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Afro-Caribbean influences in Puerto Rican Pentecostalism, Prayers for prisoners, Holy Infant Jesus30
A Histo-cytological study of the effect of nerve growth factor and limb amputation on the third dorsal root ganglion and the posterior subclavian ganglion in Ambystoma larvae30
American women and English-speaking Egyptian women communicating about conflict in Ma'adi, Cairo, Egypt part 230
Appendix people trax performance planning and evaluation guide sample, Rubenesque30
A Study of the relationship of death anxiety, age, and .., Holding hands, Psalm 14530
Bible stories from heaven with the complete interpretation of the revelation of Jesus Christ to Saint John part 230
Christianity and Jewish-Christian relations in American rabbinical school programs part 230
Curt Martin & Mike Grim, the complete works of, Restoring the hearts of fathers, Boys to men28
Delineation of Wellhead protection areas for Williams and Harmon Springs, Water Works Board, Town of West Blocton, Alabama part 230
Discovering God's gifts, the leader's resource book (policies and procedures and resource sections30
From Writing! An introductory composition workbook for students of English as a second language27
How to get the most out of roll coverings & 5 other titles; certified copy of certificate of ownership & merger30
I am special and you are special, too!30
Inhalation anesthetics and carbohydrate metabolism. By Nicholas M. Greene, Godot at night22
Instructor's manual to accompany Abell/Morrison/Wolff Exploration of the universe, sixth edition part 330
John Rabone & Sons, Birmingham, England, rules, tapes, steel straight edges, steel band chains, spirit levels, et cetera, July 1892 part 230
Letter from Mother M. Teresa, I.B.V.M. (place unknown) to Fr. C. Van Exem, S.J. written on the feast of St. Francis Xavier, dated December 3, 194730
Meditations for men who do next to nothing and would like to do even less, Meditations part 230
Methodological characteristics of juvenile delinquency treatment .., Daddy's little matchmaker30
Of the imitation of Christ. By Thomas a Kempis, translator: Justin McCann, introd.: New American Library of World Literature, Inc30
One nation under God? President Ronald Reagan and the . part 230
Parents & kids talking about school violence, Dreams fulfilled, Who's in the mirror?26
Pope John Paul II's Letter to women ; Pope John Paul II's Letter to children, Truth and meaning of human sexuality30
Powers of the secular modern, Tala Asad and his inetrlocutors, Love answers all, Holmes redux30
Prayer part 630
Praying in the presence of our Lord with St. Therese of Lisieux, A century of Catholic converts30
Praying in the presence of our Lord with St. Therese of Lisieux, Saints of Africa30
Proud to be active and healthy activity book, Proud to be30
Randomized clinical trial comparing active versus passive approaches to the treatment of recurrent and chronic low back pain30
Saint Therese and her mission. By Abbe Andre Combes, Vegetable man, Clown with butterfly30
Scanned-probe investigation of nanoprobe-induced lateral quantization in near-surface resonant-tunneling semiconductor heterostructures part 330
Seeking an annulment with the help of your Catholic faith, Catholic faith facts Q&A for Lent and Easter22
Seven secrets to high level performance (how to perform better, produce more and enjoy more)30
Stations of the cross for children preschool through first communion30
Stations of the cross: no. HZ-300. VA 1-210-013 (2003), Hagase tu voluntad, La Madre dolorosa29
Talking to your kids about sex from toddlers to preteens30
Tell me why and other stories about what I was never taught in medical school, Tell me why30
The big domino in the sky and other atheistic tales, Angels in red hats, The Catholic parent book of feasts30
The book of Catholic customs and traditions, Why I am a charismatic, What's wrong with getting angry?30
The children's magazine for the next generation, and one other magazine30
The effect of bulk PH on the characteristics of the amphoteric surfactant dodecylamine propionic acid part 230
The effects of an inservice program on school administrators' knowledge concerning the Fourth Amendment's applicability to student searches and seizures30
The fifteen mysteries of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Lessons from the monastery that touch your life30
The French public confronts the Algerian War, 1954-1962, Who is your lover?, The Lights of heaven30
The heart of reformation faith; the fundamental axioms of evangelical belief. By Heinrich Bornkamm, translated by John W. Doberstein30
The impact of a first-year experience course on the academic performance, persistence, and graduation rates of first-semester college students30
The impact of religious commitment, information about value convergence, and disclosure of counselor religious orientation on client evaluation of counseling part 330
The influence of environmental properties on spatial and temporal weed population dynamics in a mollisol catena30
The medieval university and its influence on Latin church and secular government politics from the later Middle Ages to early modern times part 230
The passion of God as methodological paradigm in the theologies of H. Wheeler Robinson and Juergen Moltmann part 330
The question of the Messianic Woes in 1 Peter, Candy cane pals, Friendly turtle27
The role of context, background knowledge, language skill, and translation training and experience in lexical choice in French-English translation30
The salvation-historical implications of Matthew 24-25 in light of Jewish apocalyptic literature30
The Scriptural basis for devotion to Mary, Glad you asked, What makes you loveable27
The Summary of the arrest, crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ part 330
The way of compassion ... into the heart of the seven sorrows of Mary, Around the Lord's table (student text)30
The way of compassion ... into the heart of the seven sorrows of Mary, The Catholic vision of love30
Three men; an experiment in the biography of emotion. By Jean Evans, introd. Gordon W. Allport30
Variables influencing the difficulty of rigid transformations during the transition between the .23
When God asks for an undivided heart, The gift of God, The advocate30
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