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Active site characterization and mechanism of thyroid purine nucleoside phosphorylase30
A Descriptive study of counseling services in selected four-year private .., Chill's group 130
Alabama public middle and secondary school principals' perceptions of selected first amendment student rights30
America, the ax is laid at the root of the tree and God is getting ready to cut you down30
An Assessment of the utility of the cognitive style concept in intercultural communication research part 230
An Assessment of the utility of the cognitive style concept in intercultural communication research part 328
An ethnographic case study of the dimensions of learning implementation process at a K-8 suburban magnet school part 230
An exploratory study of self-perceived and observed skills of Texas assistant principals30
An Introduction to sociology. By Gladys Sellew, Paul Hanly Furfey & William T. Gaughan, under the editorship of F. Stuart Chapin30
A Poor man called Jesus, reflections on the Gospel of Mark, ElSalvador and the cost of Christian witness30
A Poor man called Jesus, reflections on the Gospel of Mark, The Gospel and the poor30
A Presentation to the American Business Council of the Gulf Countries, Gospel bearers, gender barriers30
A strategic environmentally conscious production decision model, HOST, HOST food production (supervisory management level)30
A Study on obtaining past medical history and information on patients treated in pre-hospital emergency care27
A Text book collection of 100 inspirational prose and poetry for ages nine to ninety30
Basic Spanish: essentials for mastery. By Edward E. Settgast & Gerald F. Anderson. 3d ed30
Biblical interpretation in the American holiness movement, 1875-1920, The amnesty of grace26
Christianity vs. the Da Vinci Code ; Classic Christianity in modern terms30
Classical and contemporary readings in the philosophy of religion. Editor: John Hick22
Convictions of the heart and soul, Convictions, DNA25
Dictionary for theological interpretation of the Bible, Is there a meaning in this text?30
Effective career counseling for individuals with psychiatric disabilities, Chemistry30
Fear not for the Lord has done grape things, Cloud of witnesses, Putt God first27
First around the world; a journal of Magellan's voyage. By George Sanderlin, Gustavo Gutierrez30
Flannery O'Connor's artistry, techniques of characterization30
Following Christ in a consumer society, My prayer journal, The Boy who snuck in30
From the secret springs for flute, viola, cello and piano, Nibiru trio, Conquering space28
Grace and responsibility--a Wesleyan theology for today, Process theology as political theology28
Growth of the medical research literature on non-Western medicine as indexed by the National Library of Medicine from 1966-199330
Heroism and friendship in the novels of Erich Maria Remarque, Dreamer of the ghetto26
How to create alternative, magnet, and charter schools that work, Blessed are the persecuted30
Jesus, the way, the truth, and the life, Jesus, heaven on earth, The Jesus community30
Karl Polanyi on ethics and economics, The Logic of solidarity, The reconciliation of peoples25
Les Noeuds de la lune, cles de l'interpretation astrologique, Pierre Teilhard DeChardin30
Letters concerning the spread of the Gospel in the heathen world, presented to all Mennonites in North America28
Lift every voice (take me away) & 12 other titles30
My blue tongue, Leave it to Augie, Silver secrets, Dear Santa, Make me a star, The T-BAG30
On religion; speeches to its cultured despisers. By Friedrich Schleiermacher, translated by John Oman, with an introd. by Rudolf Otto, translation of introd.: Salvator Attanasio30
Pastoral theology from a global perspective, When I think of what He's done for me30
Photonic bandgap resonators and waveguides, The new detectives, Ridenbaugh demonstration material30
Psychosocial problems of college men. Editor: Bryant M. Wedge, Win-win, Jimmy collection30
Questions, answers, explanations, commercial pilot airplane written test guide (AC61.71B)30
Report of the Chilean National Commission on Truth and Reconciliation, Inside Central America29
Revolutions in art and ideas at the turn of the twentieth century, Revolutions30
Santo Domingo, Republicana Dominicana paginas amarillas directorio, 1990-1991, Mujer perdida28
Science teacher decision-making in classrooms with cultural diversity, Parenting for peace and justice27
Secondary social studies teachers' opinions about the appropriateness of prayer in public schools26
Signs of the times and coming war in the Middle East30
Stories from below the poverty line, Waging peace, The Call to conversion30
Substrate specificity of calf thymus histone deacetylase, Order and design: Henry James's titled story sequences29
Textbook of microbiology. By Williams Burrows, Richthofen: a true history of the Red Baron25
The Acts & proceedings of the 184th Regular Session of the General Synod, Reformed Church in America30
The Beatitudes as a model for discipleship, leadership, and Christian ethics in the local church30
The Immortality of humanity, the medieval roots of millennial hope, The influence of feminist values on culture30
The nature of principal-teacher relationships at North Carolina Title I elementary schools of distinction30
The principle of sufficient reason and the problem of the external world in Hume's "Treatise" and Kant's "Critique of pure reason."30
The relationship between hemisphere-congruent programmed instructions and concept learning among female baccalaureate nursine students30
The Rhythm Factory project, Defenseless, Defenseless heart30
The Silence of stones, the photographer as artist, The Silence30
Traditional and modern approaches to the environment on the Pacific Rim, Modern Indian responses to religious pluralism30
Where is God today? ; God is here ; Hurrah ... [et al.]30
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