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69 sure & easy ways to earn extra money $now$, Viva black Vegas, On some golden eve30
A cool breeze on the underground & 4 other titles; novels, Collection of songs by Donald Eugene Winslow30
Acres and pains & 6,128 other titles. (Part 018 of 031), The Desperate hours, Meteor man30
A Dipper full of stars. Additions & corrections made to bring original material up to date: Lou Page Williams30
Affirmative action: the pros and cons of policy and practice. TX 5-385-250 (2001)30
After the sunset, & 4 other songs, Knockaround guys, Rounders26
After the sun tells the moon goodnight. w Ruth Abitha Campbell, m Five Star Music Master (Lew Tobin)30
All eyes on me & 13 other titles; compositions, Looking for Sunday, Hollywood dog30
All the time in the world & 34 others, Metalbound series I, Salt water zephyr30
All you can do (is all you can do) Written by Allen Shamblin & Bernie Nelson30
Alone in the dark & 119 other titles part 230
America is different; the search for Jewish identity. By Stuart E. Rosenberg, Spirit of the law30
American heritage. By Paul Detlefsen, author of renewable matter: Brown & Bigelow30
Analysis of student satisfaction with academic advising/counseling services, Untouchable30
An American werewolf in London & 8 other titles; motion pictures, Three amigos, Coming to America30
An honest crook, Funny farm, Cheap shot28
A nightmare on Elm Street part III & 1 other title; motion pictures29
A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Hidden, My demon lover30
An Investigation into the question of whether factors known to affect the .., The come up28
A parsimonious model for simulation of low and transport in a Karst Aquifer, The diary of Jack the Ripper27
Arcade & 31 other titles; motion pictures (except as noted) Instrument of transfer30
Armageddagain: the day before tomorrow, We're the Millers, Who framed Cheech and Chong23
Baby, I think I love you too much. From Two people. w Richard Maltby, Jr., w & m David Shire30
Banking law and regulation. Statutory supplement with recent cases and developments25
Beauty school/what we have forgotten, forget me not, Pilot, I am not a crook30
Berserker & 39 other titles; literary works/characters. (Part 001 of 002), Berserker30
Buddha and the chocolate box. Artist: Cat Stevens, all new except 1 song by A&M Records, Inc30
Captain Marvel adventures. Vol. 21, no. 124, Sept. 1951. By Fawcett Publications, Inc part 230
[Cartoon released Jan. 23, 1966, and other contributions] By Jules Feiffer, Crawling Arnold. By Jules Feiffer30
Chanukah songs for Jewish musicians and their families, Spring break chain gang, Burns, baby Burns29
Christmas around the world charm, Gigantic, Killer Bud24
Christmas visitor, The kiss, Phyro-giants28
Classic Feynman: all the adventures of a curious character, The meaning of it all25
Coincidence & 2 other titles; theatrical motion pictures, Coincidence, A memory of demons22
Confessions of a dangerous mind: an unauthorized autobiography & 1 other title; books part 230
Confessions of a dangerous mind: an unauthorized autobiography & 1 other title; books part 330
Confessions of a police commissioner to the public prosecuter of the republic, Confessions part 230
Confessions of a teenage drama queen, The mask, Blink30
Cool breeze (instrumental) Co-composer, Kevin McKendree. DCR 2004, Cool breeze30
Cousin Bazilio. By Eca DeQueiroz, introd.: Frederico DeOnis, translator: Ray Campbell30
Cowboy (from the good side) & 2 other titles, Gravity, Always be friends & 1 other title30
Crisscross. By Spartan Productions, Sucker punched by love, Tin hero27
Cuba si! Bringing it all back home. Last gasps. Additions & revisions to text Terrence McNally30
Dead end ; One way street ; Motherfunker, Trap door, Kingdom chairs30
Destiny & 10 other titles; characters. (Part 001 of 002), The forge of God, The Grays30
Don't shine me on. By Kevin Smith & Lester Abrams, Mall rats, Broken line30
Dopeman. By Dedrick Rolison, O'Shea Jackson, Anthony Banks. (In Based upon a true story)30
Do you like criminals, x'em out & 12 other titles; sound recordings, Boyz 'n tha hood30
Encounter with evil. By Amber Dean, pseud. of Amber Dean Getzin30
Every breath you take. By Gordon M. Sumners [sic] (Sting) (In Synchronicity), Threesome. By Motion Picture Corporation of America30
Everyone gets a chance to lose in romance, Vicious, 12 months of love28
Excessive force--conquer your world. SR 170-410 & SR 300-260 (1993), Deep cover30
Expression cloning and characterization of GRB2, and SH2 and SH3 domain containing protein which links receptor protein tyrosine kinases to Ras signaling30
Faith in me. w & m Peter March, a.k.a. Tony Harris, & Carmen Philli, Bring back the time30
Fifteen minutes & 1 other title; motion pictures & television product30
Fire and rain. From album Bobby Darin--live at the Desert Inn30
Forbidden planet. New piano arr. Robbins Music Corporation, employer for hire of David Rose28
Fugue of the feeding hand, Powers that be, Culprit of love30
Garlic and sapphires & 1 other title; memoirs. Written by Ruth Reichl, Christmas conspiracy30
Ghosthunters and the incredibly revolting ghost, Dragon rider, Inkheart27
Glamour girls, no. 600-6530
Happy campers & 1 other title; pictures, The Edge of innocence, Motorama30
Heavyweights, & 1 other selection, The Dennis Miller pre-show, Fat camp27
Hedwig and the angry inch & 1 other title; motion picture & television product, Man's best friend30
Historical Sacramento, hub of the great gold mining vortex, The Glow, The gypsy moths30
Howard Hughes flies world's biggest plane, November 2, 1947. By Official Films, Inc30
How to be a villain: evil laughs, secret lairs, master plans, and more! By Neil Zawacki30
How to be a villain: evil laughs, secret lairs, master plans, and more! By Neil Zawacki part 230
How to be a villain: evil laughs, secret lairs, master plans, and more! By Neil Zawacki part 330
How to make your man behave in 10 days or less, How to be a player, BAPS30
I always shake the tree. Melody, chords in treble clef and chord symbols, with words. By Ervin Drake & Jimmy Shirl, pseud. of Jack Mendelsohn part 230
Igneous and metamorphic petrology. By Francis J. Turner & Jean Verhoogen, Kingsize29
Indiscretion. (Star trek: Deep Space Nine, episode no. 477) PA 821-903, Full honeymoon29
Instructor's manual and key to accompany Destinations, North American and international geography, second edition part 230
Intergalactic witness protection program, Whatchutalkinbout, Brown's second29
I speak my own piece: autobiography of the "Rebel girl" & 1 other title, In love and war30
It's not a game, & other selections, Champaign's finest, Bubble City27
I want to be near you (you're the one, the one, the one) English lyrics set to the traditional melody Aupres de ma blonde: Michael Brown30
Jews and Christians, getting our stories straight, Oh, the places you'll go, King of clubs22
Just a mystery, & 2 other songs, Into tomorrow, Kinda funny, & 1 other song22
King of the dogs ; Anyway you want it ; Can't stop ... [et al.], Little Nicky, Hot rod granny30
Kum ba ya. New musical arr.: Janet Perlstein, Elaine Fink, Harvey Gerst & Steve Cohen30
Leon Spinks (Ali's made-for-TV challenger) & 2 other titles, The New comediennes30
Let's have church ; We shall behold ; All fired up ... [et al.], Asshole, Insane cowboy (in Africa)25
Lift every voice; songs. For male chorus, principally with piano acc. Editing & arr. Elie Siegmeister & Rufus Wheeler30
List of story ideas for "Just imagine" (series), Radioland, Just imagine30
Little children, come to Jesus. w & m Ann Kerger, Howard Olenik & Walter King30
Little children, praise the Saviour. Arr. James Bigelow, pseud. of William J. Reynolds30
Lost in space (version 2) From the album Television's greatest hits, vol. 5: In Living Color30
Lost in space (version 2) From the album Television's greatest hits, vol. 5: In Living Color part 330
Lost souls24
Love is a two way street, and she's makin' a lane change, Highwaymen, Out to sea30
Lyrics by Jeffrey Cleveland Parker, the first twenty-two songs, Crime pays, Jeff Parker songs, volume I30
Magnetic love, & 3 other selections, David Wells, Style council30
Maria Callas, la divina (Spanish version of stage play) PAu 2-265-586, Maria: the life and times of Callas30
Mark the Harper's second bunch of madness, Wasted talents, Love thy trophy30
Mercy ; Welcoming a new ice age ; The Things I have done to our love ... [et al.] part 330
Mimsy were the borogoves, My life, A.I.:a screenplay25
Mockingbird. Piano/voice arr. Inex Foxx, Charlie Foxx, Mockingbird, Three in the morning29
Mosquitos & 6 other titles; musical cues for use in episodes of the television series entitled Sugar and spice30
Moulin Rouge, song from (Where is your heart?) From album Martin Denny (monaural/stereo)30
M.T.W.T.F.S. Additional title: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday30
National Enquirer, v. 65, no. 17, 20Nov90 & 558 other titles30
New sensations in sound. w Mack David, m Raymond Scott, Don Coyote, Get some24
Nightmare on Elm Street 4--the dream master & 4 other titles; feature films part 230
No place like home in the summertime30
No place like home (music) (Jake and the kid) PA 769-29130
Nothing but the truth30
No titles given for all works by A.G. Rizzoli part 230
No titles given for a two three-dimensional color caricatures of a boy and girl30
No titles given for motion picture treatment30
No titles given for work performed by Tom Fontana, employee-for-hire of Fatima Productions, Inc., as a work made-for-hire for Home Box Office part 430
No titles given part 830
No titles given part 930
Nus factor modulation of RNA chain elongation and RHO-dependent transcription termination in Escherichia coli26
Passion in the desert & 2 other titles; motion pictures, Detroit rock city, Astronaut's wife29
Pat Sullivan's A Surprise for Felix. Text: the editors of Wonder Books, ill.: Joe Oriolo30
Play rough. w & m Travis C. Merrill; m Paul Sullivan, 1969-; w Victor Fauro, 196630
Pleasantville, NY May 2003 telephone directory, Blade, The wedding singer27
Public enemies: America's greates crime wave and the birth of the FBI, 1933-34, Extortion30
Put your boots by the bed (hang your hat on the door), Bordertown, With everything that's in me30
Questions of "where?" and of "why?" float high, Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy30
Rage against the limp corn feat. Styles Washington, I see ya, Jay, Jonathan Scott's third collection30
Rebound: the story of Earl "the goat" Manigault, Rebound, Rebound the legend of Earl "the Goat" Manigault30
Regulation of phytochrome gene expression in Avena sativa L. .., Cross: genesis, All I have is blue30
Samurai Jack, year 1, 00/01 part 228
Seattle Repertory Theatre's manual of stage directions for "I'm not Rappaport.", Collective songs by David Sullivan30
Seedless plants, The cell, Protozoa22
Somethin' 4 da honeyz, Shoot em up, Shoot em up movies20
Starry night lantern, no. FT 21012 & 54 other titles part 230
Stawberries are in season, Connection, Armored truck 211's30
Stay at home, Sue. w & m Ernest Maresca, Dion DiMucci, Victoria Schwartz et al26
Still crazy after all these years, The street, Kate in Ex-tasy30
Stop the factory, I want to get off. By Gladasya Productions, Inc, My favorite life30
Stories I couldn't tell while I was a pastor & 1 other title; By Bruce McIver, Gaslight addition30
Stories I couldn't tell while I was a pastor & 1 other title; By Bruce McIver, Untitled Hank Nelken project30
Sugar & spice; musical composition. Words, music & arr. Odessa Quigley Jordan30
Taming the wild personal computer, Gemini, The third woman24
Teacher' guide for arithmetic 5, the world of numbers. By Dale Carpenter, Edith M. Sauer & G. Lester Anderson30
Texas chainsaw massacre II: an original screenplay. PAu 849-12330
The Ascent ; All that I want ; Dreamworld II ; The Ascent ; Wondering where you are30
The bachelor apartment. By Dewey Markham (Pigmeat Markham)30
The bear went over the mountain (Old MacDonald) Arr. by Andy Heyward & Janice Gassman, lyrics by Andy Heyward & Eleanor Burian-Mohr27
The best of Thomas Whitfield-13 songs ... the new gospel legends series, The corrupter28
The blast from the past; a.k.a. Looking for Eve. By Katja Motion Picture Corporation29
The boys from Brazil. PA 56-652 (1997), Milligan's wake, Max Bygraves series 7830
The complete folk songs, ballads and chant from J. R. R. Tolkien's The lord of the rings part 330
The corruptor; motion picture. By QM Productions & Warner Brothers, Inc, Double tap29
The crossing of the Alpes, Precious in His sight, Prairie spirit27
The death of Christ: a treaties which considers the question: did Christ die only for the elect? By Norman F. Douty30
The Deus machine, Dead reckoning, Mace & Mardi30
The edge27
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, Poochinski, The pagemaster30
The four-leaf clover = Le trefle a quatre feuilles = Das vierblattrige Kleeblatt = El trebol de cuatro hojas30
The golden compass & 3 other titles; novels. Written by Philip Pullman, The Pedro Pan experience29
The harder they come. Co-composers, Paul Mark Oakenfold, Andy Gray & Adrian Thaws30
The insipid profession of Jonathan Hornebom, Meeting evil, Flash-pro330
The John Birch Society. w & m Michael Brown a.k.a. Michael Lookofsky Brown, Love Canal, U. S. A30
The kiss part 224
The last first kiss: Alex Fader finds the real thing, King's ransom, As to hear a whisper30
The life of the party (will be the death of me) By Charles Anthony Taliaferro & Jeffrey Howard Jared30
The Meat Cigars present Addictions & predilictions, I woke up alone, Change my life30
The other side of the rainbow30
The painted veil & 2 other titles26
The Paper chase--the graduation year, Two days in the valley, 2 days in the valley27
The politicians. By Plautus Productions, Inc, Wyoming behind a tow truck, Cover it up30
The relationship of self-esteem, perceived parental nurturance, and family functioning across three family structures in a sample of non-traditional undergraduate students25
The retreat where secrets die in the light of exposure, The retreat, The golden blaze25
The Road to Virginia City: the diary of James Knox Polk Miller; bk. Editor: Andrew F. Rolle30
The Rumbleseat song. m Marty Donovan (Albert Martin Donovan, Jr.), w Gerry Kenyon (Victor Gerard Kenyon)22
The sexual revolution Created by Sean Smith, as a work-for-hire of HBO Films, a division of Home Box Office, a division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, LP part 424
The Tempest. By William Shakespeare, text edited by Charles Jasper Sison, commentary: Dell Publishing Company, Inc., as employer in a work made for hire of Jean Rosenthal25
The Trouble with Mary Jane, Cocoon, Eldorado: city of gold25
The Twenty-four karat plague, Inferno30
The untitled story of life, lessons, and love30
The wedding parties (R version), The wedding30
The wedding procession of the rag doll and the broom handle and who was in it. Text: Carl Sandburg, ill.: Harriet Pincus30
The wedding service of Alicia Antoinette Lattimore and Willie Cosey King, The wedding30
The World of numbers; arithmetic workbook. No. 5. By Dale Carpenter, G. Lester Anderson, Donovan A. Johnson & June Morris, ill.: Myron Morris30
Thinking about the longstanding problems of virtue and happiness, Caroline, Caroline or change30
Time to get right with God; song. By Bruce Anthony Porter, Blow, Lovin' machine28
Titlepro Exception & Filehandler, Titlepro euala, Titlepro launcher27
To dance with Olivia & 1 other title; television motion pictures, High lonesome, For love of Olivia25
To err is human, to forgive is devine. Words & music: Fred Stryker & Walkin' Charlie Aldrich29
Torrente: el brazo tonto de la ley & 2 other titles, The magic masks, Bloodbath29
Town and country; grade two, second reader. By Mary C. Austin, Richard E. Drdek & William D. Sheldon30
Two girls in the forest, Unholy fire, House party23
Ultra violet spectra. Vol. 91-94, Second defense, The wolves27
Untitled Fontana mini-series project, Witch hunt, Pleasantville30
Untitled Matty Rich project, The forty thieves, The inkwell30
Urban innovation and autonomy: political implications of policy change. By Sage Publications, Inc26
Various jabberjaw 7's and box set, Frequency, Pure new30
Voice of silence collection, no. 1, Dinosaur songs, The libido factor30
Warriors of virtue: return to Tao & 2 other titles, "Chi" knowledge is power, "Tsun" to have a friend, be a friend25
When Father was away on business, Texas chainsaw massacre, Harry's machine28
When Harry met Lloyd: dumb and dumberer, The astronaut's wife, Blow28
When things get tough all over, Y: the last man, Y--the last man22
When your eyes met mine ; Sweet spice ; Sunday drive ... [et al.], Strength in you30
Who's the man? Motion picture photoplay, Menace to society, Above the rim30
Wolf brother & 3 other titles; literary works. Written by Michelle Paver, She devil30
Wrecking crew. By Nintendo Company, Ltd, Road work, Hit parade27
Wrong turn 2. Motion picture. Based on the motion picture Wrong Turn. PA 1-121-432 (2003) part 330
Your pops don't like me (I really don't like this dude), Feelin' freaky, Jive turkey30
You should have given all your heart, Cinderfella, Tryin' to survive26
Zulu and the Zayda. Lyrics by Harold Rome, dramatization by Howard DaSilva & Felix Leon30
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