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Acceleration waltz (debut at Dommayer's, no. 2) & 33 other titles, Lord Almighty27
Accidental love & 18 other titles, Phantoms II, Crap shoot30
A hole to hide in & 73 other titles. Written by Dave Peverett & co-writers as noted30
Anytime of the day & 10 other titles, Crazy American cheese sandwiches, Out my window28
A Turned on people, making your own audio-visuals in church and school, Let's go to the movies30
Away in a manger (arr.) Written by Wilson, Chesney & Cannon30
Break away part 530
Can't give up (on love) Written by Bryan Thompson & Paul Scott28
Concerto for sleigh bells and strings, Bells, bells, bells, Mount Vernon march30
Crab rappers & 9 other titles, Blue, blue moon, Blue blue moon25
Crossfire part 230
Current operating expenditures and income of higher education in the United States, 1930, 1940, and 1950. Text: William Campbell, Robert English & George Lampros30
Daddy's money & 18 other titles26
Dirty & stinkin' ; Dirty & stinkin' (remix), Rock is dead, Robert Perry30
Dominique (come on need me) & 1 other title, Rocks in his head, I've been robbed24
Don't let that woman do to you what she's already done to me & 1 other title, Workaday song30
Every time somebody wins (somebody's gotta lose) By James D. (Jim) Weatherly, Comin' from the heart30
Fat man jam ; Fat man jam (instrumental) ; Gem of the Caribbean, Sexy lady number 1725
For the boys. By Marshall Brickman, based on previous drafts by Neal Jimenez & Lindy Laub30
Happy to see me. Shine a light. In a world. You are everything. West wakes up. It was wrong. By Chris Reed, David Wolfenden, Leon Phillips & Mark Chillington; performed by Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry30
Happy to see me. Shine a light. In a world. You are everything. West wakes up. It was wrong. By Chris Reed, David Wolfenden, Leon Phillips & Mark Chillington; performed by Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry part 428
Hip swingin' woman (what's been wrong with world?), Soliloquy, Circus of love30
Hot stuff part 330
I did it ; Free Willy ; Marry me, Ann ... [et al.], Spiderman, Yankee Doodle boy24
I don't believe you want to get up and dance (oops) By Lonnie Simmons, Ronnie Wilson, Charles Wilson, Rovert Wilson & Rudolph Taylor part 230
I just want to be the first one. By Billy Livsey & Don Schlitz30
I'm a working man who needs a good woman, Prisoner30
Impeachment of witnesses--the cross-examiner's art. Supplement, Dwarf tossin', Kao physics25
I never knew Santa before, I wonder if I could have a Santa too30
Introductions to higher mathematics; ordinary differential equations. By Garrett Birkhoff & Gian-Carlo Rota30
Investigations regarding the diversity and evolution of symbiotic dinoflagellates30
It's Christmas all over the world (intro) ; It's Christmas all over the world ; Theme music ... [et al.]30
I wanna play ; I'm a tell-U ; Mack trucks ... [et al.], It ain't hard to tell, Times we shared together30
Long lost friend, & 4 other songs, Hold your own, Bullet to bite28
Lovely spell. Lelly, I love you. Sound recording: Phonogram, Inc., artist: Daniel Boone30
Love me or leave me (all alone)30
Machu Picchu engineering archaeological exploration of September 2002, 12th round knockout30
Make your own groove. w & m Johnny Elkins, 1956-; m Mike Greene, 1959-, Fashion statement30
Mary Land's Louisiana cookery. By Mary Land (Mary Land Reed), It's Christmas Day30
Midnight mirage. Artist: Mike Greene, sound recording: Phonogram, Inc, You've got the love30
Mutations in bleomycin-damaged shuttle vectors PSVSU270 and PZ189 replicated in simian and human cell lines and recombination of plasmid PSV56 containing a double-strand break mimicking a bleomycin-induced double-strand break30
Night flight, [episode title], Take off to dance in video music, Nobody's laughin' here30
No titles given for project created by The Bailey Group as a work-made-for-hire for Caswell-Massey part 230
One more thing (you'd have to lie about), Call on this boy, Never want to let you go28
Palm Springs: eternal in the human hand. By Thomas Hensley, Alan Lindgren & Larry Brown30
Post-beginning, feeling, seeing, knowing, believing, doing, finding tape, 6/2/9030
Pro.NET 2.0 Windows forms and custom controls in VB 2005, Flight of kings, Blisters & coffee30
Really want U ; Nice things ; Game ; ... [et al.], Can't get used to losin' you, Easy to be sleazy24
Silent night ; O holy night ; O come all ye faithful ; Jingle bells part 230
Sing praises and more, Deja vu30
Studies of the capsid determinants of canine parvovirus host range and mechanisms of virus uptake and infectious entry into cells in vitro30
Te tengo que olvidar, & other selections, Sigo esperando, Esos hombres30
The Fantastic four annual. Vol. 1, no. 1, 1964. By Stan Lee, employee for hire of Canam Publishers Sales Corporation29
The Machine transcription specialist, packet of trainee materials for, a text-workbook, second edition30
The negotiator; original motion piture score, Chicken switch. w & m John Hill, Twenty-ten30
The Only way to travel. From the film, The Road to Hong Kong. m Sammy Cahn & James VanHeusen part 330
Timeless part 230
Turn me on your radio. By Hilly Michaels, pseud. of Michael Hillman, & Billy Cross30
Turn your radar on & 3 other titles, Are you talkin' to me? Co-writer: Dave Berg27
Twentieth century fox. By James Morrison, Raymond Manzarek & Robert Krieger (of the Doors) part 528
Use of (uranium-carbon-13(3) glycerol to delineate primary metabolic pathways .28
Wake-up call ; Gamblers don't gamble ; The good ship ... [et al.]30
We are the horsemen ; Checkin' my style ; Two brothers with checks (San Francisco, Harvey) ... [et al.] part 230
We three kings (pd) By Booker T. Jones, Steve Cropper, Donald Dunn a.k.a. Duck Dunn, & Al Jackson30
We wish you a merry Christmas (pd) By Booker T. Jones, Steve Cropper, Donald Dunn a.k.a. Duck Dunn, & Al Jackson30
What child is this? & 9 other titles30
You can do it. Words by Carl Sigman, music by Peter DeRose part 230
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