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A journey into the middle ages, Principles of managed care, Nou la30
Alchemy, the art of spiritual transformation, Anima mundi, Anima mundi. By Ingrid Ruth Karklins30
All I want to be (is by your side) By Peter Frampton, The last of the good guys30
All the colors of the rainbow. Piano arr. Leo Feist, Inc., employer for hire of Clay Hart30
Alone in love (with you) & 5 other titles30
A man of his time, & 1 other selection, The seed, Juego de ninos28
Armed and dangerous & 25 other titles part 230
At the beach again dancing, Dreaded Bob, Beachin' beamer blues27
Back on my feat ; Fool for your love ; If only I could be with you ... [et al.], Wet, Wet, Wet--Popped in souled out30
Before you say goodbye & 46 other titles27
Beneath the clover ; Drag ; Constant ... [et al.], Outside of here, Andalusia29
Benedict Arnold and Major Andre, The open road, Trio con brio27
Boosey & Hawkes recorded music for film, radio & television, The Ballard of Ophelia of the barnyard30
Breaking us up (is breaking me down) By Steve Bogard, Charlie Black & Rory Michael Bourke part 230
British collection, Walking30
Camaleo (Portuguese lyric), Meu pais =, Cru-cre corroro =30
Can't give up ; Don't turn back ; Thank you, Lord ... [et al.], Stretch out your hands30
Carrol Michel in Carrol Michel, Heather, Trying to love you27
Catching up with the human race. By Mildred Dodge Jeremy Ingalls a.k.a. Jeremy Ingalls30
Circa. By Chris Wagner (a.k.a. Wag), David King, Gretchen Seager, James Bradley, Jr., Julie Ritter & Louis Guitierrez30
Clarence and Mildred, Circle song, Climax27
Coke & sympathy (and other remedies), Heavy baggage, Ten K with friends30
Continuation of the musical addendum to The night of the millionth dream-revisited28
Country boy's dream & 2 other title, What used to be, Gatwood opus one, 9530
Cut me loose & 6 other titles, Assignment of all rights, Three gospel collection30
Descendant lines of Adam and Eve leading to First Duke of Normandy Rollo, William I the Conqueror, Abigail Webster and her son William Moulton and William Moulton of French Corral, California30
Does my ring hurt your finger? Artists: Charley Pride, Tommy Allsup, Tommy Allsup & the Nashville Survey & Paul Brunelle30
Don't throw our love away & 3 other titles, Honey, do you still love me?, Hey bartender27
Don't worry about me. From album Double live from the USA and UK30
Door peeper ; Old time something ; We are free ... [et al.], Swing easy, Sweet tal-king30
Dream away. By Paul Williams & Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., employer for hire of John Williams part 230
Dreamvizion Filmworks presents Endless love, I'm in heaven, This soca music30
Drop dead Fred & 62 other titles, Boating, Finale? By Randy Edelman30
El vacilon & 10 other titles. By Russ Freeman & co-writers as notedl, A Footstep in the snow30
Everyone knows what a dragon looks like, 9 originals--album I, Lisa Karp29
Everything about you. Writers, Chris Rohman, Matt Hammitt, Steve Goodrum et al30
Everything you needed to learn about writing in high school--but a) you were in love, b) you have forgotten, c) you feel asleep, d) they didn't tell you, e) all of the above30
Fascinatin' vacation, Dallas blues, Lobster25
Fire in the chest, Sunburn, Across24
Five lessons--the modern fundamentals of golf & 1 other title, The pain, Oh, Jesus30
Florida straits, Hang on, Flash Gordon30
Fourth of July saptah purnahuti talk, mandap "the blessings of North America", 7/4/8829
Freight accurator demonstrator. By Ernest M. Smith, Art of love, Pour some tequila30
Freight train rules of play, dictionary of parts & 1 other title30
Give me what you got. By Chris Price, Todd Ray, Tim Swain & Eddison Sainsbury, (This is) hardcore, is it not? By Todd Ray, Tim Swain & Chris Price30
Go on and go. Co-composer, Jeff Stevens, As if suite, J-E suite30
Here comes the rain & 2 other titles part 230
(Hey Uncle Sam) leave us pot smokers alone ; The lucky sperm club ; Wake up (and smell the java) ... [et al.] part 227
Houses in motion contained in phonorecord album Talking Heads--Remain in light. By David Byrne & Brian Eno30
How old is the earth? By Educational Services, Inc., as employer in a work made for hire of Patrick M. Hurley30
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