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Abadabadango & 39 other titles, I found the secret, I know what I need30
All because of you ; Catalyst ; Abusive lover ... [et al.]30
Amanda Lynn & 16 other titles, I know what I need, Don't try to own me28
Another chance at love, & 3 other selections30
Armed and dangerous ; Creed ; Beyond belief ... [et al.]30
Boulevard of broken dreams & 1 other title; motion pictures part 230
Brand new morning. w Spence Maxwell, m Gene DiNovi, Major turnoff, Party trained30
Break the ice, and 1 other song, And it gets to me, All this is mine28
Cry. Words & music: Anthony L. Giscombe, 1969-; words: Antone J. Hunt, 1969, I'd give it all to him30
Drive as contained in "rush" |blue chip records # blcp 70003-2, Fight for peace ribbon designs26
Every dream has a beginning (mine began with you), It's over30
Flashback and the trip to Hawaii, Chains30
Gary & Dave project, "Still waiting.", Shadow of love, Wolf on the prowl30
Guardian angel ornament. VA 526-143 (1992) part 330
If you were mine, and 2 other selections30
I'm alive with the life in your love, Forever30
I still belong to you. By Windswept Pacific Entertainment Company d.b.a. Longitude Music Company, as employer for hire of Wendy Waldman, & Rick Niegher & John Keller30
It's over. From the production Petticoat Lane, formerly known as King of Schnorrers. Music & lyrics by Judd Woldin30
It's over part 1830
Justice for one. From motion picture Savage streets. By John Farnham & Sue Shifrin30
Justice for one. From motion picture Savage streets. By John Farnham & Sue Shifrin part 230
Labor of love ; Derailed train ; True voice ... [et al.]30
Lay me down (wake me up) By B. Crewe & B. Gaudio, Lay me down30
Learn to love again ; New day ; She loved30
Like a silver swan on a golden sea, This time30
Livin' without you ; You're in love ; There's nothing I can do ... [et al.]30
My interpretation of Lucifer, Stay away30
Now I lay me down to sleep30
One day at a time collection. w & m Kenneth Smith & Bradley Alexander; w David Cobb part 330
Romancin' the blues. w Jack Murphy & Frank Wildhorn ; m Frank Wildhorn, Till you came into my life30
Speak to my heart ; You bring me joy ; He has done great things ... [et al.], I'll see you tonight30
Stealing time: the new science of aging. PA 660-493 (1999), In a room filled with strangers30
Take no prisoners. w & m Pilar DuRem, 1957-; m Mike Hatfield, 195430
Till you love somebody; a.k.a. 'Til you love somebody. By Sue Shifrin & Bob Marlette30
'Til somebody loves you. By Diane Warren, Michael Bolton & Henry Lee Summer, Till somebody loves you30
Wake up, you little you fool. By Van Stephenson, Mark Baker & Erik Scott, Nam, Spies30
You don't know what it's like. By William "Smokey" Robinson, Sue Shifrin & Reed Nielsen part 330
You don't know what it's like. By William "Smokey" Robinson, Sue Shifrin & Reed Nielson30
Young again, & 3 other songs. m Dale Hamilton, 1971-, John Howser, 1966-, Joel Pinson, 1971-, Robert Zeigler, 1967-; w & m David Roberts, 197030
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