic commerce in a managed care company, Crime, an illegal drug market and the economy29
The genesis and application of a reflecting team model for case study in graduate business education30
The impact of educational development programs training on change of interpersonal communication competence in military and Department of Defense (DOD) civilians30
The Lady in once-white shoes, Women at the well, The pluperfect phantom24
The Layperson's introduction to the Old Testament, The man of Salamanca, The Tiny sheep30
The level of participation and commitment regarding the goals of the faculty of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico part 230
The Protohistoric period in the North American Southwest, A.D. 1450-1700, Making the most of the American promise28
The relationship between personaity variables and intellectual abilities, Tell me why27
The Twentieth century atlas of the Christian world. By Anton Freitag, The Ancient world29
To the churches, with love: bibilical studies of the letters to the seven churches19
Towing icebergs, falling dominoes, and other adventures in applied mathematics, God the worker25
Using suggestive-accelerative learning and teaching with survivors of traumatic brain injury to stimulate higher mental functions28
Visualized hymn, "There is no name so sweet on Earth." No. 6450. By Bible Visuals, Inc30
Wadsworth manual for teachers of business and professional communications to accompany Communicating for results23
What do you think you're gonna do for me?, Intertwined, Never could forget30
What's going down? Writers, Toby McKeehan, Pete Stewart & Stephen Stills, Roommates30
What to expect when you're accepted, White bamboo, Green bamboo21
Yellow rose (single) on white background in a circle, Revealed, Making peace with a dangerous God28
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