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Acknowledgement to my God for the gift of Christmas hymn, To get her back, Pray28
Ain't got nothin' but a Christmas song, & 1 other song, Lost in love30
Ain't nothing 'bout you & 9 other titles. Written by Tom Shapiro & co-writers as noted30
All the way. By Web IV Music, All the way part 230
All the way (freaky style) Co-writers, Bryan Abrams, Kevin Thornton, Mark Calderon et al30
Another friend like me. Recorded by Jesse Thomas, Doing the best we can, All of the above27
Anything & 11 other titles. Written by Matt Tokarsky, Bryan Campbell & co-writers as noted30
Baby, let's go down to the woods. Words & music: Floyd Dixon, Heart reaction, Molassas27
Bernie the TV attorney. w Bill Parish; w & m Hobson O. Smith, Jr, What in the world is a manatee?30
Black hearted woman & 7 other titles30
Breast cancer treatment options--choosing what is right for you, Right before my eyes30
Brilliant mistake & 5 other titles; songs. Composed by Camus Celli, Paul Conte & co-composers as noted30
Come, loving spirit, I am here30
Country and western (that's for me) By Robert Thiele & Tom Glazer, In days beyond sight of the prophets29
Damocles syndrome (main title theme), To life, You30
(De Maje) interlude ; Let's get it on ; Loved by me ; Would it be cool?, Do you?29
Does it feel good to you? & 1 other title, Will we make it?, Nothing but a fool30
Don't count me out. by Mack Rice, John Gary Williams, William Brown, Sea of tranquillity30
Don't deny my love. Words & music: Jack Hill, Cherish love, We all know where we want to be30
Don't sweat the small stuff with your family, I won't play the fool no more, Texas born and Texas bred30
Don't tell me that you're happy (when you're blue) part 330
Don't try this at home & 8 other titles. Composed by Tommy Karlas & co-composers as noted30
Don't you believe her. By Nathan Wright Stuckey a.k.a. Nat Stuckey, Life's a journey28
Everybody knew but me. w & m Hugo, pseud. (of Hugo E. Peretti), Luigi, pseud. (of Luigi Creatore) & George David Weiss30
Finally free ; Our responsibility ; Grouch & the brainstorm ... [et al.]30
For you part 2130
Freedom at last album project, Nina, Kitten30
Freedom ring in Kosova & USA, Dixieland (take my hand), I really care30
Give all the children Christmas ; Holiday heroes ; Give all the children Christmas (reprise)30
Good as gone and 3 other titles30
Haven't you heard the news? Composed by Lanier Ferguson, If we don't go (all things to all men)27
Have you ever been homesick sittin' at home (waitin' for the Lord to come)? part 230
Heaven came down to earth. w & m Robert Crewe & Allan Paul Shatkin, Get your tackle box out29
How could you not know? & 6 other titles30
I found someone I can depend on, Sun behind a cloud, 'Til I get it right27
I just can't get it through my head & 4 other titles, I'm still gonna love you anyway30
I may be in your bed (but I'm not on your mind), Hearts unknown, Look in for love30
I missed you, Las Vegas, and 1 other song, My fantasy come true, Happy times28
In living color; production script no. 8U (99), tape days 13, 14, 1528
Integrating art and music into the second and third grade classroom, Recovery30
Is that too much to ask? By Collins Gene Cook, 1963-, Tammi Kidd, Going home again30
It ain't easy bein' cool, & 1 other selection part 230
It's a wonder (I ain't lost my mind), Easy livin', Goddess of the night29
It won't be long now. Words: Mildred A. Roubidoux & Pete Scerra, music: Ernie Susser part 230
Jesus won't leave you, Back again30
Judgement day ; God's unfailing love part 230
Just for your touch. By Joe Lamente, Peter Schwartz & Russ DeSalvo30
Lost and foundered. By Chad Shaver, Joshua Medaris, William Herzog & Eric Akre30
Love finds a way (a musical showcase/musical play), Project-at-a-glance, Steele songbook I30
Loving people ; Love hotel ; Mean, mean world ; Hang on for a while, Somebody said29
Made in the shade (if the tree don't fall)30
Maybe tomorrow. w & m Jonathan M. Lynn; m Patrick Shields, 1954 part 230
More than words (a theme for Tricia)30
No feeling. By Johnny Rotten, Paul Cook, Steven Jones, and Glen Matlock, In the storm30
One piece at a time & 1 other title30
On second thought, make it the cherries jubilee30
Out of the rain suite30
Public health nurses' experiences with home visits in situations involving maltreated and neglected children30
She's right there. Words & music by Stephen Allan Mosel, 1945, Dead end road, Opera works30
She wants everyone to want her & 2 other titles, Click your heels three times, There really is a love30
Short story collection number 1, Short story, The Way you said I love you27
Slip away (but not before you say goodbye), I just wanna be loved, Drift apart30
Soldiers & saviors & beggars, and one other song, Inside, Sunshine & roses30
Songs by Daniel A. Lavery and Nicholas Kosowski, Lie to me30
Still enough heart left to break, The Last call, The Ladies' way30
Sweet peace ; Do remember me, Sweet peace30
Take me back to the time when I dreamed of today30
The family Bible and the Farmers' Almanac, A nice day for falling in love, Looking for a reason30
The Gospel Impressions of Lewiston, NC, Lifestyle themes, Petite30
The Man with the beard. w & m Richard Hazard, Maria Ruiz (Merrilyn Hammond), King size lies30
The other side of love, and other selections30
The Prince and Princess of Wales talking personally with Alastair Burnet, Songs, volume I30
There was a time, & 2 other selections30
The works of Chris A. Ellison, Bittersweet30
This time part 2930
Top of the world. By Richard Carpenter & John Bettis, Keep tough, Love is a one way street30
Two organ arrangements: The Greatest gift of all by John Jarvis & Old toy trains by Roger Miller part 230
Waves of dreams. Artist: Sonny Fortune, sound recording: A&M Records, Inc, Mr. Jones30
We are the poeple (that didn't let the Devil get us down), I'm going home30
What a man won't do for love, Put a focus on it, So, whatcha say?25
What I need ; Do you see? ; Put it on you ... [et al.], What I need30
What up, dog?; songs by David Weiss p.k.a. Davis Was & Donald Fagenson p.k.a. Don Was27
What would you do if ...? Screenplay & director: Tyrone Perry Davis, Jr., 1957-; assistant director & producer: Henry Wolfe 3rd, 196330
What you have? By James E. Ritchey, Adam Dorsey & John Barner, We put it down in writing28
When my ship comes in (to Puerta no one knows) By Clint Patrick Black James Hayden Nicholas part 230
When she goes to heaven (she'll go on a train), Innocence, After27
When she wakes up (and finds me gone), Cast away, A Warm, loving light27
When the dust settles, & 4 other titles, Somewhere before, Sometime last spring30
Without you ; Future plans ; Love we got goin' ; The river, Without you30
You always treat me better when I'm leavin', Forever ain't enough time, Sweetheart song30
You were there when I needed you, I'll be there when you need me30
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