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A comparative study of the effects of job related stress between critical care nurses and noncritical care nurses30
AIDS--everything you and your family need to know, but were afraid to ask, Ticket30
Alexa Still, flute/Susan DeWitt Smith, piano Barber/Bloch/Burton/Copland/Muczynski/Porter/Rochberg. SR 172-208 part 230
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, So many souls, Sheets of ice27
Art Expo, New York, New York Coliseum, March 5th-9th, 1981, Elevator, Pieces27
Artificial intelligence, Rotation, PPG demo28
Bachelor party ; Wanna ball ; Getcha wet30
Back to school. By Mello-Mackin-D & Mister Stretch. Back to school (instrumental) part 330
Bob with business manager, Restaurant, Violent30
Bowling alley (4 the seasons), Possibilities24
Cat & mouse game, and 3 other computer mousepads, Cat & mouse30
Cavities don't live here anymore, Sisters--37%, Pick up/wife30
Changed part 230
Cheech & Chong as the Corsican brothers, Belinda, Midnight dancin a.k.a. Midnite dancin30
Cheerleaders' wild weekend, You took my heart, Rockarama24
Christmas Eve, Midnight Mass, Christmas Day, Feast of the Holy Family, January 1, Feast of Mary Epiphany part 230
Class dismissed. By Brown & Bigelow, Inc., as employer for hire of Gillette Elvgren25
Clementine (variations on an American folk song), Restaurant, In early light30
Country houses: 208 unique home plans with country style. TX 4-955-201, Titus Bear goes to school30
Country western dance music reference guide30
Crystal (I can see through you) By Dennis W. Morgan & Bobby P. Barker, Along the Mississippi30
Daddy's little girl ; We call him love ; He did it all for me30
Docu Print C55/C55MP color laser printer service training manual, Mona Lisa, First day30
Dreaming part 930
Family Christmas activity book26
First day of school for Pep and Abby fish, Town of Sheriff Roy, Sir Chic collection number 130
Five o'clock at the Dubois Bookstore30
Goldstein & Petito's AB1825 sexual harassment training program for private/public sector employers30
Grand Canyon Hotel & Casion, Elevator, Skytop30
Heart of my heart. w & m Jerry Lynn Williams, 1948-, David Milton Bellamy, 1950-, Homer Howard Bellamy, 1946 part 230
Hostess youth "Wheels" (T W--C C--F P), School bus, honey buns, donuts, School bus/donuts20
How come your dog don't bite nobody but me? Co-writer: Mel Tillis, Empty house, Hurt looks good on you30
I came to reach da soul, Montage, Personal groove23
Influence of microphytic crusts on selected soil physical and hydrologic properties in the Hartnet Draw, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah30
Innerscript & intraliminal self-affirmations for audible & subliminal recordings30
Instructor's guide with tests and solutions, Essential calculus with applications, second edition part 330
I still stand out in the rain, Sonata30
I think I can hear what you're saying26
Jefferson Starship 12/31/1979 in concert, Menudo: Teachers discovery, Menudo video explosion30
John Harrington miscellaneous published photographs, August 2006 (Ref#P0618), 1,153 files on 1 CD containing 1, 153 photographs30
John Siman/rev, Fisherman, Waterslide30
Jubilee jingle no. 1, and 1 other song, Learning, Losing U to find me25
Larger bar/Musketeers, Dirt bike, Bicycle polo30
Lien khuc tieng mua dem, New wave, Lien khuc chieu mua30
Little girls. By Charles Strouse & Martin Charnin30
Mary Ell Ruffner original/short/D M C C, Park, Penny Nunnally25
Message from Albert. Music: Albert Ayler & Bert DeCoteaux, Snickers--Vikory, All signs point to love26
Metro-Pacific collection I, Cadillac, Closeness of a heart27
Mirror image ; Paralyzed ; I want a cure ... [et al.]30
Morning noises. Author and illustrator: Alain Gree, translation & adaption: Wonder Books, Inc., employer for hire30
Music and songs with friends by C J M, volume 2, Cowboy, I've been up and down30
Navy flight operations, Hawaiian Islands, To rise, Port of call, Hong Kong26
No more fake love (take I), Memory, A hope in you28
One Hefty foam plate is stronger than 3 plain paper plates, at about the same price28
Oscilloscope sweep generator and horizontal amplifiers part 226
Palmolive shave creams (beats-beats-beats-beats) jingle. Words & music: Peter Cadby30
Paper Planes, Inc., a simulation about system redesign and quality, Our town, Change style indicator29
Paradoxical popsicle greatest hits, Another plane, Can I say a few things?29
Partridge in a pear tree enwreathed, Easter bunnyland, Spouting whale30
PCP-R-4 Prudential "corporate service", Expensive mistake 3600, [Tax laws30
Pfizer telephone directory, Wake up, Signals II--eye check24
Photographer: the 35 mm SLR camera simulator & tutor29
Pine-Sol broad spectrum formula--cleans, disinfects, deodorizes, Water ballet, Breck mousse memory/rev/new30
Presentation by the C B M G for the design and installation of the Derssim logic system technical project quality control program (T. P. Q. C.) By Cohen Brown Management30
Presidential deal formerly known as Iago syndrome, Raw deal, Spill30
Prudential "corporate umbrella", Wrong/insurance home, Chain rev23
Reduction of excess hospital capacity--a suggested strategy for action, Dream world30
Refrigeration systems, chilled water & direct expansions (SYS CLC-3) TX 3-202-93330
Reggie Bobo Greatest hits, 3 plus, Jammin', In loving you30
See her again, & lyrics for 1 other song, Give me a break, & other songs, Blue Star Motel29
Smooth sailing, with our financial planning, Funky Bobby29
Soccer part 230
Some rapid approximate statistical procedures. By Frank Wilcoxon & Roberta Wilcox30
Spy game. By Beacon Communications Music Company, as employer for hire of Harry Gregson-Williams part 430
Steam engineer and power plant questions and answers, Gibson's Mill, Rockingham, NC30
Steam engine/exciting/new, Sailboat30
Study guide to accompany Understanding American government [by] Susan Welch, John Gruhl, Michael Steinman, John Comer, Margery Marzahn Ambrosius, Susan M. Rigdon30
Techniques for improving work performance; textbook. By Big Bend Community College. (ASEP management, 3 (on original appl.: ASEP communications, 3)) part 230
The Paradox of acting, by Denis Diderot and Masks or faces, by William Archer. Introd. by Lee Strasberg, translation of passages prev. untranslated and index by Wilson Follett30
The Song that sings itself. m Arnold E. Miller, Jr., w Connie Pearce, pseud. of Helen Miller (Connie H. Miller)30
The Ultimate benefit, Fiesta, Water-well30
The woman who could get men pregnant, Birthday partyland, Orchard Street30
This is a dog, this is a puppy, don't treat your puppy like a dog, give him the extra nutrition of Purina Puppy Chow puppy food30
Three basic principles of insurance, Rescue, Beach29
Time trax--"Meet the last American hero" ; Kung Fu--world premiere, Fortune tellers30
Trapper songs, series one; songs. By Travis Aaron Corder, Where you're going, my baby23
Under the spell on the dead end trail, Population 330
Venetian blind cords hazardous for children, Seventh veil, Seven thunders30
VIC-20 programmer's reference guide, Rebirth, Comparison24
Victory World War II, American and European, African, Middle Eastern Campaigns, December 7, 1941-December 31, 194630
Visualization, measurement, and interpolation of head-related transfer functions (HRTF's) with applications in electro-acoustic music30
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