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A comparison of student achievement and related factors resulting from three systematically designed mathematics instructional approaches part 230
A few more tears to cry & 160 other titles; compositions. Composed by Benita Hill & co-composers as noted part 230
All over again & 46 other titles part 230
Beyond this horizon ; Story of her fate ; Lay your head down ... [et al.], She done too much ; Field song ; Fix ... [et al.]29
Black watch (got my back), Stand alone, Darlin' Ted30
Bump in the road. Co-composers, Drew Ramsey & Shannon B. Sanders, Sr, But it isn't28
Buy a ticket tonight, Hollywood30
Can I walk with you? Co-composers, India Arie & Joyce Simpson. PA 1-242-655, Headed in the right direction30
Casino nation ; Never stop ; Walking town ... [et al.], Say it isn't true, Lawyers in love30
Certified & 6 other titles. Written by Dion Jenkins & co-writers as noted, Love casualties, and 1 other song25
Change the world ; Detroit breakdown ; Maniac blues30
Chubb Rock, can you please pay Paul the $2200 you owe him (people, places and things) part 530
Comfort zone. From compact disc Anthems for the imperfect30
Daddy's little girl. No. LP 2892. Add. ti. Kronberg people charm, Right back in the water30
Danger zone & 1 other title. (Part 002 of 002), Danger zone part 330
Development and validation of revisions in the counselor rating .., Archives, The Relationship of the library to instructional systems30
Didn't we have us a ball & 16 other titles, No kidding, Maybe I'm crazy25
Disillusioned man ; Fall ; Invade my soul ... [et al.], Shoot me down, Clear for you28
Even a prisoner can dream, Calling me, Hero24
Examining the relationship between a standards-based elementary mathematics curriculum and issues of equity30
Exploding head, My town, She28
Finding myself among the chaos--a story of teacher education for social justice, On graph packing, induced subgraphs and intersecting hypergraphs30
Flatline & 5 other titles, Little devil certificate, Life after you29
From a lonely guy like me, Cowboy up, A man's mind will wander27
George's bad day ; Them there shoes ; Chicken at an exhibition ... [et al.], Barrelhouse drag23
Girlz gone wild & 1 other title. Written by Edmund Louis Clement & co-writers as noted30
Hark, the herald angels sing. By Derek D. Nakamoto, Overture, The Desert30
He wore the crown, & 1 other song, Look me up, When we meet at Jesus' feet27
Hofmann collection, vol. I, Lemonade, Naked fish collection27
I can't move ; Black coffee ; We're all gonna die ; Mercy on my soul, No doubt, Money (Dollar Bill)30
Idea for a greeting card specifically for people moving away from Los Angeles, California30
I got a heartache for Christmas, Risin' from the ashes, We won't forget25
I know I'm gonna drive a car, Saturday, It goes .30
Infidels (When your hips came loose); Skits to suffer on; Your human spine ... [et al.] By Nathan Larson29
Instructor's manual and test item file to accompany Health education in the elementary and middle-level school [by] Dean F. Miller, Susan K. Telljohann, Cynthia Wolford Symons30
In the sweet bye and bye ; I have decided to follow Jesus ; Holy, holy ... [et al.] part 226
Into the day ; Be my covering ; Time takes its toll on us ... [et al.], Simple things27
Island girl & 1 other title. By Sebastian Mego & co-writers as noted, Island girl25
I still need to hear (I love you) By Melanie Andrews & Michael Angelo, Purple passion flower30
It's not over until I say it's over, Jane's chain, The Chill30
It's okay27
I would do all this (because I love you), Yor--the hunter from the future, Flamingo River30
Jan Cheatum/Aaron Meza collection no. 1, Groove with me, baby, Jan Marie Cheatum collection30
Jus' anotha' day (in my loced out hood), Break the rules, No idea30
Just surrender & 12 other titles. Written by Dan Simons, Jason Maffucci, Andrew Meunier & Steve Miller part 530
Kristi's corner travel-fun-activity tape, A Rulliano's Christmas, The Rullianos28
Learn to pray ; Tough on crime ; Candid lady ; Cigarette, The raven, The New York Girls' Club28
Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, Social Service/Discharge Planning Department30
[Long/short 7 button popcorn scallop crew allover pointelle cardigan], Been there, done that30
Luminescence applications in biological, chemical, environmental, and hydrological sciences30
Music for many moods III, That's how I like it, When can I hold you?29
My covering ; The glory of your name ; Knees to the earth ... [et al.], Breath of God25
New York City's buried past; a guide to excavated New York City's revolutionary war artifacts, 1776-1783. Compilation, photos, some text by Robert Apuzzo; introd. by Michael Cohn; sketches by Peter Sinacore30
One last Saturday night ; Zapruder blues ; Everything (but money) ; Traveling heavy part 330
One month's security, Swing low, Landfill26
Popeye and friends in all kinds of weather, Flash Gordon, The Phantom--ghost who walks30
Pushing against the flow & 19 other titles, My thing (David Tomm remix), So what ; JB's blues30
Rainy days & holidays, New world30
Ray Cole's Slam bam world machine signal, Good man, Art beat, a picture of sound30
RN (registered nurse) all inclusive tool (two sided; four, six or eight paients per sheet)30
Song of love. By John T. Benson Publishing Company, employer for hire of Tim Sheppard, Don & Jane Marsh (authors of words & music) & of Don Marsh (author of arr.)30
Stanbridge II. w & m Tom Hambridge & Bob Stanton, 1953, And then the DJ took control30
Studies of highway development and geographic change. By William L. Garrison, Brian J. L. Berry, and Duane F. Marble27
Supplement to Anderson's Will and trust manual for Indiana, Right on time, Lovin' you30
The other side. Co-composers, Gretchen Wilson & John Rich30
The prisoner in the brig ; An unlikely visitor ; Battle upon the space galleon ; The uncompromising blizzard30
The sun's gonna shine on you ; You ain't fooling nobody, The hills of Caroline, Let her in30
The Use of a movement observation scale for assessing adolescent depression, License to chill30
Too ra loo ra loo ral: an Irish lullaby. By Collin Raye; Windswept Holdings, LLC (d.b.a. Songs of Windswept Pacific), employer for hire of John Hobbs part 427
Training partnerships between businesses and community and technical colleges in Washington State29
Tumbling down. Co-writer, Graham Lyle30
Walking in the same tracks ; Rooftop tomcat, El Viento, La Florida30
What I came here to do, Lemonade, Unfinished song30
What if the hokey-pokey is all it really is about?, Son of the morning star, Happily ever after every now and then30
Who wouldn't love a man like this? By Mary Unobsky, Michael O'Hara & Sami McKinney part 230
Why do I feel so enchanted? By Mack David & Jerry Livingston30
Why do you break my heart? Words: Tommy Dorsey & I. Ben Fante, words & music: Frank Dale30
Your boyfriend's car, On my feet again, Okay27
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