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Simon & Schuster, Inc. documents
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16 tunes, and whaddaya get?, a songwriter's portfolio, Underworld, IDW's Tales of terror26
1st half 2006 published digital images of David Weisman, Kiss of the spider woman23
99 1/2 creepy crawly jokes, riddles & nonsense, Road trip, The Fenderbenders get lost in America30
A bibliometric analysis of the journal literature of academic librarianship as an indicator of professionalism30
A case study of Idaho's legislative process and the factors of influence that shape legislative decision-making on education issues30
A Comparison study of didactic and experiential skill development in behavior therapy . part 230
Acquisition of route and survey spatial knowledge in transparent and opaque virtual environments30
Actual and ideal functions of the chief student affairs officer in small private religious colleges as perceived by president and chief student affairs officers (CSAOS)30
A day in the life of Snoozey, who likes most of all to sleep part 230
A descriptive study of the intentional strategies that women midmanagers in higher education use when faced with gender discrimination30
A dog in heat is a hot dog, and other rules to live by, The Official Railway Equipment Register24
After the war, before the peace, Daniel's story, Safari adventure in Legoland28
A futuristic study of actions to increase the participation of African American, Asian American, and Hispanic American females in sport30
A Genealogy for the descendants of Peter Grebiel/Graybill, (1734-1804) of Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania30
A girl's on-course survival guide, tee to green and in-between, Dora in the deep sea30
A green hill far away & 227 other titles. Written by Don Besig & Nancy Price, Sleeping with the enemy30
A Guide for orientation course instructors to accompany Student success, third edition, [by] Timothy L. Walter, Al Siebert part 430
A Knight in shining armor, Mountain Laurel, The duchess30
Algorithms for efficient image synthesis, A simple plan, Public knowledge30
Alien Resurrection scriptbook, Night of the living rerun, The Xander years28
All that glitters is gold. The rest is real wood part 230
All the queen's men, For the roses, Come the spring30
A longitudinal investigation of mother-infant interaction and its relationship to cognitive development27
A Matter of honor; motion picture. By Overland Productions, Inc, The Snare, Cattle and canes30
Amelia's longest, biggest, most-fights-ever family reunion, Brave Harriet, Mighty Jackie, the strike-out queen30
American heritage; the magazine of history. Vol. 10, no. 6, Oct. 1959 part 230
America's wonderful little hotels and inns, Eastern region, Grooming for good health25
An adventure of the Rainforest friends ; The Rainforest friends first adventure30
An analysis of cadence formation in the "introduction" of Roger Sessions' cantata, "When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd"24
An Analysis of the effect of certain industry sectors in Brazil by the U. S. A. joining the generalized system of preferences part 230
And all the roses dying, Cal, Eternity's question22
And he that hath a perverse tongue falleth into mischief ; A Friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity ; The Sluggard is wiser in his own conceit than seven men that can render a reason30
An empirical analysis of international operating patterns and competitiveness of US banks30
An empirical examination of the major organizational dimensions that influence the perceived quality of federal personnel office services30
An examination of the perceptions of Louisiana Technical College traditional and non-traditional students and faculty regarding effective teaching behaviors in office systems technology programs30
Animal gift wrap & 53 other titles, The Household handbook, Successful dieting tips30
An Integration of self psychological and social cognitive therapies for .., The Journalists' dilemmas30
An interdisciplinary comparison of Joseph Conrad's "Heart of darkness" and Barbara Kingsolver's "The Poisonwood Bible"22
An introduction to the truth concerning healing and prevention of disease, If you must work, there's no place like home30
An investigation of factors influencing choice of institution by baccalaureate degree-seeking employed adults30
An investigation of the relationship between perceived social support, support satisfaction, and depression among working female caregivers30
An ordinary guy. w & m Chip Fisher, pseud. (of Terry Abnett), Ted Taylor, Roger Easterby30
An Organization development approach to improving quality of service in a consulting engineering firm26
A Note on "The Dead." By David Shields, Don't throw me away, The O'Briens (theme)30
A Panel discussion from The Scholar and the Feminist V, Creating feminist works, The Birthday cow30
A Pictorial biography of Mikhail Bulgakov = Mikhail Bulgakov, The Long goodbye, Disappearance29
A place among the stars--the women of Star Trek Voyager, The Klingon, Science logs30
A place among the stars--the women of Star Trek Voyager, Time's enemy, Day of honor30
A Post-Freudian approach to the problem of aggression in the .., Red Army, Agents of innocence30
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