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Southern Baptist Convention. Sunday School Board documents
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A classroom management plan with enrichment as reward and detention as punishment for the intermediate elementary grades29
A demographic analysis of a woodlot population of the white-footed mouse (peromyscus leucopus) and correlates of food supplementation30
Adult life and work cassette, 7-9/9230
A Maintenance management manual for Southern Baptist Churches, Older children, church series30
An Invitation for membership is extended to you on behalf of the young women of the arts (Atlanta) (Dallas) part 230
A phenomenological study on the realities of Filipino-American college students in the midwest30
Artists' accountability for Biblical accuracy, doctrinal soundness, sensitive handling of potentially controversial issues30
Associational church training general officers, Love the Lord!, Leading the adult Sunday School department26
Attitudes and self-efficacies of full-time and part-time community/technical college remedial English instructors toward technology and its use in curriculum and instruction30
Basic/not boring math skills graphing, statistics, & probability, First grade book of math tests30
Bible study course by Sozo Ministries through Sozo Bible Institute27
Bible teaching for children through the Sunday school, Learning about Bible families30
Bowhunting heritage designer belt buckle, Exaltation, The Coming King sword27
Carry me back to the mountains25
Carving caricatures from the Missouri foothills, Scarlet thread, Two minute heartache, & 3 other songs23
Curriculum guide and clinical protocol relapse prevention strategies for weight loss maintenance30
Demo cassette tape30
Deu. 31:15 "and the Lord appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud" (Atlanta Temple) June 4, 1983 after 5:45pm27
Dia a dia--cuaderno de actividades para los grados 1 a 3, Oseas, God is in charge30
Editorial accountability for Biblical accuracy, doctrinal soundness, sensitive handling of potentially controversial issues part 230
Effects of learning-style environmental and tactal/kinesthetic preferences on the understanding of scientific terms and attitude test scores of fifth-grade students30
Estudios Biblicos LifeWay para escolares del 1er al 3er y 4to al 6to grados. Manual para el lider part 330
Exploring 2, kit for leaders, Exploring C kit for leaders, Exploring C30
Family Bible series. Adult teaching kit, Essential connection, Life & work directions25
Geriatric massage therapy in the treatment of symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and other age-related disorders in the long term care setting30
God's great love & 7 other titles, Touch of the Master, Born to save30
God will brings things out alright, God sent Jesus for me, God's with me every day27
Gospel choir21
Gospel songs written by Garey K. Henderson for GB2G Production30
Graven images, a collection of rubber stamps, No. 113, No. 571730
Guiding the retarded in Christian living and learning, How Bible friends used their talents30
Historias biblicas para preescolares, alumnos, Estudios biblicos para ninos, alumnos30
Historias biblicas para preescolares, alumnos, Handbells for directors and ringers30
How to grow a Sunday school in your church--seeking the sheep, Conducting potential Sunday school worker training30
How to grow a Sunday school in your church--seeking the sheep, Hechos, Drama for all occasions30
How to protect your home from burglary & fire, Wise up! an activity book for grades 2 & 327
I hope your holidays are filled with the melody of the season, Missing you, Missing you so. (The young and the restless, episode 7527)29
Interpersonal perceptions manifested in early recollections and .., Gospel songs you can! sing all year30
Is it right or wrong? By Jerry Teifer a.k.a. Mike Hansen (words), & Jack Dalton (music) EP166389 (1962)30
I thank God for giving us Jesus, who bled and died on the cross, The Bible teaches me30
Life & work, ventures & pathways. Teacher, Life & work ventures, National drama service30
Mechanics of materials. By Philip Gustave Laurson & William Junkin Cox, Midwest classics30
MFSF compilation, My life27
Ministering to persons with mental retardation and their families, God shows his love30
Ministering to persons with mental retardation and their families, Reaching and teaching through vacation Bible school30
Planning for the next five years in a Southern Baptist church, Minister's personal management manual30
Preschool Bible teacher. C. Resource kit, Workers' meeting, Youth in discovery21
Preschool music resource kit--preschool choir30
Programmer's guide to the Hercules graphics cards, Uncommon practice, Forging a common school27
Puedo hacerte que me quieras = Can I make you wanna love me?, Border town, Cosas del amor30
Relative effectiveness of visual-auditory versus visual-auditory-kinesthetic-tactile .30
Sing of Him (raise your voices) By William D. Brown, Jesus my savior, I expect to see Him30
Spiders good insect control, and other contributions, Temporary insanity--chemical imbalance30
Sunday School curriculum for young hearing impaired children, You'll be right there30
Super strategies (whole language activities) TX 2-763-015, Games that teach friendship30
Teacher's guide for use with preschoolers ages four, five, and six ... Vacation Bible School church series30
Teacher's guide for use with preschoolers ages four, five, and six ... Vacation Bible School church series part 530
Telephone, telegraph, tell the world & 2 other titles, Stephanie Campbell 1991, Cane break30
Tempt me (if you want) By Jude Cole, Lisa Hartman & Bill Wray, Anytime anywhere30
Thank You, God, for the great gift of life, Please, God, I'ma good helper30
The Anderson method/therapist's training manual, Global endoderm targeting in the early embryo30
The "can't wait 'til I'm older so I can wish I were younger" blues, A collection of children's stories, poems and play II30
The Development of leadership and organization building in the black community of LosAngeles from 1900 through World War II30
The Encounter--colt laying on side looking at butterfly on his hip, Binglette, I.S.C.G., infra dermal color graph30
The Great adventure; songs. Music & lyrics by Paul Timothy Wilde27
The History of the sheriff's posse of Sun City West--1979--"the beginning"--198930
The Last repoz' job, Living, Road moving29
The "Real" professional teacher's role and the instructional excellence support team30
The Story of Jesus, as told by a still living contemporary, Chanson de bleu. m Irwin W. Greenfield30
The Strangest people in the world can sing, My friend and I spent Christmas together30
Tommy Lee. w & m Sammy Salvo a.k.a. George Anselmo, George Salvo a.k.a. George Anselmo, & James Frazier30
Tonight I'll put it to her (in a little bit different way), Unsuccess, Big old thing called love30
Waiting in line at the drugstore and other writings of James Thomas Jackson, Why rent when you can own for less? Take a ride on the DVD express30
Would you put your money in a sand bank? A974778 (1968), Tell me about Jesus, Pets30
Younger preschoolers, church series, Sing, for it's Easter!, Guide C for preschool teachers21
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