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An Economic evaluation of the legal doctrine of breach by anticipatory .., My heart has a mind of its own30
A Pioneer Scotch family in Tennessee and West Texas (1800-1912) ; History of the Island of Mull30
April 24, 1981. By Richard Lewis Springthorpe a.k.a. Rick Springfield, Perfect, Will I?30
Art in America in concert, Royal Oak Music Theater, Detroit, MI, Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert30
A Service technician's guide to Monitoring and measuring signal leakage for cable TV systems30
A Simulation gaming approach to housing education, The Radio song, Got any gum?26
ATI's positive credit reconstruction and budgeting guide to financial fitness, If I had any strength at all30
Belles and ballots; or, Every belle should be told, fol. Words & music: Bill King & Tom Love, music: Tom Love & Bud Fowler, words: Paul Keye30
Billy's birthday ; Six days and one ; Your life is a lie ; Instincts, The 1993 demo cassette25
B.L.T./[performed by] Robin Trower, [Jack Bruce, Bill Lordan], In the line of fire26
Bruce Cockburn 11/2/1984 in concert, Rocket launcher, Dream bride30
Cactus Texas ; Hittin' the bottle again ; Right for the time ; Living legends, Nashville rebel30
Case studies in pollution control measures in the textile dyeing and finishing industries30
Chemical and biological characterization of municipal sludges, sediments, dredge spoils, and drilling muds30
Close the door ; Get up, get down, get funky, get loose, Life is a song worth singing30
Collaborative leadership in middle schools and teacher job satisfaction, Smokey Mountain Range29
Commander Cody & his Lost Planet Airmen 11/23/1973 in concert, Leon Everette with the Hurricane Band 1/21/1983 in concert30
Continuity and change in the resource management institutions of communities bordering the Kibale Forest Park, Uganda30
Courtroom medicine. Volume[s] 9[-9A], The Knee and its related structures, Sleep29
Cowboys don't shoot straight (like they used to), I'd like to see Jesus (on the Midnight special)30
Dancing with myself ; Happy people, Whiplash smile, Mark of Caine30
Deadwood ; Gin & milk ; Blood thirsty bastards ... [et al.], Treat me right (I'm yours for life)30
Deconvolution and quantitation of severely overlapped chromatographic peaks using high performance liquid chromatography with multi-channel electrochemical detection30
Dickey Betts and David Allen Coe 5/24/1986 in concert, Atlanta's burning down, What made you change your mind?30
Dolly Parton, this is for you ; [I'll be damned if I'll cry over you], Jimmie Rodgers28
Drinkin' from the bottle, singin' from the heart, Bobby Bare in concert, Bobby Bare 4/23/1983 in concert30
Electric Light Orchestra Part Two performing ELO's greatest hits live, Tough all over22
Elvin Bishop, live from the Record Plant, 12/11/1975, Ain't ya something, honey?26
Eurythmics: sweet dreams (the video album) PA 241-602 (1984), Earl Thomas Conley30
Evoked potentials in intraoperative monitoring, Instinct, Here am I, where are you?25
Far from the beaten paths ; Nostalgia, Two thousand-one years ago, Signals from planet Earth30
Gentle giants of the Pacific22
Go somewhere and hide & 5 other titles, Somebody's knockin', I wanna be around25
House in freeway setting; a collection consisting of settings in morning, between morning and noon, etc. By Jackson Browne, as employer for hire of Barry Fahr30
How to buy groceries for a family of four, for under $50.00 a week!, Stardance, 3 chapters out of the Black encyclopedia30
Images and realities: the African American family, City Boy, The princess and the pea30
I'm so angry ; Man of the year ; Bye bye baby ; Between high and old school, What do you want from me?30
Instructor's resource manual notebook with multimedia manager instructor's resource CD-ROM for Kendall's Sociology in our times, fifth edition30
Interchords/interview (with Martha Hume)--Rosanne Cash, Somewhere in the stars, Second to no one28
Is it over? ; Anywhere there's a jukebox, Is it over?, & 9 other song lyrics, Razzy26
Is your love strong enough? ; Windswept, Avalon, Primitive guitars30
Item bias in the McCarthy scales of children's abilities for Anglo and .., The Daisy girls28
Joan Armatrading 11/17/1977 in concert, To the limit, Me, myself, I30
Joe Satriani--Flying in a blue dream, Engines of creation, Crystal planet30
John Conlee and the Carolina Fever Band 5/25/1984 in concert, Little Caesar 8/11/1989 in concert30
John Conlee and the Carolina Fever Band 6/6/1982 in concert, David Crosby 4/27/1989 in concert30
John Conlee and the Carolina Fever Band 6/6/1982 in concert, The Fixx 9/8/1983 in concert30
John Lennon signs autograph for Mark Chapman--the suspect--yesterday, John Lennon26
Just another miserable day (here in paradise) ; Softly Diana, Billy "Crash" Craddock sings his greatest hits25
La maschera del Demonio. By Alfredo Leone Trust, Black Sabbath, L'Uomo e il bambino26
Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers Band 4/26/1984 in concert, Carl Perkins 3/20/1982 in concert30
Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers Band 4/26/1984 in concert, Chris Deburgh 8/4/1984 in concert30
Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers Band 4/26/1984 in concert, Ricky Skaggs 11/6/1981 in concert30
Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers Band 4/26/1984 in concert, The Call 6/5/1983 in concert30
Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers Band 2/15/1982 in concert, Brand X 10/31/1978 in concert30
Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers Band 2/15/1982 in concert, Buzzwords, Perspective30
Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers Band 2/15/1982 in concert, Keith Stegall 9/1/1982 in concert30
Las Vegas diaries-sex fantasy one & 9 other titles, Hall & Oates 12/2/1979 in concert27
Let 'em in. Artist: Billy Paul, sound recording: Columbia Brodcasting System,Inc24
Lyrical and poetic literature from the emotions of the mind, A beautiful day, A better life30
Manana Para Los Ninos (Tomorrow...For the Children) By Orquesta Batachanga, Jerry Lee Lewis 10/14/1982 in concert30
Marty Robbins. (Country & western classics) TX 1-138-844 (1983)26
Mason Ruffner 6/18/1987 in concert, Gypsy blood, Gypsy blood collection28
Midnight at the oasis. From album Dust yourself off/accept no substitutes, I'ma woman24
Mincy, Minshew family first and second reports, 6/1986 and 11/1986, The best of Simple30
Missing persons, the 40 second phenomenon, Even weeds have needs, Pass the keys, please29
Port Arthur, Texas continues to mourn the passing of a favorite daughter, Janis Joplin30
Rachel Gallagher's two dimensional graphic artwork, Chelsea, The lupescu24
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys--including Ricky Skaggs & Keith Whitley--sing gospel echoes of the Stanley Brothers30
Real good looking boy. Composers, Townshend, Weiss, Peretti & Creatore, They made my dream come true30
Regression analysis of survival data in cancer chemotherapy, The Oak Ridge Boys/Statler Brothers30
Rene Magritte coveting Salvador Dali's tricycle, Jesse Colin Young 1/1/1985 in concert30
Residence time distribution theory in chemical engineering, The Tale of the tape30
Retrospective--the videos of Suzanne Vega, Songs in red and gray, Tom's diner30
Samira. By George Andrew Jones, 1954, The Wanderers ., Vibrating screen and crushing system30
Say Yes! ; Walk with me ; Come on help me lift Him up ... [et al.], Rocket fuel, Rocket fuel only27
Sex and sex role differences in the classroom verbal behavior of college students30
(She's) sexy + 17 ; Lookin' better every beer, Ring, ring, ring, Drink whiskey and shut up30
Six foot deep, six foot down ; He never got the picture at all, Message from our children30
Son Seals Blues Band with Johnny Winter 2/15/1978 in concert, Kingfish 4/3/1976 in concert30
Son Seals Blues Band with Johnny Winter 2/15/1978 in concert, Up to the man in you30
Southern Pacific color guide to freight and passenger equipment30
Student supplement for Calculus, one and several variables, third edition [by] S. L. Salas, Einar Hille30
Talking about sex and worrying about children. Toward a theory of the first amendment30
Talking heads: interviews with the men and women who make prime-time television, Unlocking the beauty of the Bible30
Tammy Wynette. (Country & western classics) TX 1-378-245 (1984), Roll on, little dogies27
The do-it-yourself gunpowder cookbook, Wrong thing to do, Freak show, & 13 other songs27
The Ever popular tortured artist effect, Healing, Hermit of Mink Hollow30
The Generalized multipole technique for computational electromagnetics, In my life30
The Jimmie Rodgers blues; song. By Vaughn Horton & Elton Britt, Sugar foot rag, Jerry Reed--live!25
The Old Chisholm Trail & 2 other titles, Joe Stampley & Moe Bandy 10/29/1983 in concert30
The Pocket Planner :a simple, effective method of recording your schedule, Integrating academic and vocational education23
There's everybody else (and then there's you), Comedy heights, The world is full of people30
The Romantic landscapes of Samuel Colman at Kennedy Galleries, September 20 to October 15, 198330
The Sierra Club Yosemite postcard collection, You sing the Byrds, You sing Three Dog Night29
The song of the wolf. SRu 448-251 (2001), Kenny Loggins 8/27/1985 in concert, Nightwatch30
The Synthesizer & electronic keyboard handbook, Magic's wand, The Haunted house of rock30
The Tommy Overstreet show live from the Silver Slipper. Artist: Tommy Overstreet & others, sound recording: ABC Records, Inc part 228
The way of the sword (soul of the Samuri), Thompson twins, You too can do the cube30
Todd Rundgren's utopia/another live, Thomas Dolby, Ashford & Simpson30
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Tuesday, June 13, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountian View, CA30
Tulsa shuffle, the best of Elvin Bishop, Ace in the hole, Fooled around & fell in love30
Value assumptions in risk assessment, Even better, The Cowgirl and the dandy26
When we get back to the farm (that's when we really go to town), Forty and some, David Frizzell & Shelly West 4/7/1984 in concert29
Wittgenstein on truth and necessity in mathematics, I don't want to get over you30
World's most perfect woman ; Rockin' you easy, lovin' you slow, Linda, you're losing a good thing30
Yesterday And Today Live from the Record Plant Sausalito, Ca 11/8/74, The Monkees, live summer tour30
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