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A critical old-spelling edition of the birth of Merlin (Q 1662), It was a lover and his lass30
After Debussy's mumbo-jumbo myth, Shifting sands, Moonflower29
A king in New York and a woman of Paris, The Rounders, Laughing gas30
A pressurized spar inspection; in proceedings of the Twentieth Annual National Forum of the American Helicopter Society, Inc. By Thomas Dixon25
Barker Bill. For release Dec. 27, 1954 to Jan. 1, 1955. By Paul Terry, Cartoonal knowledge30
Courage is the price that life extracts for granting peace, The Pace that kills, Rivertown suite30
Cruel, cruel love and The submarine pirate, The Queen of the chorus, Silent comedies, the laughs on us30
David Pinkerton, Sr., first Pinkerton found in Lancaster Co., PA and some of his descendants, including those of Hugh Pinkerton of Dauphin Co., PA30
Double arrangements for the Hammond organ. Compilation & 2 arrangements: Robbins Music Corporation, employer for hire of Rosa Rio30
Double arrangements for the Hammond organ. Compilation & 2 arrangements: Robbins Music Corporation, employer for hire of Rosa Rio part 230
Erstes Trompetenspiel; Lieder, Taenze und Stuecke fuer 1-3 Trompeten. m Willy Schneider30
Farmer Gray goes to the dogs (cats, monkeys, lions)! By Video Yesteryear, Mabel and Fatty30
Farmer Gray goes to the dogs (cats, monkeys, lions) PA 383-938 (1988), Aesop's film fables30
Fundatmentals of financial management, Way out West, Someone. w & m James Winfred Horne30
Going straight to my heart, The Return of Bigfoot, Friends and/or lovers28
Going to Congress and Don't park there! By Video Yesteryear, The Irish Cinderella30
Goldin's choice #1- a complete broadcast day- sign on to sign off! TX 2-596-084 (1989) part 230
Hearts of the world (will understand) By Stephen Broughton Lunt & Arthur Stead, Just we two30
Heaven in a pair of wooden shoes! By LeRoy DeGregory & Henry Wm. Closson, Dream Street30
How can I miss you (if you never go away)?, Sparrows, When she walks by = When he walks by26
How to save money on your utility bills, Raptured, Water falls of love27
Jesus of Nazareth, king of the Jews ; Burial and resurrection, People, they don't see30
Natural regions of the United States and Canada, South of Panama, Geology of soils25
Oh Dad, poor Dad, Momma's hung you in the closet and I'm feelin' so sad. By Arthur L. Kopit30
Olive Oyl and water don't mix, Ella Cinders, Baby wants a bottleship30
On the night before Christmas ; Family ; When the toys come alive, Dire Straits25
Open reduction of common fractures. By Oscar P. Hampton, Jr. & William T. Fitts, Jr30
Perceived professional risk of school nurses associated with delegation of nursing care responsibilities to unlicensed personnel30
Psychedelic slumber party, Pirates, Hark! the moon's on fire28
[Renegade of Rainbow Basin, and other contributions] By Hal G. Evarts, Tumbleweeds30
Retyrn of the Jyrzy Tyrnpyke, Master of the house, The reformatting30
Saddle club-Adventures at Pine Hollow, His prehistoric past, Prenom Carmen30
Sa premiere flamme = His first flame, The Paleface, The Golden age of Buster Keaton23
Schwarzkopf in Vietnam, a soldier returns, What we do, You're the only one30
Secrets of the French police, Road agent, One crowded night30
Sherlock's rivals and Where's my wife? By Video Yesteryear, The Babylon story, The Fall of Babylon30
Sherlock's rivals and where's my wife? PA 281-308 (1986), These girls won't talk30
Shore leave. (Star trek, episode no. 17) PA 58-296, Shore leave, The Return of Boston Blackie30
Silent comedies--the way you like 'em! By Video Yesteryear, With Kit Carson over the Great Divide30
"Silent" comedies: the way you like 'em!" PA 714-264 (1994), Soul of the beast, Spies30
Structural elements in particle physics and statistical mechanics, Atomic processes in electron-ion and ion-ion collisions30
Tampa run. w & m Merrell Fankhauser, w Shawn Granville, Bonked!, Surf songs30
Teddy at the throttle ; Speeding along, Fortune's fool, the story of Jinxer, The Silent enemy30
Teen girl's beauty guide to total color success, Ten days that shook the world, This stranger, my son30
Textbook of wood technology. Vol. 2. By Harry Philip Brown, Alexis J. Panshin & C. C. Forsaith30
The adventures of the thief of Bagdad, The Thief of Bagdad, In emergency, call: 66628
The Black pirate & 4 other titles; motion pictures, Yankee Clipper, Variety30
The Blacksmith blues. Words & music: Charles Douglass Hone a.k.a. Jack Holmes27
The cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The movies begin, Nomads of the north26
The Champion has come. By Reba Rambo & Dony McGuire30
The Collective works of Tracy Dinkins, The Call of the wild, This love I'm feeling30
The Forbidden loves of Romeo & Juliet, Just 'cause I said, Jamaican rock23
The General. By Hearst Metrotone News, Inc. (Prospective on greatness), The General30
The Jungle book. Illustrator: Fritz Eichenberg, Wee Willie Winkle, Sailing on the sea30
The Sky's the limit. By Stanley M. Clarke, Pat Leonard, Keithen Carter, Lou Cuisinier's greatest hits30
The Sutherland papers. By Edwin H. Sutherland, edited by Albert Cohen, Alfred Lindesmith & Karl Schuessler30
The Titantic, the M G M studios, Warner's rust proof corsets, Laurel and Hardy--rare home movies30
The Titantic, the M G M studios, Warner's rust proof corsets, Potemkin, Steamboat Bill, Jr30
Twenty three songs by Richard Blackburn written before July 25, 1996, Rhyme without reason27
United nations & 6 other titles, Speed demon, Speed demon (whizzer II)30
Variations: the air is sweetest that a thistle guards, The Peacock Inn, Chelsworth, Suffolk30
Virginia and the psychologist, Broken blossoms, Clone26
With Buffalo Bill on the UP Trail, One Arabian night, The road to ruin26
World youth--Eagle feathers special booklet. No. D 12, 1955, Stan without Ollie30
Zorro starts the new year, The Mark of Zorro, Zorro30
Zweite Sonate. Fuer Klavier. Op. 70. m Walter Lang, La princesa y el guisante =30
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