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Activation of host cell gene expression by respiratory syncytial virus infection of the alveolar epithelial cell line A54930
A formative analysis of the full integration of students with severe and profound disabilities in age-appropriate elementary school classrooms30
Assessing the impact of individual characteristics and bargaining strategy selection on negotiation planning and preparation behaviors part 230
Assessing the susceptibility of the life style personality inventory to socially desirable and socially undesirable response sets30
A Study of love feelings as related to age, gender, and relationship status .., The Mirolist30
A study of the interface of prayer and evangelism as they relate to the theme of mission in the Acts of the Apostles30
A three-parameter developmental model for analyzing fluctuating asymmetry in meristic characters30
A Witch's grimoire of ancient omens, portents, talismans, amulets, and charms, Secretary's desk book30
Budget flying: how to earn your private pilot's license and enjoy flying economically30
Building elementary reading skills through whole language and literature, Locating hidden meanings30
Cardiovascular reactivity and its association with type A behavior, negative affectivity, aggression and submission in fifth-grade children part 230
Carnival is fun with a little bit of the sun, Virgin Islands, Lion fish, Frank Boles III, Inc27
Competitive designs for the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City, The sandwich and the plumber30
Complete book of illustrated learning aids, games & activities for the early childhood teacher30
Complete book of illustrated learning aids, games & activities for the early childhood teacher part 230
Complete book of illustrated learning aids, games & activities for the early childhood teacher part 330
Complete book of illustrated learning aids, games & activities for the early childhood teacher part 430
Complete handbook of music games and activities for early childhood, The Listener30
Cultivating a divine relationship during the millennium and beyond, Road grace, Writings of Ella Pearl Jordan Dale29
Draw and color your very own kitty cat right along with Uncle Fred, star of the Cartoony time TV show30
Elementary science activities for every month of the school year, Till it turns, If you gave me the love30
Elementary teacher's handbook of indoor and outdoor games, Band director's survival guide29
Encyclopedia of North American railroading: 150 years of railroading in the United States and Canada part 230
Every child ready to read--early literacy tips for parents. By Lee Pesky Learning Center30
Every home should have a punching bag. For 4-part chorus of mixed voices, a cappella. w J. Donald Adams, arr. Jack Boyd30
Goldmine--standard catalog of American records (1976 to present), Gifts galore, Goldmine British invasion record price guide30
Great composers, through the eyes of their contemporaries. Editor: Otto Zoff, translation: Phoebe Rogoff Cave30
Hand reflexology and advanced foot techniques, One touch healing, Body reflexology25
Hands-on science activities for grades K-2 & 12 other titles28
Heinerman's encyclopedia of healing herbs and spices, Exercise, Friendship and love26
Heinerman's Encyclopedia of nature's vitamins and minerals, First aid with herbs28
Helping yourself with autogenics, Smoking, Weight seminar & 4 other titles30
Helping yourself with psychiatry, a practical guide to wiser and healthier living. By Frank S. Caprio29
High school characteristics related to performance on the Scholastic Aptitude Test, high school proficiency test and other educational outcomes part 230
Holographic patterning of polymer dispersed liquid crystal materials for diffractive optical elements30
How to get rich in TV, without really trying. By Shepherd Mead30
How to start your own business with $500.00 or less and become financially independent!30
IBM customer engineering reference manual, preventive maintenance & adjustments, type 602A calculating punch. By Jack Jule Stephenson30
Illustrated guide to the 2006 international plumbing & sewage codes, Testament to Union30
In situ and post-processing investigation of zinc oxide varistors by DC and AC electrical techniques28
Instructional problems concerning culturally diverse (English proficient and limited English proficient) academically unsuccessful students in business education in the New York City public high schools30
Instructor's manual to accompany Courtship and marriage in America, a text with adapted readings, by Thomas Ford Hoult, Lura F. Henze, John W. Hudson23
Instrumental discrimination effects, secondary ion energy spectra, and semi-theoretical .30
International album for postage stamps of People's Republic of China, 1949-72 issues30
In the presence of the Lord. Artist: All Occasion Brass Band, sound recording by MCA Records, Inc30
Kempton/Kimpton families: life & lineage of Jerome B. By Margarite (Kimpton) Stevens & Jan (Stevens) Lockard30
Legal secretary procedures manual for the state of Oregon, county of Lane, Medical secretary30
Lightly on the land the SCA trail building and maintenance manual, Backpacking trip guide to San Diego County29
Listening in the dark; the acoustic orientation of bats and men based on the Trumbull lectures delivered at Yale University. By Donald R. Griffin part 230
Lose unwanted pounds permanently without dieting/trying/playing games, The Law of agency26
Make your learning experience more enjoyable, synchronize your arm and leg movement and control your back swing by practicing at home part 230
Making music by the Tripper son of sound30
Mama and Daddy, aren't you ashamed? By Jerry Gillespie & John E. Denny, Mount Zion ; Love letters ; Shelter of Yah-Weh ... [et al.]28
Manual for teachers to accompany Fundamentals of business law. By Robert E. Stone, Edward A. Smith, Richard A. Frank & Joseph A. Romig30
Mathematics of multidimensional seismic imaging, migration, and inversion, Long night30
Miss Mary Mack and other children's street rhymes, An Explosion of being, On owning a Rottweiler30
Musical games, fingerplays, and rhythmic activities for early childhood, Double post basketball30
Musical instruments of the violin family and the geometry of positioning and cutting out their F-shaped sound holes30
Music in your classroom, Just a logical fool, Still crazy for you30
Music 'n' me ; A New way to listen and then some ; Fun stuff ... [et al.], Basic music theory30
One, two, three, four, what are all these numbers for?30
Organizational factors as correlates of nonprofit human service agency advocacy in Washington, DC30
Positive risks, challenges & other paths to success, How to discipline children without feeling guilty30
Proficiency of university-level advanced E S L students and native speakers of English in processing hierarchical information in context29
Reading and writing across the curriculum with the newspaper for kindergarten through grade three30
Roles and responsibilities of public middle school, junior high school, and high school assistant principals in the state of Mississippi30
School of Corporate Communication and Information Management, Southern Connecticut State University29
Senior woman and the extra money you need!, Desiderata in Absurdia, There might be a sunset28
Students' mathematics achievement scores by duration of instruction in Texas public high schools30
Successful negotiating strategies for school boards & administrators, Handbook of engineering management29
Sunshine love of mine ; I'll build a bridge (to get to you) ; When you left and closed the door27
Survival competencies required of human resource development generalists who are solo-performers in organizations in the next five years30
Teaching music in today's secondary schools: a creative approach to contemporary music education. By Malcolm E. Bessom & Alphonse M. Tatarunis30
Teaching the music of six different cultures in the modern secondary school, Complete book of baseball drills30
Technician's and experimenter's guide to using sun, wind, and water power, Bye bye30
Tembo. Descriptive comments by Westbrook VanVoorhis, produced & directed by Howard Hill30
Test bank to accompany Sales force management, fifth edition [by] Gilbert A. Churchill, Jr., Neil M. Ford, Orville C. Walker, Jr part 230
Texas tango. Tiki torches at twilight. By Bob "Frizz" Fuller. (In Very greasy)29
That's only what they say. w & m Brian O'Hara, Nevermore, Black Sambo22
The 50 healthiest places to live and retire in the United States, Retirement paradises of the world21
The All-new and expanded school administrator's public speaking portfolio, with model speeches and anecdotes30
The Collier quick and easy guide to magic. By Crowell-Collier Publishing Company, employer for hire of Hal G. Vermes (author) & Clayton Rawson (editorial consultant and illustrator)21
The complete Paul Desmond RCA Victor Recordings featuring Jim Hall, Desmond blue30
The context of meaning and psychosocial adaptations to HIV/AIDS by HIV-negative gay men30
The Effect of the use of the calculator on mathematics anxiety in college algebra . part 230
The effects of a technology-enhanced curriculum on higher-level thinking skills of public school students part 230
The Home encyclopedia of symptoms, ailments, and their natural remedies, Carlson Wade's gourmet health foods cookbook. By Carlson Wade27
The influence of venture capital funding on firm performance and time to initial public offering30
The Lord God Almighty now reigns on Earth as he does in heaven! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!30
The Marquise of O, and other stories. Translated and with an introd. by Martin Greenberg, pref. by Thomas Mann25
The Miracle of a new baby deserves something better than paper and plastic diapers30
The Natural gas industry: monopoly and competition in field markets; bk. By Edward J. Neuner30
The New option offense for winning basketball, Good days/bad days, Images27
The People, politics, and the politician; an anthology of American politics in action. Changes, additions & revisions throughout: A. N. Christensen & Evron M. Kirkpatrick30
The Positive development of human resources and school district organizations, The Grand tour30
The Prentice Hall complete book of model letters, memos, and forms for secretaries30
The random character of interest rates: applying statistical probability to the bond markets30
The Reading skills inventory, a portfolio of tested diagnostic and remedial techniques30
The Silva mind control method for getting help from your other side, The Silva method30
Time management, leadership styles, and selected institutional . part 230
Tips, tricks, and hints for effective business and professional writing, Professional photography29
Tolerability and repeat-dose pharmacokinetics (PK) of acetaminophen (APAP) at 4, 6, and 8 g/d in healthy adults27
"To the young," an examination of Vladimir Ussachevsky's last choral composition30
Troubleshooting pilot light problems on power vented mullivolt controlled gas-fired water heater applications part 230
Twilight music, for horn, violin, and piano ; Variations for clarinet, violin, and piano30
Ultra-psychonics: how to work miracles with the limitless power of psycho-atomic energy30
Ultra-psychonics: how to work miracles with the limitless power of psycho-atomic energy part 230
Variables affecting the teacher implementation of cooperative learning methods is ESL and bilingual classrooms30
Variations on Baruch bashan and other songs well done, Holiday music, Why do we love?25
Walking with love. w & m Fred Jay (a.k.a. Fred Jacobson) & Reggie Obrecht (Reginald Obrecht)30
Water movement through lipid bilayers, pores, and plasma membranes, Your past lives and psychic healing30
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