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A comparative study of child-rearing practices and family environments of adoptive and biological families part 430
A comparison of inpatient versus outpatient substance abuse treatment of job performance30
A Comparison of moral reasoning stage among Jewish day care school and .., Daddy's girl30
A critical, philosophical examination of moral reasoning and moral education in current educational models and a proposition for a new, alternative, comprehensive moral education model in elementary grades 4-630
A cross-sectional study of optimism and self-actualization among African-American and Latino-American college students30
Against the night & 100 other titles, Hearts lie sleeping, A Stranger in the waiting30
A Multivariate analysis of "self-concepts" that might be related to the success .30
Analytical expression for the output voltage of the triple resonance Tesla-transformer22
An examination of the barriers to application of the management theories of W. Edwards Deming30
An expanded rational expectations model of intention to consume an innovative food product in a restaurant setting part 230
Angina Pectoris--learn about coronary heart disease and how to prevent it, The Sensuous heart30
[Artist and model, and other contributions] By Irving Feldman, New and selected poems. By Thomas Hornsby Ferril28
Athens County Children Services Board--it takes a community to protect a child, Doctor man27
A Theory of the control of the ontogeny and phylogeny of homo sapiens by the interaction of dehydroepiandrosterone and the amygdala part 230
A top of the line entertainment collection of new songs for the public, Dunson project songbook III30
Autobiography--the life of Prince-Patriarch Vajiranana of Siam, 1860-1921, You're in love30
Availability and use of microcomputers in the self-contained special education classroom22
A walk in the park (night cinematography compiled), Stasiasongs, Some of my best27
Being human as the experience of radical insufficiency in the writings of R. DeCastro and J. A. Silva30
Bob Haymes "that's all": Bob Haymes plays & sings Bob Haymes, Graham R, Poems by Linda Hughes25
By way of interruption ; Levinas and the ethics of communication, Principles of interpretation30
Carpenter and Quincannon, professional detective services, More wild westerns, The Californians30
Cash flow concepts in the financial performance evaluation of foreign .., Given, Step into the Sonlight23
Charade; libretto for a musical drama. By Jascha Kessler, Tongue and groove, Mid tide29
Check brains here ; Segragation [sic], separation ; Different ways of living ... [et al.]30
Children of the Heavenly Father, Pilgrimage30
Christian missions in China: Evangelists of what? Edited by Jessie G. Lutz30
"Christmas at the Happening Workshop" with Mae and Will Happen, Mind's eye, Always overcome30
Computer assisted identification of surveillance testing requirements associated with commercial nuclear power plant mode changes part 225
Contemporary scenes for student actors, The Actor's scenebook, Bringing up a moral child27
Current Reviews for post anesthesia care nurses, I weigh your love on a scale, The Curse of Claudia25
Death of a navy: Japanese naval action in World War II. By Andrieu D'Albas, translator: Anthony Rippon, notes and maps by Robert A. Theobald21
Development and field evaluation of an interdisciplinary measure of .., Noises, sounds & sweet airs30
Dhows and the colonial economy of Zanzibar, 1860-1970, Changing Uganda, Religion & politics in east Africa29
Differential diagnosis of heterogeneous cell populations in lymph node fine-needle aspiration biopsy part 230
Do your time & 3 other titles. Composed by Shamar D. Daugherty & Alonzo E. Lee, Jr., with co-composers as noted part 230
Dust bowl, USA: depression America and the ecological imagination, 1929-1941, A history of the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Party30
Effective psychotherapy supervision as perceived by psychology interns, The Piano experience19
Effect of a program of therapeutic discipline on the attitude, attendance .., Relation ships30
Electrical transport properties of epitaxial and granular oriented yttrium barium(2) copper(3) oxygen(7-delta) thin films30
Elements of design and service in television ACG circuits. By Harry E. Thomas, Love storm project27
Essential sight words for second language learners, The State and revolution in eastern Africa30
Examining activities that promote perspective transformation among adult learners in higher education30
Far Eastern literatures in the 20th century, Raymond Chandler and film, Victorian novels on film27
Financial support plan for institutions of higher learning and non-profit organizations30
Forging a new sword; a study of the Department of Defense. By William R. Kintner, in association with Joseph Irving Coffey, and Raymond Jacob Albright22
Frederick Remington's own West. Written and illustrated by Frederick Remington, edited with an introd. by Harold McCracken30
Fundamentals of recreation programming for campgrounds and RV parks, C.G. Mitchell's first try29
George Kennan and the American-Russian relationship, 1865-1924, Politics in British literature, 1688-188530
George Kennan and the American-Russian relationship, 1865-1924, Tennyson at Aldworth30
Get on the bus ; I'm doing it well on the side of the REA ; Pop that pussy ... [et al.] part 230
Girl's Sunday frocks, size 17/18 inch antique doll, years 1908-1920, The leaf people28
Good-bye, baby. w & m Christine Frisina (Christine Frisina Nolan), m Terry Frisina (Terry Frisina Levine)30
Guide to the mammals of Salta Province, Argentina = Guia de los mamiferos de la Provincia de Salta, Argentina30
Health care experiences of a racially and economically diverse group of lesbians30
How to develop a curriculum for Christian education materials in your culture, Renewing the Sunday school and the C C D27
How to start your own bookkeeping/accounting practice without the high cost of a franchise part 230
Immigration, diversity, and broadcasting in the United States, 1990-2001, Raising the dust30
Instructor's manual to accompany Heinrich/Petersen/Roos, Industrial accident prevention, fifth edition part 230
Instructor's manual to accompany Money, banking, and financial markets, 2nd edition26
Integrating the national science education standards into classroom practice, The refining effect of adversity on my family30
Investigating the effects of tonic reflex activity on upper limb .., Hide away, Who's laughing now?25
Investigations of the hydrophobic residues at the folate binding site in Escherichia coli dihyrofolate reductase by mutagenic and kinetic studies30
It's not the end of the earth, but you can see it from here, Touching the fire, A treasury of Nebraska pioneer folklore27
Journal of William P. Huff of an overland trip to Richmond, Fort Bend County, Texas, to Mariposa in Southern California in the years 1849 and 1850 part 230
Learner field dependency, information sequence preference, and posttest achievement for a hypertext-based computer-assisted instructional program30
Legacy part 530
Life and works of Arthur Fickenscher, American composer (1871-1954), Organic molecular solids30
Looking at a portrait of Lou Andreas-Salome & 2 other titles, The Flight into Egypt. By Christopher Middleton30
Lost bear. By Ann Durell, illustrated with photos by Desmond Russell, Devilhorn30
Medieval political philosophy; a sourcebook. Edited by Ralph Lerner & Muhsin Mahdi with the collaboration of Ernest L. Fortin30
Mental hygiene in teaching. By Fritz Redl & William W. Wattenberg, general editor: Willard B. Spalding30
Midwives of the revolution female Bolsheviks and women workers in 1917, The Collected letters of George Gissing30
Milankovitch sea-level changes, cycles, and reservoirs on carbonate platforms in greenhouse and ice-house worlds part 230
Murder most foul and other great crime stories from the world press, Dead wrong, April30
Native Americans in paintings and sculptures in the United States Galleries of the Fine Arts Palace at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition part 230
Native orchids of the southern Appalachian Mountains, The center of a great empire30
Official rules of the United States Deck Toss Association, March 13, 1984, Songs of Arthur and Kim Young30 SMS to cell/mobile phone senderizer text relay scripts, Continuous thermal processing of foods30
Penetration and colonization of Pinus divaricata by Cronartium comandrae, Penetration30
Petition histories and nonlegislative official documents, Creating the Bill of Rights26
Phenomenology of intentional repetitive behaviors in Tourette's syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder in children and adolescents30
Practica adicional for El Porque del espanol = The Whys and wherefores of Spanish30
Quand Robespierre et Danton inventaient la France, Les Fetes cruelles, La Grande eclipse. By Alain Bosquet30
Recollections of parental warmth and control, current attachment style, and perceptions of the social support network part 530
Rorschach comparison of clinic-referred, attention-deficit hyperactivity disordered and depressed school-age children part 230
Security for young children--the foundation for spiritual values. By Elizabeth W. Campbell30
Selected short stories by Henry James edited and with an introductin by Quentin Anderson30
Seven biblical principles Satan does not want the body of Christ to know, The pastor's love offering30
Skills prediction in early intensive education programs for children with autism spectrum disorder27
Soaring with the Connecticut mastery test strands: CMT reading comprehension strand questions using the soar to30
Social music course; a compiled book for the piano. Book 3. Editing: Irl Allison, Sr. & Florence Fender Binkley30
Some things in this life just ain't for sale, Soldiers of misfortune, So in the pink27
Speculation on the anomalous acceleration of the NASA probes and a new source of energy30
String puller, and other selections, On the fringe, Blue is30
Students' experiences with interactivity and learning in a high school physics multimedia distance learning course30
Summer math and reading--Quarton School, third grade, summer 1994, Persister attitude change in developmental courses in .30
Teacher perceptions of the effect curriculum planning has on their roles in the .28
Teacher's manual for Cases and materials on the professional responsibility of lawyers part 226
Test item file and mastery tests for Rubin's and McNeil's The Psychology of being human, brief/update edition30
The Airmail special delivery stamps of the United States, Seasons such as these, Guide to low cost travel30
The Archaeological research design and fieldwork conducted by the University of San Diego at the Mission San Diego de Alcala, 1966-1984 part 230
The Best western stories of Les Savage, Jr, Fire dance at Spider Rock, Return to Warbow. By Les Savage, Jr26
The collected works of William Howard Taft; vol. 3, Presidential addresses and state papers30
The collected works of William Howard Taft; vol. 3, Presidential addresses and state papers part 230
The collected works of William Howard Taft; vol. 3, Presidential addresses and state papers part 330
The Context of pastoral counseling. By Seward Hiltner & Lowell G. Colston, Daddy's dying--who's got the will?22
The crane's bill; Zen poems of China and Japan. Translated by Lucien Stryk, Takashi Ikemoto and Taigan Takayama, drawings by Raymond Davidson part 230
The cruise of the Seminole among the Florida Keys, March 10-April 5, 1905, Teenage virgin25
The effects of relative frequency of knowledge of results on brain injured and neurologically normal individuals learning a linear positioning task part 230
The Effects of word processing and a process approach to writing on the reading and writing achievement, revision and editing strategies, attitudes towards writing of third-grade28
The First pictorial history of the American oil and gas industry, 1859-1983, Paul Ricoeur30
The forgotten boys of the Civilian Conservation Corps., who enlisted as boys amd were discharged as men part 530
The French socialists' attitudes toward the use of nuclear weapons, 1945-1978, Islands of Maine22
The Gathering crisis in federal deposit insurance30
The Gold and the garbage in management theories and prescriptions, My baby loves me30
The Identification of dividend policies and an evaluation of their impact .., Dear Cyndi30
The Lost steps; a novel. Written by Alejo Carpentier, English language translation by Harriet DeOnis, employee for hire of Alfred A. Knopf, Inc29
The optimist sees the bagel, the pessimist sees the hole, The denial, The picador29
The Prevention of the obstruction of vital arteries, with emphasis on the role of arterial obstruction in causing heart attacks, strokes, impotence, altered function, and gangrene of the legs30
The Role of the visual arts in post-modern and late-modern architecture, MacLaboratory for psychology30
The roots and flowers of evil in Baudelaire, Nietzsche, and Hilter, If women ruled the world26
The Silva mind control method for getting help from your other side, Outerbridge reach30
The Spiritual foundations of society, The bride of the lamb, The friend of the bridegroom25
The tangled roots of feminism, environmentalism and Appalachian literature, The People outside30
Transcendental idealism or does Kant hold the object of experience to exist independently of experience?30
Upper California. Introd. by Carroll D. Hall, translation by Max Knight & Anthony Knight, woodcuts by Mallette Dean24
Womanspirit rising: a feminist reader in religion. By Carol P. Christ & Judith Plaskow30
You can breastfeed your baby, even in special situations, Gene Logsdon's Practical skills30
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