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1/4 lb. Pookkee ; Ice cream Pookkee ; Pigskin Pookkee ; Pookkee jogger, Design & you30
A Cheating heart (was meant for you) w, m & arr.: Bonnie Davis Webb, pseud. of Mary E. (Barker) Webb part 230
A critical analysis of "Everon world and history, a survey" by Professor Downing Q. Fitswish and Dr. Korcibon Stabberdaski30
Adapting early childhood curricula for children in inclusive settings, Engineering your future30
Adverse possession and the South Carolina land surveyor, Tapping the source, Chapel Hill27
[Afterword to The Rocksburg Railroad murders and The Blank page, Detective fiction30
AIDS and the heterosexual--yes, but are you SURE you don't have it?, Tandem, What I can't have30
A kiss before dying ... on stage30
Alberto Salazar's Guide to road racing championship advice for faster times from 5K to marathon30
A mathematical model for the optimization of adult education funding, Educational administration30
American constitutional law; introductory essays and selected cases. No. 2/e. By Alpheus Thomas Mason & William M. Beaney30
American foreign policy and Palestinian self-determination, 1917-194830
An instruction booklet for the parents of college bound students, Computers30
Answers to end-of-chapter study questions for Garrison's Essentials of oceanography, second edition26
A practical introduction to data structures and algorithm analysis, Method of organ playing. By Harold Gleason30
Archie's madhouse. Vol. 1, no. 1, Sept. 195930
A review of the Entoniscinae (Isopoda: epicaridea: entoniscidae), American government critical thinking30
A short history of Christian doctrine. Original translation: Fortress Press, employer for hire of F. Ernest Stoffler30
Automotive electricity, electronics, and computer controls, Basics, Brakes24
Basic English grammar terminology for students of Spanish27
Being a homemaker/home health aide, fourth edition update [by] Elana Zucker, Topics and language competencies 129
Beyond Bikini Bottom! ; SpongeBob SquarePants, New York nightmare!, Tommy's bestest adventure30
Biogeochemical response to multiple iron redox oscillations, Paper ribbon dolls for special times30
Brady Prehospital emergency care, fifth edition [by] Brent Q. Hafen, Keith J. Karren, Joseph J. Mistovich ; medical editor Howard A. Werman30
Calculus explorations with maple to accompany Calculus [by] Gerald L. Bradley, Karl J. Smith30
Cases and materials on taxation of business enterprises, Natural resource booms and Third World development30
Ceramic function during the early pithouse period in the Mimbres River Valley, Morality and moral controversies30
Charles A. Duerr presents his latest collection of original puzzles in Simon and Schuster's Dur-acrostics series number 329
Cobol programming standards manual: relative to Burroughs Mark 3.2 software release30
Coping with stress--effects on somatic illness, morale & social functioning, Stress management for the healthy type A28
Counsel for the damned. By Lowell S. Hawley & Ralph Bushnell Potts, In search of the Castaways30
Criminal justice system involvement among clients at outpatient mental health agencies30
Criminology II, behavioral approach to tradition(s), application, and function, Criminology part 230
Critical thinking skills and knowledge of English of baccalaureate of nursing students in six schools in Puerto Rico accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission30
Development and evaluation of an online computer assisted Rorschach inkblot test30
Don't put that in your mouth, you don't know where it's been, Dark mirror, Dark mirror demo30
English for careers--business, professional, and technical, Personal learning guide for English for careers trio26
Enjoy! Delaware/Maryland/District of Columbia/Virginia/West Virginia, An Egyptian craftsman30
Enterprise part 330
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial movie storybook, Muck's muddy day, Bob's big story collection29
Explaining the decline in real residential rents, 1970-1980, Vanquishing the enemy II30
Explorations in finite mathematics and visual calculus to accompany Mathematical analysis, fourth edition [by] Jagdish C.Arya, Robin W. Lardner part 230
Floral design concepts with African violets & other gesneriads30
Frommer's Dollarwise California and Las Vegas, Frommer's Los Angeles, California from ... a day24
Green environmental services safety policy & preocedures manual, Play time, The white sheep30
Green power: Bobbi Broccoli & Sly Spinach & 8 other titles; animated characters, Beyond the Milky Way, hallucinatory imagery of the Tukano Indians30
Harold Robbins presents High performance, The Piranhas, Fast track29
Helping your child appreciate the Mass and the Sacraments, Stage II relationships30
Home freezing for everyone. By Lura Jim Alkire & Stanley Schuler, Stitches, patterns, and projects for crocheting27
How to find almost anything on the Internet, Gypsy world, Space camp27
How to purchase a new car with knowledge and confidence at a wholesale price, Village idiots30
Insider secrets of successful real estate investors, what no one tells you about real estate investing30
Instructor's key and supplementary quizzes to accompany Improving college writing--a book of exercises25
Instructor's manual and transparency masters to accompany Pascal programming and problem solving26
Instructor's manual for Fundamentals of ethics for scientists and engineers, The chase music medley30
Instructor's manual to accompany Invitation to oceanography, Oceanography of Asian marginal seas30
Instructor's manual to accompany The Humanities through the arts, fourth edition part 230
Instructor's manual, What will we do in the morning? The exceptional student in the regular classroom30
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Precalculus with graphing technology [by] David E. Stevens30
Instructor's resource manual to accompany Supervision, the direction of people at work, second edition30
In the middle of muddle (tutoring phonics--what's it all about?)30
Introduction to agricultural economics [by] W. F. Edwards, John B. Penson, Jr., Oral Capps, Jr., C. Parr Rosson 3rd30
Investigation of the effects of a rapid response team on nurse satisfaction, collaboration, and communication27
Isolation, characterization, and function of molecules that regulate phototransduction in Drosophila part 230
Laboratory manual to accompany Introductory DC/AC electronics, sixth edition and Introductory DC/AC circuits, sixth edition, by Nigel P. Cook30
Labor relations master table of cases covering volumes 121-135, Labor relations reference manual, 1986-1990 part 330
Let's read words like ... bugS, plantED, and plantING, The puppet show, To a brother30
Life's a beach and other SpongeBob-isms, The Point of no return!, Death wax!30
Little numbers and pictures that show just how little they are!, 1000 space monsters have landed30
Management--concepts and applications, second edition [by] Stephen P. Robbins, Essentials of organizational behavior30
May I bring a friend? (Bright Start) TX 3-262-891, Sylvester and the magic pebble29
Metaphors of social control in a Pentecostal sect, The Family secret, Born again politics and the moral majority27
Meu primeiro amor. By Jose Augusto, pseud. (Jose Augusto Cougil), Paulo Coelho (Paulo Coelho DeSouza, legal name) & Miguel, pseud. (Mihail Plopschi, legal name) part 330
Midnight in the garden of good and evil, Rebuilding Central Park, Hiding my candy25
Miguel Manara. By Oscar Vladislas DeLubicz Milosz, revue et augmentee de Faust [i.e. Frederick Faust] part 229
Military air transport operations, Keith Chapman & Westwater Bridge, Perfectly30
Minitab computer supplement to accompany James T. McClave and Frank H. Dietrich II's A First course in statistics, third edition30
Molecular politics in Great Britain and the United States, How to become a working actor30
More Microsoft Office 2000 for Windows For Dummies, Microsoft macro assembler 5.130
Mortal rage. Music, performance, recording: Robert A. Ayala, Jr., 1965-; words, performance, recording: Jay Reis, 197025
Music from the films of Francois Truffaut, Francois Truffaut: stolen portraits, L'amour a la chaine =27
No titles given for photographs of items of furniture in the Polly and Stanley Stone collection with assigned catalog numbers30
Numerical analysis of V-shaped ribs in high aspect ratio cooling channels, Chainmail29
Party time man bw you got it (the love that I need) SR 4-938 (1978), Hurry up this way again30
Performance of concurrency control mechanisms in centralized database systems, Auf Deutsch!30
Personal computer, word processing, & desk top publishing you can learn at home in your spare time at a fraction of the cost, time, & inconvenience part 230
Petition to the President of the United States through the Office of the United States Trade Representative for the exercise of Presidential discretion authorized by section 103 of the Revenue act of 1971, 26 U. S. C., section 48(a)(7)(D)30
Principles of biochemistry. By Abraham White, Philip Handler, Emil L. Smith & DeWitt Stetten, Jr30
Proceedings of the A S M E Conference on Mechanical Engineering Education, 1980, Introduction to engineering design30
Psicoanalisti e pazienti a teatro, a teatro!, Fratelli d'Italia, C'era questo, c'era quello30
Quebec, including maritime provinces and New England with city maps of Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivieres, Chicoutimi. Prepared for Sun Oil Company of Canada, Ltd. by the H. M. Gousha Company, a division of Simon & Schuster30
Quick and easy remodeling projects to customize your home, 300 extraordinary plants30
Red storm rising illustrations and instructions (sold as a unit) VA 313-631 (1988) part 227
Reducing vocal abuse and misuse using a storybook, Humming whispers, The aunt in our house30
Relational support as a predictor of ego identity exploration and its behavioral and emotional manifestations in early adolescence30
Rough drafts ; an activity book to accompany fourth edition Simon & Schuster Handbook for writers [by] Lynn Quitman Troyka part 225
Russell's multi-million dollar "theory," realistic and practical in public realations [sic] for all hotels and gaming casinos with convention facilities in the state of Nevada, U.S.A part 230
Simon & Schuster crossword puzzle book ; ser. 175, Crosstalk, Simon and Schuster's Large type crosswords29
Simon & Schuster's Guide to shrubs and vines and other small ornamentals, Per la Cina30
Simon & Schuster's hooked on cryptics series ; no. 4, The Seventh crossword, The Crossword code30
SMART simplistic selling solutions (S3), Business30
SpongeBob squarepants flip book, Spot the frog, Rosie, the riveter30
Star Trek part 330
Star Trek, Rescue at Raylo color and activity book, Star Trek 2006 wall calendar30
Statement of purpose for the royal priesthood of Apollo, Inc, In the dead of the night30
Stress management training for improved performance in a United States Army combat unit30
Student study guide to accompany Geosystems, an introduction to physical geography, second edition30
Study guide for Marriages & families, making choices & facing change, third edition, by Mary Ann Lamanna and Agnes Riedmann30
Teacher's guide for Anne Frank--the diary of a young girl and Anne Frank's Tales from the secret annex part 230
Teacher's manual for Hexstat probability demonstrator. By Hy Ruchlis & Esther Marcus30
Teacher's manual to accompany A Russian course, by Alexander Lipson, in cooperation with Steven J. Molinsky30
Teachers' perceptions of the school psychologist as correlated with their .., Walt Disney's The jungle book30
Text bank for Introductory economics and Introductory macroeconomics and Introductory microeconomics by Michael Veseth30
The Best from Startling stories. Foreword & compilation: Samuel Mines, introd. by Robert A. Heinlein [i.e. Robert Anson Heinlein]30
The Blair handbook [by] Toby Fulwiler, Alan R. Hayakawa, Life science, Reading, writing, and the study of literature30
The challenges and compromises of constructing authentic early nineteenth-century costumes for "His Majesty, Mr. Kean." part 430
The development of a holistic technology transfer program for small manufacturers part 227
The effects of a legislated limit on the debt service fund of Indiana public school corporations part 230
The fountainheadache: the politics of architect-client relations30
The Gate: the true story of the design and construction of the Golden Gate Bridge30
The haunted pastures (Bavaria) (Storybook international, episode 22), The haunted--revolver30
The making of Rocket Boy's revenge, The best valentine, Rocket report26
The Naked gun 2 1/2. The Smell of fear. By Paramount Pictures Corporation, Wallenberg30
The official Melrose Place companion, The shadow of the Sphinx, Good at goodbye22
The Origin and development of expectation for Christ's Parousia .., African philosophy as cultural inquiry28
The Prentice-Hall students edition of the concise Webster's New world dictionary of the American language30
The Puppet masters. By Robert A. Heinlein [i.e. Robert Anson Heinlein], Stranger in a strange land30
The Relationship between self-concept structure, religious orientation and moral judgment30
There's another baby waiting for me down the line. Words & music Red Smiley (Arthur L. Smiley) & Don Reno part 430
The Right job, how to get it, how to hold it, how to advance in it, The Cradle will fall30
[The Turning point--crises & transformation in science and society], The Tao of physics30
The watcher's guide. By Simon & Schuster, Inc., employer for hire of Christopher Golden, Nancy Holder & Keith R. A. DeCandido30
The Winnebago narratives of Felix White, Sr.: style, structure, and function. By Kathleen Ann Donker30
Things could be worse, you could be this old, and a virgin. Happy birthday, Dark before the dawn26
Thomas H. Middleton presents his newest collection of original puzzles in Simon and Schuster crostics part 630
Timmy's school survival handbook, It's a circus, The house that Chuckie built28
Transparencies to accompany Oceanography, a view of earth, The economics of health and health care30
Tratamiento combinado con efavirenz, nelfinavir e inhibidores nucleosidos de la transcriptasa inversa en ninos infectados por el virus de la inmunodeficiencia humana tipo 1 part 330
Understanding learning styles in the second language classroom, The Process of composition29
Using Tivoli's ARM response time agents, United States stamps, 1927-32, Oh, Susanna26
Webster's New world illustrated encyclopedic dictionary of real estate, The Modern blacksmith30
Whatever happened to Aunt Alice?, Storm and sorrow in High Pamirs, Yuma30
Will the real Jesus Christ please stand up? A one-act play. By Malcolm Marmorstein30
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