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A Bibliography of international business. By Charles F. Stewart & George B. Simmons30
Acaramelaito & 7,588 other titles. (Part 001 of 035), Hit me with your best shot21
A Collector's guide to European and American art pottery, Todo mi amor, Biglands & 20 other titles30
A gospel number & 27 other titles, Il est dans mon poche, Happy with myself? ; Should26
Ain't worth a dime & 7 other titles, Good guys wear black, Three Greek songs29
All of my life & 401 other titles. (Part 001 of 002)30
Alternatives; television program proposal & treatment, Blood brothers30
Always believe the woman ahead of you & 5 other titles, I feel fine, Atoxia original recordings26
Another way to say I love you & 8 other titles24
Are you ready? By Philip Parris Lynott, Brian Michael Downey, Scott Gorham et al30
August twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred and ninety-four, Tell me & 9 other titles, Follow the Terps30
Blind, & 2 other songs, Waves, How to27
Breathless. By Ronnie James Dio & Vivian Campbell, The Last in line, Shame on the night25
California uberalles & 12 others, Interlude 1, Spare ass Annie30
Charles E. Cullen's Grandaddy bought me a copperhead ; Charles E. Cullen's Ship of the damned ; Charles E. Cullen's Caring for your own dead30
Cheese food prostitute. By Tim Cloherty, Gregg Lapkin, Stuart Klinger, Bob Donlon, Peter Klinger24
Collection of James J. Gilman--songs, Helpless30
Collection of works by Strait Jackit; song. By James A. Portner & Bernie Walsh part 230
Concertato on The Head that once was crowned with thorns, You don't want me any more30
Conjectures of a guilty bystander ; My love is a fever, Gentle wounds, Someday (and if you call)28
Cool hands (warm heart) ; The pledge ; Them and me ... [et al.], House in Virginia ; Cherries ; Insects rule ... [et al.]30
Did you mean what you said? Composed by Marc Antoine Vouiloux, Allen Savory II & Michael Ledon Mish30
Donde vamos de vacaciones? Artist: Las Trillizas de Oro, Mairzy doats, Baby's a lady30
Don't let the future (come down on you), Anderson n Anderson, I got me a woman28
Fighting chance. By Sam Lorber, Madeline Stone, and Alan Roy Scott, How did it get so late so early? Musical composition30
First date30
For Annette & Warren ; A promise in the air ; Waiting for that day ... [et al.], Ophelia30
For dear life ; Lost and found ; Take it in hand ; Right to nothing, Steady decline30
For the love of Angela, Out there30
For your information someone's in love, Mama didn't raise no fool, Breaking new ground29
Game over29
Girls just want to have fun & 1 other title, Solo, Chasing dreams30
Give it to me (da me la) By Sam Krywoschy & Alfred Rublacava part 330
Give my heart a rest ; Lovin' you makes me strong ; That ol' door30
Gonna take a chance (sorry than safe), I can't live this way, How does a living thing grow?30
Hard luck town ; Just as well ; Driftin' back ... [et al.], When it is dark enough, you can see the stars30
He'll be comin' down the chimney; the official 1956 Christmas seal sale song. w & m Abner Silver & Roy Alfred part 230
Help me find a way (that will make you stay) By Robert Relf & Ron Brown30
Home is where the heart is (and my heart's home with ...) By Chris Waters part 230
Hungry eyes a.k.a. Mama's hungry eyes, Hungry eyes30
I ain't never loved you (and I always will) By Danny Morrison, Kerry Kurt Phillips & Andy Spooner30
Illusions of love, & 2 other songs, Eden's dream, A reason to love22
I'm in love ; Chains ; Down that road ... [et al.] By Karl Stephenson & John Stevens30
I'm in love with an angel & 1 other title, I'm in love30
(I think that) It's right this time, Don't bring your arguments to bed, Held over by popular demand27
It's not for me to say. Music: Robert Allen, words: Al Stillman28
I've got to wake up and make up my mind, Living too fast, Are you single?26
I wish you were the girl in my arms, The best of Tiffany Johnson, Tiff's songs30
Jane Fonda's low impact aerobic workout, What a feeling, Look in my heart30
Kool and deadly songs. Words, music, arr., performance & sound recording: Dave Charlton, 196622
Lazy Susan (with a client now) ; Elbo [sic] room ; Scrabbling for purchase ... [et al.]30
Living inside the lines, Seasons of change, The good girl30
Love and you (love and me) & 3 other titles, I don't need another love, Give it to me & 4 other titles30
Love will get you through times with no money, Fight fire with fire, Pretty boy's Cadillac27
Musta had some reason ; Saint Theresa ; Hold me, hold me, Nanci, Mystery of the etc29
Never get enough (of a good thing) Composed by Debbie Franco30
No titles given for set of specialized forms designed & created by Culs, Inc.; A35422 (1977) Notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. C 78 0832 CFP filed 14Apr78 in U.S. District Court for Northern District of California) Complaint for infringement of copyright, infringement and damages part 230
(Of all the people in this big, wide world) I love you best of all, (Me without you?) unh-unh!30
Open your heart (Celebrate good lovin') & 1 other title part 230
Piano compositions, vignettes & ditties of Gloria M. Phillips, Birds, Thinking every minute30
Plastik Surgeons collection, Candy bars, Friends30
Positively double negative ; Sort this out ; Eye wannabe likes lye, Little heaven30
Reach for the sky ; Rock you tonight ; Sleeping with you ... [et al.]30
Ridin' out the storm ; Preachin' to the choir ; It's a different world now ; Adam's song part 230
Sample introduction requirements for instrumental analysis, Strange behavior, JB Hard's single30
Shelly's boyfriend ; Separating ; Dum fun ; Inside doubt, This situation, Ideal girl30
Silent night, deadly night III: better watch out! PA 553-026 part 230
Sittin' on the dock of the bay. By Steve Cropper, Otis Redding & Ed Lojeski, Java jive30
Take me back to the old landmark, By faith30
The Devil's on your shoulder, Juliana, Takes two28
The enchanted garden, First date, The big lie28
The Incredible adventure of Maxwell Boring, No laughing matter, Chasing the dragon30
The lost singles, Lover's lane26
The Magnificats of Francisco Lopez Capillas (1615-1673), Mexico City .., Take it to the limit30
The M. Ray Davis collection, Propaganda machine, Hot spot26
The origin of everything: all at one point, games without end. Translator: William Weaver30
The Rain falls on everybody. By Stanley Adams & Louis Alter, orchestral arr. Bregman, Vocco, and Conn, Inc., employer for hire of Jimmy Lally part 229
There's a little white house (where the red, red roses grow) Orig. words & music: Billy Rose & Harry Akst, new arr. for voice & piano: staff of Pickwick Music Corporation part 230
The sweetest illusion ; Drunk on love ; More fire than flame, Drunk on love, More fire than flame30
They made it twice as nice as paradise and they called it Dixieland. Words by Raymond Egan, music by Richard A. Whiting, arr. for four male voices: Remick Music Corporation, employer for hire of Charles M. Merrill30
Through all times. Artist: Chuck Jackson, bands 2-4 of side 1 & bands 1, 3-5 of side 2: ABC Records, Inc30
'Til I'm laid to rest. By Mark Myrie, Melbourne Miller, Donald Dennis, Paul Crossdale & Bobby Dixon30
Un P'tit coup de chapeau. Paroles de M. Philippe Gerard, pseud. of Philippe Bloch, et Bernard Michel, musique de Jimmy "Lover Man" Davis30
UR the reason. By Sheldon Sondheim, Jimmy Earl, Donne le moi, Na na, ah, ah, ah (stand up)30
When I kiss you goodnite (you're gonna turn out the light, you're gonna make sweet love to me) By Andrew Paul Adams30
When I think about home & 8 other titles, Magie noire, Love season30
Why (did you kiss me back so hard)?, Yes, Try to be strong30
Wild on the run ; Never enough ; World inside you ... [et al.], Beyond the clouds30
You are my world & 6 other titles, Acid house, I want your body tonight30
You're not a stranger anymore. By Allen Silvestri, Bob Gaudio, Judy Parker & Mike Curb30
You won't miss love (until it's gone) By Wardell Potts, Ricky Smith, Howard Hewett30
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